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Jan A.

2 August 2019

I am so happy I discovered Maid with Joy! They are extremely professional and helpful. Carmen is not only very sweet, but also respectful and a good cleaner. I always request her when I call. Very reasonable prices and friendly staff. Highly recommended!!! More...


Ginna W.

22 June 2019

The team was great! Very thorough!


Ali Pomerantz

6 May 2019

First crew that was sent out was terrible.2 people were supposed to arrive between 10 and 11. A mom and son (or brother and sister?) arrived at 11:30 and came with one broom, a disgusting mop and a bucket. No vaccuum, no floor cleaner, no mirror spray. Oh and they used my entire roll of paper towel. RECTIFIED:They sincerely apologized and sent a new cleaning crew to rectify the situation (granted they were supposed to be here between 3:30 and 4 but came at 4:45) and these 2 women did a magnificent job in less time than the first crew had. If this is how the usual experience is than I will be a returning customer. Thank you. More...


Ellen G.

20 April 2019

Carmen arrived on time, completed the work quickly and efficiently. We were more than pleased and then added windows, which she did as well. Price was good and Carmen very pleasant. More...


Megan O.

5 March 2019

The two ladies performed their work in a professional manner and the result was exactly as I wanted it. Thank you.


Stephanie L.

4 January 2019

Good job.. Very efficient.. Good price..


Karen W.

28 December 2018

They don�t provide a precise time of arrival but once they are there the cleaning and customer service is excellent.


Tom C.

7 June 2018

The service is wonderful, reliable, accomodating and great all around to work with.  My experience with Angela has been great.  She does a wonderful job. And I enjoy seeing her smile and kind manner when she is at the house.  They are totally reliable and make life easier in every way you would hope for when you have a busy schedule.  I recommend them highly.  Just find the right person for you. And you will be happy. More...


Kristian Fryer-Kelsey

27 May 2018

Always manage to find me slot for a cleaner day or or day before on a weekend. So covenient and always a great service


Shanghai Y.

26 July 2017

We have been using maid with Joy cleaning crews for the last 12 years to clean the walkways and stairs of our condo building. They have done a good job at a resonable price, and the stafff has always been helpful and responsive to our requests. More...


Cindy P.

26 July 2017

I absolutely love this company! They are so professional and have great prices! Their Customer Service is outstanding. The staff and workers take their time to ensure the work is done efficiently! I would give more than 5 stars if I could! More...


Jade K.

19 July 2017

Yelp reviews:I don't understand why people are btching about their service. Today, I had Julie & Estella come and sure, 10 minutes late but HELLO LA TRAFFIC SUCKS & they came from another appointment. No big deal. People need to understand that they are busy & they take up multiple appointments because this is their job & they're doing the best they can. Instead of btch about them & write nasty reviews on yelp. Service today:I liked them and I think they do a good job. I told them they can leave the beds as is, rooms need vacuum & dusting & bathroom cleaning. A+ on their service & they even vacuumed my stairs! Normally other services leave my stairs.....  Lastly, they came to me & asked what I prefer them to do with my wooden floors -- wow! I felt like I was being taken care of. I really like cleaning service who can take care of my hard wood floors. Also, before they left, they even told me they spilled my dog's water bowl on the carpet & dried it ... LOL, no big deal! Again, I felt like I was being taken care of. New customers: You need a cleaner? So you googled for cleaning service and you found Maid with Joy like me? Ask for Julie & Estella, great team and knows what they're doing & will take care of you and your house. Booking & customer service: Friendly & helpful. Originally booked the appointment for 2.5 hours, service took 2 hours and I am satisfied. I will book them again and thank you again Maid with Joy. More...


Coleen J.

18 January 2017

Really great service! I loved Maria and her counter part they cleaned my place to a sparkly shine.


Jennifer Wittes

27 May 2016

Maid With Joy is the best!


Pamela Wittes

27 May 2016

I think Maid with Joy will always help you in the best possible way. Friendly and standing behind their work.


Theo Travers

27 May 2016

I'm very happy with the prompt and thorough service of this company. They've always sent great cleaning crews.



27 May 2016

Used them for years, nice folks, good service.


Connie E.

14 February 2016

I have used Maid with Joy for a number of years.  The office is very flexible about scheduling, and all the teams I've had are very pleasant--though some are more thorough than others.  I'm just grateful I don't have to do all that hard work myself! More...


Karen C.

9 February 2016

I've been satisfied with the overall quality of the cleaning that Angela/Erika do with my home.  They're considerate and go the extra step without being asked.  When I have special instructions they are followed to the letter.  I feel comfortable leaving them in my home and plan to continue using their services for the foreseeable future. More...


Pam Wittes

9 February 2016

All of the friendliness and experience that you want!


Carol T.

5 November 2015

I'm so grateful I found Maid with Joy when we moved here. I've had several cleaners, and they've all been great, but I've had the same cleaner for the past several years. She couldn't be more reliable, and she always does a great job. She even looks for special cleaning projects to take care of those oft-neglected parts of the house. More...


