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Seren Beca Jones

Frequent customer of Suzy and could not be more pleased with the service!


Lisa Crow

Thank you Anita for my lovely facial & back massage the other day - was just what the doctor ordered!


Gayle Moore

It is always a treat to visit the salon, Anita is so friendly and great at what she does, I would highly recommend!


Alice Mawson

Amazing nails for wedding and even lasted 4 weeks travelling. Every treatment is five star quality and always personalised. The best salon I've ever been to. Thanks Suzy xx More...


Sue Davies

This is the best you'll find! Suzy is a natural, you can tell she loves what she does and is very professional. You won't be disappointed


Cerian Owens

First class service and Suzy just puts you at ease straight away! Not conveyor belt beauty, Suzy gives you time to relax and take time out. I wouldn't go anywhere else xx


Kate Prince

I have tried a few beauty salons over the years and none compare to natural beauty. Anita is very professional, completely relaxed and excellent at what she does. I can't recommend this salon enough! More...


Helen Masters

Six years ago I was introduced to Suzy by a friend I was to be bridesmaid for, initially for eyebrow/lash treatment as they were sunbleached from childhood and needed darkening. Discussions moved on to nails as these were to be manicured for the wedding too, my nails had always been soft and never grew long, but Suzy winked and said confidently that the 'Jessica' treatment would help. What can I say, after my first eyebrow/lash appointment I never looked back, and my nails are healthy, hardened and grow to a decent length too. Suzy's friendly nature, calming aura, gentle touch, and listening ear, makes each appointment an absolute pleasure. Charlene has looked after me too and is equally friendly & gentle and I was pleased when it was both Suzy & Charlene who looked after me and my bridesmaids when it was my turn to get married last year. Wonderful salon & beauty technicians who really look after you. More...

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