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My Training Plan

London, London


At My Training Plan professional trainer Brad Goddard helps you to achieve your 2019 goals with a 6-12 week blended training plan which includes:

- 4 personalised training sessions
- Daily calorie & macro tracking
- Meal templates & healthy eating coaching



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By keeping you motivated and held accountable every step of the way.

What makes My Training Plan different is that you won't just be left alone after you purchase. Throughout the duration of your plan I'll be there to support you, congratulate when you achieve and give you corrective pointers when you don't.

My Training Plan in an interactive and personal service. We don't do generic and we don't do basic.

I'm afraid there's no secrets... hard work and consistency are the only things that that will get you where you want to be. These principles are the same in every facet of life.

Seeing people push past and grow beyond the limits they set for themself.

For me nothing beats this.


As a child i was always the big kid, always the last to get picked on a team and always the last person to volunteer in areas that put me beyond my comfort zone.

The latter continued into my adult life until one day I decided to do what I then thought to be ''The Unreasonable".

I decided to make myself uncomfortable, to take a leap of faith in myself and do things that I had always told myself i have no business doing.

I started with my fitness and physical appearance. This opened the door for me work on my mentality and confidence levels which inevitably pushed me forward and gave me the confidence to become a personal trainer and become my very own business.

What I offer goes beyond the usual fitness training. You won't just get a results proven fitness service, you'll be getting a potentially mind changing experience that will push you past your limits.

I believe that no one should come to you and leave the same. This goes for fitness, physique, mind and emotions.

Get involved with My Training Plan today and break barriers in areas and ways you never thought possible before.

I look forward to speaking with you,

Brad Goddard