Jen R.

16 September 2015

Great, reliable service at a great price. Highly recommend Yolanda! Super sweet and trust-worthy.


Aaron G.

6 August 2015

Charged a fair price and did the work as asked multiple times.I've used them for cleaning apartments before rental.One time a staff member came and was not good at all - the other workers were covering for her. I contacted the office and they sent a new crew out the next day. So net effect -1 star for a bad crew member - but since they took care of it with a second crew - I'll use them again in the future. More...


Melissa Cary

28 May 2015

I find my crew to be dependable and trustworthy. I have used this service for many years and so appreciate it.



24 March 2015

I have used Maid for several years and will continue. Dependable, honest, and great customer service. I like having the same crew each visit.


Jossye Acosta

12 March 2015



B T.

2 March 2015

Easy to setup appointment, great rates, they came on time and did a great, professional job. I would recommend them to friends and use them again!


a w.

27 August 2014

Found the service online and read the reviews and decided to have them clean my recently moved to empty 2 bedroom apt. before I moved in my furnishings.  Spoke to Lorraine who took some information about my apt. size and cleaning services I wanted performed and clearly ran through the pricing for the service. I was able to have an appointment in two days and at the scheduled time, a woman named Angela came to my unit with cleaning supplies and vacuum.  In the prescribed time of 90 minutes, Angela had thoroughly cleaned my unit and was cheerful and delightful as she finished and I couldn't have been more satisfied with the service.  I called Lorraine back and told her I wanted my profile to state prefers Angela for all appointments.  I am very happy with the service and truthfully will be calling Maid with Joy again as well as share the service with friends for their cleaning options.  Thanks, Lorraine! More...


Dylan A.

11 June 2014

Called for a next day cleaning, very last minute.  I told them it was a tough job, it had been a while since my apartment was cleaned.  They gave me one of the lowest quotes, and they were able to schedule 2 people to come the next morning.  They arrived on time and did a fantastic job cleaning, I am very happy with the results.  I plan to use them again! More...


Sum F.

4 May 2014

I can't say enough good things about these guys. Probably the most personal caring service I have ever received from a business not owned by a family member! They assigned me one cleaning person Isabelle and she came back consistently. Also I needed some extra help and special errands and they were completely accommodating- above and beyond.  They went out of their way to provide me with great service and earn my business and they did. Use Maid With Joy! Lorraine is awesome. And not sure how these other bad reviews happened- people are weird about their homes- and expectations- as am I- and I would recommend these guys highly without hesitation! More...


Bryan M.

22 January 2014

I called for a last minute cleaning, I was surprised they were able to schedule me so soon. The place was left immaculate. It's a great deal for a quality service, I will definitely be using them again. More...


Summer A.

15 January 2014

I had a landlord  that hadn't cleaned the unit I was moving into, so I called them last minute and not only did they show up in an hour, the place was spotless! They did such a great  job I will definitely be hiring them again :) More...


Albert W.

24 June 2013

Needed cleaners again for a tenant change.Booking - quick and easy via phoneVery convenient as I was able to make a last minute appointment changeThere was a misquote in the initial price, because the first staffer thought this was a recurring service call. Small infraction.New tenants found their work satisfactory. Thank you for the annual clean! More...


Lauren W.

6 April 2013

We've been customers of Maid With Joy for around 3 and a half years. We always have two lovely ladies who are so kind, and they clean our home efficiently and beautifully. We have two big dogs and combined they shed about a cat's worth of hair every week, but after Maid With Joy comes we are always amazed that they are able to get the hair from every corner and crevice.  We are always so pleased with their work! More...


British S.

1 March 2013

I've been on maternity leave for the last three months since the birth of my daughter in November 2012.  This week was the first time I was on my own with her while my boyfriend was in San Francisco for a business trip for four days.  I tried cleaning by myself but every time I put her down, my baby just wanted to be held.... all the time.  So, after calling almost every cleaning service on Yelp yesterday, almost all were booked with end of month move out cleanings.  Maid With Joy took my last minute booking yesterday evening and even with the short notice were able to send a crew of two to come clean my home this afternoon.  They were on time, put everything in the correct places after washing or dusting, and even made the bed.  On top of that, they were very friendly to my little baby who actually didn't mind the sound of the vacuum (it put her to sleep).Now, we have a sparkly clean dust-free apartment all ready for when my boyfriend returns home tonight.  I'm very pleased (as well as relieved) to have had the last-minute help.  I'll definitely be using them again in the future. More...



29 November 2012

I love this agency they are very friendly and they are easy to work with. Lenny always try her best to fit me into the schedule even though sometimes it at last minute. I had my apartment clean a couple of times and they do a fabulous job. Their prices are incredibly reasonable. More...


Ed H.

25 November 2012

Used Maid of Joy because a friend referred me to them. They came promptly at the requested time with equipment in hand. Walked them through my apartment and off they went to clean everything. I'm not the cleanest guy ever since I'm clutter up my place, and they did a wonderful job cleaning up organizing my place! My kitchen counter has never looked cleaner, my bath tub and toilet are back to a nice white shine, and my place just looks clean now! The ladies were very professional and friendly. Will be using their service again! More...


