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Rachel Zarndt

19 June 2019

Helpful and passionate about cats and dogs!


Randy Sterling

28 March 2019

Always friendly and knows what I need when I come in and they help me get it.


Stacy S.

12 March 2019

This pet store has the best food available for your cat or dog! The owners are super nice and very helpful. One day I had my baby with me and they carried my purchases to my car for me. They also have a "reward" program for food purchased where you get a bag free. More...


Katie W.

8 March 2019

My pup has been having major issues lately. Allergies, OCD behavior, GI problems and dental issues. You name it, my English bulldog, has it. Where to start? Something I can try to control on my own: his diet! A good friend recommended that I try Natural Paws. So glad I did. The staff there is so helpful and knowledgable! I bought their over-the-counter allergy test to give me a baseline on where to start with figuring out which foods Brutus is sensitive to. When I brought the results of the allergy test into Natural Paws, Blake was super helpful in navigating food, treats and supplements for my dear Brutus within my budget! Don't assume that just because they're located South of town that they're overpriced. Not at all. They have comparable prices and different options for different budgets. In short, you can still get high quality products for a reasonable amount of mula. I have to mention, they also offer bins of freshly made treats(careful when shopping with your pup as some of the bins are within snout's reach!) and they even have a "cookie" display! Many of their products are locally made too! So next time you need a more specialized experience (most of their brands you cannot find at the big box pet stores) with finding what's right for your pet, definitely head over to Natural Paws (located in the Raley's shopping center off Wedge Pkwy)! More...


Quinn Duplain

26 February 2019

They have everything and are very knowledgeable. They have been doing this awhile now and they know their product.


Linnette Placido

28 November 2018

Drove to Natural Paws even though other pet places are closer. Worth the drive. Nice place, amazing customer service. Thank you!


Skip Martin

28 November 2018

If you live in South Reno and you have pets you probably already have been to Natural Paws and already know Rob & Lori. If not and you have pets put it on your list, or perhaps you should seriously get in your car and just go now. Absolutely a Terrific Store, it literally has everything for your pets. Whether you're on a champagne or beer pocketbook they have much better quality dog and Cat foods dry can whatever for a better price than even your big box stores! And it's always better to shop local, so go on in and meet Rob and Lori and the several people that are kind enough to volunteer their expertise and work there to help you with your pets, gotcha no they're not volunteers but ask for Blake for sure and I'll see you on the trail I'll be the one with the golden... you can thank me there... More...


Brandi Ward

29 September 2018

Great customer service and a wide selection of food, chews and other items for a happy puppy.


Brian Morris

19 August 2018

Quality pet food at decent prices.


Leesa Stevens

19 August 2018

Great place to get dog and cat supplies. The owners and staff are knowledgeable and helpful. I don't shop anywhere else for my dogs.


Quinn Duplain

19 August 2018

Great store, full of options from food to treats to you name it. They also carry CBD. Knowledgeable friendly staff!


Amber And Travis

19 August 2018

Really awesome people. Very giving. Well recommended



31 July 2018

Extremely knowledgeable and friendly. My new one stop shop for Alfie Doodle the Wonder Poodle.


Jessica Thelen

1 July 2018

Cute store, good variety of items and they're super friendly. I will definitely be going back there.


Jamie Bichelman

27 May 2018

Wonderful store at a perfect location. A hawk flew into the store and was badly injured; the staff were INCREDIBLY compassionate and helpful to the poor thing, which eventually safely made it out. They even have Jewish-themed pet clothes, which is a rarity here in Nevada. Excellent place with awesome staff. More...


Ross Gibson

27 May 2018

Brought my pup in here with me. She had a lo much fun selecting her new toy(s) and treat(s). Wonderful selection, all natural and good quality.


Marc Brown

27 May 2018

What a great place! Really good selection of the best foods and treats as well as toys and accessories. Great loyalty scheme too, highly recommended for anyone that wants the best for their fur babies!! Would give six stars if I could!


Jennifer B.

