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Nicole Lore

11 August 2018

Clean and positive environment. Teaches respect and self defense in fun interesting ways... best decision my husband and I made was sending our daughter here... we looked at tons of schools more local to us and none impressed us like sifu chi’s school. We love sensei Andrew Zach and William... we absolutely adore sifu Clement... he is tough as nails but his results are truly incredible. His passion knowledge and skill are quite simply AMAZING! great school and I highly recommend it. More...


Rocco Divone Camastro

7 August 2018

It’s now 3 years that my daughter has been in this wonderful Mixed Martial Arts school... it’s an amazing place .. from the instructors to the great atmosphere.. I thank them regularly as they are teaching my daughter way more then the art ... Thanks again More...


Fred Marino

15 September 2017

Sifu Charles Chi is an amazing martial artist and teacher. If you live in the area, go there.


Colleen Nugent

15 September 2017

Sifu Charles Chi is an incredible martial arts instructor who cares about the technique, the philosophy and the people he is instructing. I loved working with Sifu Charles Chi because I knew he was providing me the most well rounded martial arts instruction I could get in the United States. I recommend his studio and teaching to anyone willing to devote the time to learn martial arts inside and out. More...


Bernadette Jessi Palermo

2 October 2016

Week 4 of a 6 week fitness challenge and I love every moment !!!!!


Lori Scelza Carlton

9 September 2016

ny son loves this place!!!! definitely the best:) the teachers are super friendly!!!


Jenni Michelle

23 March 2016

Best trainers i ever had☺️ relly made me improve my skills


Pilar Salinas Ortiz

28 November 2015

The best in Long Island. I love the way they teach . I love the way the senseis are because they are always happy and friendly .


Annette Gonzalez-Guido

27 November 2015

Truly the best thing we ever did for our son! Instructors are excellent!


Tanya Poka Prochet

30 September 2015

Great customer service and pricing. I felt comfortable there. No judgment. No hassle.


Dawn Allcot

25 September 2015

Great instructors, wonderful family environment. From what I've heard talking to other moms, this school costs a little more than others in the area. But you get what you pay for -- best-in-class expert instruction in a variety of martial arts styles, an abundance of choices in classes to accommodate your schedule, and senseis who truly care about your children. My daughter has been going since she was 4 and I can't wait to start my son! More...


Dawn Lloyd-Matthews

23 September 2015

My grandson has been coming here for Two years. The staff are supportive, patient and professional. They teach practical skills physically and educationally to prepare him for life challenges.


Trace Wilkins Francis

9 February 2015

We love this place! My son has been going for over a year and is always excited to go to class. Great staff, great education and a nurturing and caring environment!

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