Mikaela P.

6 January 2012

I have had a lot of success with Maid With Joy.  Some cleaning crews are better than others so it may take a moment for you to find the right fit.  On more than one occasion, I called at the last minute for same day cleaning and they were able to find someone to accommodate my request.  I prefer a team of two cleaners because they are in and out much faster than one.  Maid With Joy keeps my credit card on file so I don't have to worry about having cash for the cleaners.  Overall, I've had a wonderful experience with this company. More...


Billy K.

25 October 2011

Made with joy has consistently referred professional, efficient cleaners to me, their billing system is a breeze and they are a pleasure to work with.


Jennifer E.

24 October 2011

Angela and Lupe were amazing and warm -- but also professional. The place was clean and they prioritized without too much guidance from me... basically I told them "ahhhh! my mom is coming out to visit" and they just automatically knew what to focus on first!I have re-scheduled them for tomorrow (and if time, I'll update this review).Updated! They're still amazing!I also had to book Maria recently as the other two were busy. She's a total mom and I've never seen my kitchen sink this white. Good rates. I now have them on monthly service. More...


D. H.

14 June 2011

I found my favorite cleaning crew ever through Maid with Joy in Marina del Rey.  Unfortunately I moved out of the area, which is the only reason I no longer use them or this service.  I did have to check them because at times they'd overlook something (like the top of the fridge).  But I still miss their great work ethic and sweet personalities! More...


Christopher S.

17 May 2011

Just had our first cleaning with Maid With Joy and have to rave online about it.  Great job, incredibly fast, very professional, and just nice people.


Kath E.

11 May 2011

This cleaning service was awesome. I was having an extremely bad day, and coming home to Josie and Estella's work was a lifesaver. The house was actually sparkling. They were thorough, sweet, and did everything to my specifications. I will definitely be using this service again!! More...


Lisa F.

17 April 2011

We just ordered bi-monthly service, and had our first house cleaning last week.They arrived at 8:30 am, which was perfect timing. My husband met them and said the cleaners were very sweet.They did a wonderful first time cleaning, very thorough. I'm excited to have them back. Also used my Yelp coupon! They also called afterwards to see if I was happy with my service, I liked the follow up.Maid for Joy-- I'm very pleased with them! I'll keep yall updated as further services are rendered. More...


Rachel F.

9 January 2011

We've been using Maid with Joy to clean our apartment since early September 2010 and I am SO happy with the service they provide.  We had a little hiccup with the first woman who came to clean (not quite meeting expectations), but I emailed Lorraine about it and she was very prompt to resolve the issue and offer another cleaning crew.We now have Angela and Lupe clean our apartment once a fortnight and they do a fantastic job.  I look forward to coming home from work every second Friday.  Our apartment is so clean and tidy that even the air feels clean.  I think their price is pretty reasonable for the service they provide.  We unintentionally left some clean washing out one day that my husband had been procrastinating on folding and putting away for over a week, and when we came home it was all folded and put in its proper place.  Now it's a battle to get him to do his own folding on the off weeks!!We had to prolong an overseas trip over Christmas, and they were understanding and helpful in rescheduling our cleaning services, even sending an alternative crew for a week when we needed to change from our standard day.  The alternative crew was SO LOVELY.  Really friendly, great people.It does mention on the website that they are a referral agency which I think means the cleaners work directly for us...?  But we make the checks out to "Maid with Joy" so I am a little confused about how that works.  Nevertheless, the apartment gets cleaned, the cleaning crews are professional, friendly, fantastic people, and I am 200% happy with the service we get.  I highly recommend this agency to anyone and everyone. More...


Kenneth E.

18 September 2010

This service was referred to me by a friend recently. I had them come and clean my home. The staff did an excellent job and I am very pleased with the results. My apartment was spotless when they finished . I will definitely use them again and would highly recommend this service. More...


N V.

19 July 2010

I am pleased as punch with Maid With Joy   :)  They're honest, professional (not to mention, really nice) and will work with your budget. I should also add, my bathroom looks like new! I definitely recommend them and will be using them in the future. Thank you Lorraine, Maria and Frederiq! More...


Judy C.

5 June 2010

Lorraine Joy runs her business with professionalism.  Great customer service and even better cleaning.  I own an apartment building and needed carpets repaired and cleaned, as well as a detailed cleaning of the apartment.  Everyone showed up exactly when they said there would and it was affordable. Thanks!!! More...


D D.

20 May 2010

I have been using Maid With Joy for a few years now and was prompted to write a review after yesterday.  After getting a furry little puppy I decided it was time for us to do a "Deep Cleaning".  The 2 women doing the cleaning arrived promptly and stayed until the last second.  They were very meticulous and trustworthy as well.  It is nice when you get a crew that cleans certain areas without any requests.  I will definitely be using them again.  Thank you :) More...

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