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We offer customized and proprietary training. We specialize in strength and conditioning as well as weight loss and dietary consultation. Operated by a current FDNY Firefighter with 7 Years of experience as a trainer, coach, and competitive athlete.

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Tina Yous

31 December 2018

If you want it, work for it! Proper training is important to success!


George Tavares

31 December 2018

Awesome program and trainers. As a first responder I highly recommend them.


Lauren Hartnett

31 December 2018

Instructor is awesome. Can tailor to each individual needs. No one gets left behind.


Paul De Bonis

31 December 2018

Top of the line first responder fitness program! fair warning... give it a try and you'll never leave


I'm here to motivate and push my clients in a manner which is effective and safe. Cant reach your fitness goals if your injured! Let's do this together.

Plain and simple. Hard work! Together as a team we will work to achieve your goals! There will he a constant flow of communication between you and me.

I love helping people achieve their goals whether it be an ideal bodyweight or improved strength and fitness. Flat out, I love my job.

My business started as a mean to prepare first responders for the academy (FDNY, NYPD, EMS DOC) I parlayed this into a programming which is universally beneficial.

Your success is my success. I will not let you fail.