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Welcome to Natural Models!

I'm an Oxford-based photographer providing the very best in professional portrait and modelling photography. Whether you're looking for headshots, a photoshoot, or classic portraits, I'll make sure you're more than happy with the results.


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5 October 2016

Very professional and efficient. Jonathan provided exactly what we needed - and we got the images very promptly!

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Most of it comes down to having a 'good eye'. Some people can just spot what will work and what won't. I was fortunate to have an eye for what would make a good photo when I got my first camera at the age of 10! Since then I've learned a lot of the more technical stuff, but although that certainly helps, composition is still the key.

I always try to find out exactly what the client is looking for. For example, if it's photos of people, do they want them posed or more natural? Do they prefer close-ups or wider shots?
Clients are often unsure how to answer the question of many hours they will need a photographer for. They are often pleasantly surprised that I work very efficiently and can get plenty of great photos in less time than they originally expected. This obviously makes things cheaper for the client!

The satisfaction of getting really positive feedback from clients. It's wonderful when people tell you "I really love the photos you took of me!".

I'd enjoyed taking photos for family and friends for years and always received very positive comments. Lots of people told me "You really should do this professionally" - so I did!

I strongly believe that I always get the best possible images from any type of assignment. I make a huge effort to get a wide variety of shots and this produces a lot of great images. Unlike many photographers I provide my clients with a large selection of photos so that THEY can choose which ones they like best. Many photographers only supply a small number of images which often aren't chosen by the client. I think it's far better to give the customer as many images as possible - there could well be some photos which the photographer would reject but which the client really likes!
As I mentioned above, I'm possibly unique because I offer a satisfaction - or your money back - guarantee.