13 November 2017

Natural Paws is an AMAZING store and ran by some AMAZING people!  They really care about the health of your pet and you can tell in the quality of food that they sell.  The recently donated a bunch of treats to my office for the pets we have living in the community - what a selfless and awesome thing to do!The location is very convenient to my work (right off Wedge Parkway).  This is where I will be shopping for both of my pets for the holidays!!! More...


Tamberie Pittman

19 August 2017

amazing, helpful staff. Great selection of products. Will continue to give my business to this store and shop local!!!


Katina I.

12 June 2017

We are so lucky to have a great family run pet store close to where I shop. Natural paws is located next to Raleys in the Wedge parkway shopping center at the bottom of Mt Rose Hwy. We have always received personalized attention here. After we got our dog, they worked with us to find different Foods that worked well for her system.  They have a great selection of natural foods and even grain free varieties. They also stock fresh refrigerated varieties.  They have a great selection of pet items from collars and harnesses to toys, beds and food dishes. One of my dogs favorite things is the natural treats bar where you can pick out individual natural treats such as pigs ears, antlers and her favorite one, a Himalayan cheese stick. They even have a program where after you buy ten bags of food, you get one free. It's a one stop shop for all your needs, from care products to having pet tags made. They also have local cards for other pet related services in there if you are looking for a pet sitter or groomer. More...


Charleen Werdann

19 August 2016

So helpful and realize there are budgets to consider, but still give you quality products!


Sean C.

4 August 2016

Man, I wish I found this store two years ago when I first moved to Reno. Shame on me; better late than never right? I am a health geek and I've been into the whole checking labels, feeding myself the good stuff, obnoxious "do you know what's in that?" comments and things for a few years now. However, I never once second guessed my cats' food. Why? The world may never know.In April, my hubby and I had to unexpectedly put down one of our fur babies. While I thought I was doing everything right (feeding them only twice a day) and feeding them the good stuff (Science Diet, it's low in calories right?) clearly I didn't know jack squat. I mean, I'll give myself a little credit and say I was trying, but as a pet owner, I just wasn't informed. I refused to let her death be in vain and I researched her illnesses and spent hours and hours pouring over research, blog posts, threads, and the like. I made the switch to canned food (superior to dry food for kitties) and started educating myself about raw diets.Fast forward a few months and the hubs and I have a new Bengal kitty. The breeder said he was eating Iams dry cat food (aka, packaged crap) and a homemade raw diet (best of the best). I get it, tight budgets. While I wasn't about to buy Iams, I was totally all for buying raw food: enter in Natural Paws. I checked everywhere in Reno for raw food and unfortunately, there isn't a ton of options. The ones at Petco and Petsmart have too many ingredients for my liking, so I desperately search for a place in town that would sell something my new fur baby could eat. I found Natural Paws and, while it was a bit of a drive from Sparks, I did it cause I knew they would have the good stuff. Boy did they deliver.While they only carry one brand of raw food (RadCat) but it is an amazing product. Minimal ingredients, frozen, and has all the good stuff your baby needs. They even have samples for you to try if you aren't quite sure you want to buy the whole thing. I assure you, however, that your cats will gobble it up in no time. My guys can't get enough. They also carry high quality dry food (Orijen, etc.), local and high quality can foods, sustainable and handmade toys, as well as freeze dried food. This is like a health nut haven for pet owners. If you want to give your dog or cat the best life possible, I would highly recommend shopping here. The owners are amazing and will answer any questions you have. They sell a wide variety of items, so you can get food, toys, brushes, shampoo, spray, and harnesses all in one place! More...


Jamie T.

19 May 2016

Love their choices of healthy and organic dog treats! Huge selection of non-meat options too for our best buddies. Their staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Aside from quality food and treats there is a great selection of other pet supplies, apparel and toys! More...


Melanie L.

