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Musgrave Investigations is a Investigation company based within the South east of the United Kingdom.

The services I provide:
Process Serving
among other requests you may have.


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I love that it brings something new every day, every day is different, it is not something that will keep me behind a desk. Its something that interested me for a long while. I love meeting people, and learning from people, which is part of the job description, I've done a lot over the week course in which I gained my IQ level 3 in Professional investigating. Sometimes its just about doing the right thing..

A lot of different things, I never wanted a desk job, or something that would tie me to a certain place, granted I have had jobs like that in the past however I always seemed to get bored. Starting my own company and working towards my own goals is one of the most amazing things you can do. Another thing that inspired me to start my own company is the freedom to run my own business, my hours, my goals, my achievements.

I will not go and say I'm the best, because I am new to this sector, however I will say that I'm young and I'm hungry,I have something to prove, and with the right chance and determination I will prove myself. Of course there are always advantages to age and wisdom, however there is also advantages to having an open mind and being younger. I think that is what I bring to the table.