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Jared Pierre Private Chef And Catering

Dallas, Dallas

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Jared Pierre Private Chef And Catering logo

Jared Pierre Private Chef And Catering

Dallas, Dallas

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Ever since I was a young kid I knew that I was going to be a chef. Growing up with both of my grandmothers known to be the families chefs, you would always find me along side them in the kitchen during the holiday seasons. They both instilled in me the love they have for food and the ability to prepare dishes that please every palette.


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Talore W.

3 April 2018

Chef Jared went above and beyond our expectations! The food was amazing to say the least. He is timely, professional, and hardworking. Even with a last minute change on my part he still made it happen! Will be booking again and definitely ordering the shrimp and grits, fried chicken, shrimp tempura, and the prime rib! More...


Julia D.

17 May 2017

I am the Office and Marketing Manager for a local architecture firm; as we approached the 25th anniversary of the firm being in business, I was tasked with planning the party. We were expecting about 150 people in attendance, and the event was only for two hours. We wanted food that would be easy to manage, as we mostly had just standing tables. After tasting a couple of catering options in the "Near Southside" area of Fort Worth where our headquarters is located, I was less than impressed. With Fort Worth's history of being a "good ole' boys town", the idea that we "keep things local" is much advertised, which is the feedback I received, but when the local caterers were not performing, I had to look somewhere else.I found Jared on a community rating site for various services (that of which should not be named) and was instantly impressed. Jared was quick to respond, and answered all of my questions. Since he wasn't local, the only issue we had was figuring out how to taste his cooking. Jared had another event going on at a local university the next week, and decided to drop by with a small sample. This sample was a simple chicken, mashed potatoes, and asparagus platter- nothing of which we would be wanting for our party- but I was intrigued. I cut up the sample and distributed it to my party committee and some of our principals, and we loved it! The food was hot, and the mashed potatoes tasted like Jared had been in the kitchen for hours mashing them by hand. The asparagus was perfectly cooked, as was the chicken. I was sold! We put a down payment on the date and anxiously waited.On May 11th, the day of our event, Jared showed up early to make sure that we were prepared, then he began to set up his spread. We had wanted a variety of cheeses, crackers, fruits, and some light entrees, so Jared came up with a marble slab display (very earthy and beautiful) and he placed two of the entrees in small martini glasses (shrimp and grits, artichoke dip...yum!) which were perfect for walking around and conversing with. My photo does not do this spread justice, but I have submitted it :)After the event, Jared and his bartender cleaned their area and even helped us pack away any extras that were left over. This catering service is truly "full service".We are elated to have found JaredPierre Private Chef & Catering to cater the celebration of our 25th Anniversary and we plan on using him in the future. In addition to his talents, I found him to be a wonderful individual, and we loved having his motivational energy at our event. More...


Greg W.

26 November 2016

Great food and service. Used for part of my Thanksgiving dinner and everything was on time and still hot on delivery. Looking forward to using Jared for Xmas


Sara L.

21 October 2016

Great food, great price!! we had JaredPierre cater the Open House for our office - everyone loved the food - the presentation was also amazing...frankly, the food looked and tasted as if it was coming from one of those very expensive personal chefs, except that we did not have to give a kidney in order to pay for it. I feel that this chef will be soon the toast of DFW - he is the best kept secret right now so his food comes at a great price. More...


Joshua B.

12 October 2016

Great job catering my wedding reception of 100 people, many compliments from guests.

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We don’t believe in having a signature dish. We moreso believe in doing all this well in that way we don’t force our clients in a box in hopes that our events don’t mimick the last.

We take in all of their event details, themes, likes and dislikes and then prepare a custom menu for every event.

Food is my life and passion. It’s isn’t all about money but about providing a great experience and food.

My business was moreso a last minute ploy to make it here in Dallas before moving back to Chicago. And doing that pushed me beyond my comfort zone but I wouldn’t change anything about it!

Choose N’croix Based on our eclectic styling and bold flavors!

We aren’t the average catering service. We believe in service with a personal touch but also our prices compete with larger companies and our food is just as good!