21 March 2016

Great store! Fantastic customer service with a helpful and knowledgable staff. They really took the time to listen to my concerns for my dogs and helped find the perfect food and treats. I also like that this business takes the time to help out rescue dogs. They have hosted adoption events for Dog Town Canine Rescue and have always promoted adoption but are still very kind and helpful to those who choose to purchase dogs. This place is great! More...


Elisa B.

12 January 2015

Love this place! Locally owned, friendly, these guys know pets!! Shop no further for the highest quality holistic  pet supplies.  If your pet is part of your family, this is the place to find diets and fun supplies. More...


Stacia D.

29 October 2014

Love the service I get here every time! I can walk into the store, be greeted with a up beat hello everytime. With or without my dog, I always am assured if they don't have what i am looking for they can get it. They have a wide variety of treats, and carry several different choices of dog food. I'd check this place out if you haven't yet! ! More...


Sarah W.

6 July 2014

Amazing service and lots in stock!  The owners and staff are knowledgable and friendly.  You can take your pets in to pick out toys, too!


Allie A.

4 June 2014

Really nice staff here.  I come to buy Himalayan chews, which for $9 is a much longer lasting chew than bully sticks - it lasts up to weeks, compared to the bully sticks of the same price which is gone in a matter of a day or two.  I've also purchased one of those bowls to slow down my chubby guy's eating (and one for a friend's dog as a gift too).  I was there on a weekend and was thrilled to see they had a local cat adoption event there too.  Wish that was mandatory for all pet stores! More...


Carrie E.

10 November 2013

Love this place!  They know everything about the products they stock.. Which you don't get very often at pet food stores these days.I appreciate the fact they carry high quality food and treats.  There are a lot of us that treat our furry family members like any other member if the family. More...


Just A Girl R.

25 October 2011

Great variety of food for dogs and cats, especially one's with allergies. All natural treats and toys. I found leashes, harness's sweaters and a lot of help from the owner Rob, who also carried the bag of food to my car. Great staff fun environment.


Joshua J.

9 April 2011

Wonderful Store!  They have a great selection of dog and cat items.  Friendly staff and always willing to help.  If they don't carry what you're looking for they offer to special order it.  This is the best independent pet store in south Reno.  We bought our puggle a new leash and a "tuff toy" that she is sure to enjoy come her birthday!  Natural Paws is the BEST! More...


Malaika V.

28 March 2011

Natural Paws is a great store! They have the best customer service and the lowest prices in town! As a dog trainer, I know how important health can be and they offer so much variety of natural foods and treats! Do right by your pet and take them to Natural Paws!Malaika,Owner of Dog Gone Amazing Dog Training,Reno NV More...


Carol H.

23 December 2010

My favorite natural pet food store!  Knowledgeable, friendly owners who give great recommendations with regard to the best items to purchase for my dog, who has symptoms of food allergies.  They also have a wide selection of healthy dog treats and toys.  I love one-stop shopping!  The store is located in a convenient shopping area - grocery store, restaurants, clothing.  A 'must visit' for all pet lovers! More...


Alisa E.

21 December 2010

Natural Paws is a great place to find all-natural and organic foods and snacks for both dogs and cats.  In addition, there is a great selection of cool and unique toys for your pets.  The store is located in a nice and convenient mall.  And, it is nicely displayed and organized to make your shopping easy and comfortable.  In addition, if you have any question about the products or what would be best for your dog or cat, the owners are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic to help you find what you're looking for or need.  I love supporting small business owners who are passionate about what they do. More...


Sheri L.

16 December 2010

I go to a lot of dog stores, looking for original and interesting toys for the little beasts, as well as for good deals on healthy food and snacks.  I really like the selection, prices, and cutomer service at Natural Paws (they really know their foods and products) as well as simple things like the layout of product, location of store (close to grocery and other useful stores in nice new strip-mall, and even the lighting in the store.  Natural Paws gives me a nice, comfortable feeling to shop there, there is always plenty of nearby parking, and if there is anything I cannot find, they offer to order for me.  They are nice to my dogs, too!I am 100% satisfied. More...