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The Crossings, California

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The Crossings, California


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Maruthi K.

27 October 2019

Dr. Vivek and Gayatri Shanbhag have a wonderful team at Natural Medicine & Ayurveda where most of the stress related problems is cured just by there kind and compassionate treatment.I had been suffering from insomnia right from childhood days and never had a slightest idea that most of the problems in my life was because of that.At the age of 40 years, when I was under high stress due to work and personal issues, I by chance happened to visit the clinic just in the hope of receiving body massage which could reduce the stress level in my mind and body, but never had a slightest idea of the Ayurvedic treatment process.Though I had earlier been treated for clinical depression, I tried to hide that from them, but when Dr. Shanbag did pulse analysis on me, I guess he could easily make out all that in 5 min. There step by step approach of analyzing my past and current problem of insomnia and high stress level, and then prescribing me the required ayurvedic medicine helped in easily inducing sleep in the night within 1 week. And then Dr. Gayatri Shanbhag did a through analysis of my current daily routine and based on my body nature, prescribed me the best diet plan and daily routine of having food and sleep at correct time.Now after about within 1 year of treatment, I have been about 80% cured. I get a lot better deep sleep during night and the dullness and sleep during day time has reduced to a grate extent.Thank you a lot for treating me with such kind heartedness and all the patients who come to you for treatment. My life has changed a lot after getting treated from your team. And last but not the least, the body massage from Eliana is amazing. Its like some sort of magic in here hands. It instantly reduces a lot of stress in the body and she treats us with very kind heartedness. Thank you all for all the great work that you people have been doing and treating so many people who come to you with loot of health problems.  I still feel like writing a lot about you, but that would still be very less of the work that you people have been dong.Thank you a lot for changing my life. Now its a totally new life for me. More...


Harry A.

5 October 2019

My toddler son suffered from swollen tonsils and nymph nodes for over 3 months, regular hospital visits and medicines didn't help much. He had trouble sleeping at night as it restricts air while breathing. Dr. Vivek Shanbhag prescribed Ayurvedic medicines and minor dietary changes. Within two weeks symptoms reduced drastically and within a month everything went back to normal. Same medicines help to relieve the symptoms quickly for common cold too. Dr. Shanbhag is very experience professional in this field. Highly recommended. More...


Rakesh K.

2 October 2019

My experience with anxiety issues and coming here is definitely the best thing I have done in my life. Dr. Vivek is exceptional and has vast amount of experience. They have diet plan and also educate on Meditation and the importance of diet that suits a particular body type and look at the person as a whole. So far my anxiety issues have come so much down and feel more energetic and healthy person. More...


K B.

19 August 2019

Dr. Shanbhag is an excellent doctor and he is very highly recommended. I have seen quite a few doctors about issues none of them could solve, and Dr. Shanbhag is the only one who was able to provide an accurate diagnosis. Consequently, the course of treatment he recommended worked very well. In addition, Dr. Shanbhag works with an ayurvedic nutritionist, Gayathri, and she is a phenomenal nutritionist! Gayathri will give you a clear and precise diet to follow tailored to your body type. Gayathri will work with your life style such that her plan is simple to incorporate. She first asked me if I cook or eat out and she was ready to design a plan for me either way. I do cook, and if you do, Gayathri even provides great recipes that are easy to follow. In taking the supplements and following the dietary plan I felt so much better after just a few days. The whole staff is very nice and welcoming. Altogether this is a great center that is definitely worth trying. More...


Steph S.

3 August 2019

I started seeing Dr. Vivek Shanbhag a little over a year ago. I came in with concerns of high stress, fatigue, headaches, and other health issues. Through his thorough assessment, he and his team developed a holistic, specialized program including diet changes from Dr. Gayathri Shanbhag, exercise, meditation, massage, and ayurvedic herbs. My symptoms improved within a few months! I decided then to do the Pancha Karma Detox, losing 9 lbs and with increased energy and mental clarity. I am forever grateful for the expertise, genuine care, and compassion they have provided. I would highly recommend Dr. Shanbhag and his incredible team. More...


Anu S.

2 August 2019

So far, so good! I have been visiting Dr. Shanbhag's clinic for little more than 2 months and am happy with the prescribed protocol as I am starting to see positive results. The entire team has great 'bed side manners' and the well qualified experienced team know what they are doing... More...


Jay R.

31 July 2019

Dr. Shanbhag and his team have helped cure me of quite a severe case of eczema that had become unbearable to deal with.I have had mild eczema / atopic dermatitis for years but in the last 2 years the condition was beginning to worsen. Steroid creams and antihistamines prescribed by the HMO dermatologists were no longer working for me.  I was always told that I just have to live with eczema, there is no cure. Things came to a head when I had to rush to Urgent Care with my face swollen red dry and itching. Only strong steroids calmed my skin but I was back again once I stopped them. I realized I needed to try something different since I was missing a lot of work and time with my family.I decided to try ayurveda and visited Dr Shanbhag. The first appointment was over an hour where he went over my health history. His diagnosis was that a troubled digestive system led to a troubled immune system and thus the auto immune condition of eczema. He warned me that his methods take time (weeks, months too) and it takes a lifestyle change. I had tried the 'popping pills and cream' quick fix methods and they had failed. What followed was a detailed diet plan, lifestyle changes, herbal supplements, followed by mediation training... I started to see some improvement after about a month. In 3 months I was about 80% healed. A 5-day panchakarma was the final step that has my skin better than it has been in many years. My digestion has greatly improved and I lost 15-20 pounds. I still need to keep up with the new diet,exercise, meditation plan to prevent lapsing back. It took 4 months but this is in stark contrast to 2 years of pills and creams and the condition still worsening.All along his team have been highly attentive and have tried to customize the treatment... there's no one-size-fits-all. Although the treatment was out of insurance ( I am on an HMO) , it was all well worth it ! I now intend to change my insurance to a PPO as I've found the cure to my auto immune ailment. More...


Milina Jovanovic

27 October 2017

This is a unique clinic with holistic approach and a great combination of staff whose specialties complement each other. Dr Shanbhag is one of a kind! It will take me a long time to learn even the basics of Ayurveda, but l am already an advocate of Ayurvedic approach to healing and wellness, because it has already worked for me and for many other people for thousands of years. More...


Lynn Wade

13 August 2017

Dr Shanbag and his team have a facility with beautiful treatment rooms and provide healing for body mind and spirit. Such a rich resource for anyone with health as their aim. I am confident in the depth of teaching and healing abilities of this team. More...


Jaclyn Regis

8 April 2017

Dr. Shanbhag taught this weekend's therapies class at Bastyr University! Amazing information! By far the most useful and clearly presented material I have experienced in my years of Ayurvedic studies. Thank you


Ramesh Deshmukh

28 January 2015

It's a right place to go for authentic treatment, Panchakarma, Consultation , medicines, plus healthy food plans . Dr Vivek has great experience in all above mentioned area and he is practically using it with a combination of Yoga & Ayurveda since more than 25 years at USA. He has developed various treats for illness & wellness considering individual Fitness. Must visit Yogaayurveda Centre at California. I have visited in Aug 2014. My best wishes to Dr. Vivek Shanbhag & his team. More...

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