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Natural Physique & Athletics Association (NPAA)

University Heights

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Natural Physique & Athletics Association (NPAA)

University Heights


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TF Training-Tanya Frew

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Wendy & Kevin & all the NPAA Athletes, looking forward to 2013!


Jori Fales

What a amazing experience!!!! Thankyou NPAA!!!


Wendy Lynn Butt

Any natural method of nutrition or working out is the best!


Jim Archer

Proud to be an IFPA Natural Pro. Looking forward to getting back on the stage soon.


Sarah Taylor

Best association i have competed in and most memorable experience. Thank you Npaa!


Keith Evans

Looks top notch. Too bad I left Calgary in 2005 I'd enter in the shape I'm in now.


Anna Anderson

Incredible people!!!!! Incredible association!!!!! Best experience I've ever had competing <3


Jay Raymundo

This is the place to be and the organization to compete with! I've got three people training for the May 20th show already! Let me know if your interested in competing!!! I'll be there! More...


Sebastian Wasak

Nothing but the best! They truly put the athletes first.


Jo Majko

Since noone has the balls to say it, I'm going to. As a spectator, fitness fanatic, and martial artist I was thoroughly disgusted by what I witnessed on Saturday night. The utter debacle that was the completely biased and stacked judging was a literal slap in the face of the athletes who DESERVED to place in the top threes... Several winners...THE REAL WINNERS remain uncrowned. Self promoting your personal clients at more deserving athletes expense is a truly reprehensible act. This organizations credibility has taken a HUGE hit, in fact after Saturdays abomination you have ZERO credibility. I paid $60 to see deserving athletes win...and I didn't see anything of the sort. More...


Mindy Lou

Great people running this organization. All positive vibes at their shows and the shows run on time and very professionally.


Rob Diakiw

NPAA is a top tier organization! It was a pleasure competing with the NPAA. It was well organized, well run and the owners are class acts! Great work NPAA!


Justin Wilson

An amazing drug free organization that actually follows through on drug testing class winners. As well the Canadian amateur affiliate for the IFPA. We do not hesitate to put some of our clients into their shows! More...


Marina Zimmerman

I have competed in many different organization over the past six years, NPAA is by far my favourite drug free, Old school and all natural organization!!!! Glad to be part of NPAA family!


Yvette Styner

Most incredible, supportive group of athletes, coaches, volunteers, and organizers! Inspiring and uplifting to see an individual sport like this have such a team and family feel to it. The NPAA athletes and coaches work so hard to master this sport in a way that brings in winning physiques while fostering lifelong health and wellness - a true victory for all! More...


Jessica Blize

Posing seminars were great and provided a ton of information from posing, suits, shoes and even with show day tips. Show day was a pretty fun time. Got to meet a lot of awesome people and the atmosphere was very supportive. Was caught off guard by the additional funds that were required to get any judge feedback and still haven't seen show results 2 weeks after the show (BC show was 1 month ago and no results posted). Hoping this is only due to the large number of competitors, but pretty anxious to see where I placed and what I can improve on for the next show. Looking forward to another show with NPAA in the Fall and experiencing it all over again More...


Louee Dussault

What an incredible first time experience! The staff and volunteers were so informative, time efficient and had a great attitude. Everyone was supportive of each other - competitors and all. It was a truly remarkable weekend! Thanks to the NPAA for making me feel valued as a competitor and person before and after stepping up on stage. More...


Andrea Ireland

What an amazing day (first time competing with NPAA) everyone was amazingly friendly. I broke my heels back stage right before I was about to go out and the nicest girl Vanessa leant me her heels - family environment and would high recommend giving this federation a try. Thanks for a great experience !

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