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Louise Patterton

visited for the first time yesterday....wow.....incredible food!


Marinda Prinsloo

Very friendly staff, delicious food, we had the butter chicken :) thank you


Mfanafuthi Sithebe

Well cooked food and welcoming staff. The treatment equates the status of the Kings and Queens.


Daniel Snyman

Badist experience ever and so overpriced, will never even if my meal are payed for go again.


Cindy du Plessis

Food was awesome. The lamb and chicken... naan absolutely delightful.

The decor tasteful, service friendly. We will come again!


Gary Martin Cookson

Amazing set up! Beautiful restaurant and decor with the most amazing Indian dishes I've ever had


Christene Rossouw

Great food, great hosts and a lovely ambience!


Tanya Bezuidenhout Booysen

Best food and the owners are lovely and always going the extra mile to please everyone.


A J Alonzo Wind

Our favorite go-to place for Indian food in Pretoria - much better than the competition


Jaco Erasmus

I have been coming here for years and the food has always been excellent if a bit pricey. Definitely the best Indian food in Pretoria. PS. Bring back the Slanghoek Chenin Blanc! More...


Krystal Naidoo

The cold-hearted owners with sour faces are enough to put you off your meal. They were totally unsympathetic and could not care that I needed to sit on a well supported seat so that I could feed my beautiful, quadriplegic daughter. It feels as if they are doing you a favor by letting you enter their crappy establishment and paying exorbitant prices for their below average food. I am an organ donor and wish to donate my heart to this pathetic couple to share More...


Ishmail Shaik

Always a good time with the family , why? Because their service and especially the food is very very good , just outstanding #goodfood


Shilpa Gawde Kamat

Yesterday we visited Namaskar restaurant and the ambience was totally awesome .I felt like i am having food in India not in South Africa. We ordered paneer sabji and rotis which was very yummy.I loved the way Sabji was served. More...


Marianne Feenstra

Our favourite restaurant in Pretoria! The ambience, service and food are all outstanding, and simply shout "come back" as you leave. And, of course, we do. Thank you to everyone involved for a glorious evening of celebrations. More...


Zuraida Hoosen

I lov this place, the ambiance is beautiful. divine food, lovely host, have now become a regular at this stunning restaurant. always beautiful memories made with awesome people. i would recommend this restaurant to people who loves good food with a great atmosphere.. More...


Anders Ragnarsson

love the place every time and I can always let the lovely owner guide me to new experiences. it never goes wrong. what is genuine with namaskar is that it has consistency and deliver every time, which is very rare in pta and south africa in general. if you are not happy with any small detail,, let the owners know and they will help you to get it right. It is always a delite to come here and feel a very warm welcoming More...


Rowen Ronnie Ganas

After hearing about an Indian restaurant in the heart of Pretoria, a group of 7 of us decided to try out Namaskar. This was a poor decision on our part.

I have been to many restaurants and have truly never experienced such condescending and prejudice behaviour. The problem arose when one of our friends who was Muslim asked the owner who was taking our orders if the food was halaal and she very rudely asked him if he had not read the menu and could he not see that no pork was served. Her tone was aggressive and her attitude was demeaning and completely unprofessional! There was a note saying that the food was halaal but I believe it is within a consumer's rights to double check. When my friend left the table to step outside, the owner asked us who were still at the table if our friend had a problem, we said no and she said she had a problem with him in an aggressive tone once again!

At this point we were extremely uncomfortable but had already placed our orders for starters and as friends who havent seen each other in a while we decided to stay and let the incident go. As we had finished our starters, the owner once again came to take orders for the main meal even though there were waiters. We gave her our order and before our Muslim friend placed his order she began walking away. He said that he still had to place his order, she said he was taking too much of time to place an order! At that point we had enough and asked for the bill so we could leave!

On our way out we tried to reason with the owners, trying to explain that you could not treat customers in that way but they refused to listen.

I find this behaviour completely unacceptable! We live in a democratic society, or so I thought. To have such a negative attitude to someone of a different religion should not be tolerated!


Subethri Naidoo

Well food as always excellent. Have eaten there twice before and thanks to an incredible chef the food is consistently good.
The service from the owners, however is shocking! We were told that they were waiting for us to leave and so we couldn't order another glass of wine or even a dessert! The owner seemed to think it was only his serving staff who could possibly pour a glass of wine.
Totally outraged by the behaviour. It's amazing that they are actually still in business. ( unless of course foreign customers are treated slightly with more grace?
I will certainly NOT be back..


Krunal Solanki

How to I give him 10 or 15 % extra for service charge I am not happy for that very bad service and I give him extra money pay for that������


Lisa Chanelle

Oh my God i thought i was the only one who got this bad services from the owner. I dont go for sit down anymore because of this owner. Today I order the food from them and colect it as I like the chef. But the owner is really disgusting. More...

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