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MyTherapist New York has provided psychotherapy, relationship counseling and sex therapy in Manhattan for over 15 years. MyTherapist New York trains and supervises clinicians in coaching, general counseling, relationship counseling and sex therapy.


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Alexa Romanelli

27 May 2018

I️ absolutely LOVE this program! I’ve been seeing Lauren for a few months and she is wonderful. I️ feel like she really listens which makes her easy to talk to. In our short time I️ feel like real progress which I️ would’ve never believed possible before I️ started. If you are at all reluctant about starting therapy I️ think this program is right for you. It is affordable and the approach taken isn’t a, ‘you’re broken let me fix you’ but a ‘let me give you the tools to cope with what you can’t change and improve your outlook.’It is also affordable which was a big factor for me when looking for a therapist. I️ hope this review helps and wish you dear reader, a happy mental health journey. More...


Steven Yen

27 May 2018

Sophie is extremely helpful and a wonderful person to talk to. I can not recommend and praise her enough. She is fantastic


Fanny Nordmark

27 May 2018

My experience with MyTherapist has been with Lauren. I've been going to see her for about 6 months and it's been incredibly helpful in addressing some points about my life where I felt I needed to make a change. She is very attentive and hands on in a great way - we always end up talking about exactly what I've wanted to address and it's been incredibly helpful being able to set goals with a person and learn more about how to be more understanding both towards other people and yourself in everyday situations. Highly recommend seeing Lauren! More...


Emily N.

18 July 2017

Brilliance and competence! I am so grateful to have Lauren as my therapist. In just a few months I've seen major improvements in myself and in my life. She's helped me tremendously with my anxiety issues, providing me with ways to cope and overcome my emotional battles. Again, I am truly grateful to work with Lauren. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER SERVICES! More...


Jen G.

5 February 2017

We worked with Dr. DeMarco in couples therapy. He has an uncanny ability to be non-judgmental while also calling you (or your partner) out on their bs. This was very much appreciated. I also enjoyed his outlook on life in general, a lot of things I learned in couples therapy helped me in other areas of my life. This helped to reframe the way I think about situations big or small.  His process is very pragmatic and different than other therapists I have been to. It is expected that you do a lot of work outside of the session. It is important to commit to his process. Scheduling appointments is also very easy as you can do it at the end of your session or online (sometimes its the little things :) More...


Mauricio G.

1 March 2016

Great practice and very professional, smart and helpful therapists. I was a bit reluctant on going to a shrink but I have to say they changed my mind. Our therapist was very flexible with time and worked with us on the best way to pay for our consultations. If you're hesitant and or are considering seeing a therapist I totally recommend OCMH. Sometimes all you need a objective ear and some sound feedback. More...


regina m.

1 March 2016

I am a firm believer in therapy and have been in and out of it at different points of my life, sometimes following a very difficult time (divorce) and sometimes just because I felt like I needed a tune up. I am very particular (as one should) about finding someone I can connect with and who can listen to what I have to say and of course help me through it. I found that at MyTherapist, where I went for couples therapy. At that point I was not fully employed and the sliding scale was a life saver. I received amazing support at a very reasonable cost. All I have to say is thank you Dr. DeMarco. More...


april a.

28 February 2016

A good therapist can be so hard to find - I'm so glad I was connected to MyTherapist!  I had such a perfect experience - from looking through the website profiles and selecting a therapist (I went with Dr. DeMarco and he was excellent!), to the ease of scheduling, and even to payment.  I work for a non-profit and they were really great about treating me like an individual and applying a sliding fee so that I could pay what I could afford.  I also really appreciated the complimentary consultation so that we could see if we were a good fit for one another. Overall it was an extremely pleasant office, and I met an incredible, open-minded, and thoughtful therapist.  They also have a great twitter feed that often has so many thought provoking articles - expands your mind!  My life has been changed.  And definitely for the better.If you're looking for a therapist - look no further! More...


F. A.

25 February 2016

this review is about Sophie Kay, our therapist. I can't review or say something about her colleagues - this said - I want to point out that Sophie is a caring, warm therapist. She certainly is a good listener but also a realist. She knows it takes time and work to bring back whatever was lost or create what was never there.We appreciate Sophie because of her good skills and are willing to pay the hourly rate, which - in my eyes - is quit high but totally worth it. Sophie understands the difficulties in our relationship and shows us tools to fix and/or improve our communication / love life etc. We decided to get couple counseling because of several reasons but mainly because we felt like our once so strong relationship with unconditional love as a base started to fall apart due to cultural differences and a missing goal.We see Sophie alternating together and alone and can assure you you will not regret your decision.But go ahead and make your experience!N&F More...


Brandon P.

7 November 2011

I have never really wanted to go to a therapist but my wife convinced me to give it a shot due to a lot  of crazy changes in my life. Finding one seemed like an impossible task. Talked to some friends and found out about OCMH. I couldn't be more happy to be going. I see Nicole who is amazing. I have never felt uncomfortable and she knows exactly what to say to get me really thinking. PLUS...they have an option for a sliding scale for rates to make it even more affordable and it's SO worth every penny. I go weekly and look forward to it every week. More...

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Helping people liberate themselves from thoughts, behaviors and feelings that keep them feeling stuck.

Our style of therapy is practical and approachable. We use a measuring system to track your progress from session to session which informs the direction our sessions will take so that we make sure we are always doing what's most effective for whoever is on the therapy couch.



Appropriate for 1 on 1 counseling, psychotherapy and coaching - schedule directly at https://mytherapist.nyc

Appropriate for relationship counseling, couples therapy, family therapy, marital counseling, pre-marital counseling