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Kearns, Utah

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My Restored Wellness LLC

Kearns, Utah



I am an Emotional Freedom Practitioner. I am looking for clients who want to feel better emotionally. I also help people with their limited beliefs which brings greater success in business and life. All of this by using the Emotional Freedom Technique.


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Shane Thompson

29 August 2019

"She has worked weekly since May 20 to release all these issues I never let go of and found out some new revaluations that I must of blocked out my whole life. Literally she has changed my life. She was so sweet. Loving and knew when to probe or let go and let me decide. If u feel lost or angry or can’t let go of issues. Reach out to her!" More...


LaDon Brewer Swensen

11 June 2019

I could definitely feel a shift in my body. I feel lighter.


Shantel Gardner

9 June 2019

I recently had a session with Misti that was wonderful to say the least! As a Energy Healer myself who has studied and practiced several modalities throughout the years I can confidently say this modality works!! Misti helped me feel very comfortable and relaxed with releasing some very sensitive issues I had been holding onto for years. She allowed me to express my concerns and feelings through the entire session! I am free and no longer being held back from trapped emotions that are no longer serving me!! I cannot put into words the gratitude I feel from a core level for her bringing me to a space of remembering who I AM! I will be going back and recommending her services to ALL!! Thank you Misti! More...


Naomi Salvador

9 May 2019

I just did my session with Misty two days ago to relive some sinus problems and to work on some personal goals.


Ashley Romney

27 April 2019

I had the most incredible experience in learning EFT from Misti. She was so patient with me as I was still learning and had many questions. The sessions that I have done with her have been phenomenal & life changing. More...


Kaitlin Hall Johnson

26 April 2019

I originally was just looking to get help grieving the unexpected loss of my father. Not only did Misti help me start grieving my father in a healthy way, but she's been helping me manage many other pains in my life: a miscarriage, infertility, depression, and so much more.

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