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Mr. Coyote Studio

New Rochelle


Mr. Coyote Studio

New Rochelle


Mr. Coyote Studio is a full service Illustration studio with 40 years experience. My work can be produced either traditionally or digitally, or both in any medium, black and white or color. I service illustration jobs domestically or globally.



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The freedom to create. The diversity of assignments and clients that I have done work for.The satisfaction of helping, by producing blockbuster work for their project or book. Best of all everyday I go into my studio, make art and get paid for it.

I can work whenever I want and for as long as I want.

Forty years of experience, working domestically (USA) and globally. I am accomplished in every traditional medium or I can work digitally.


My work has appeared and been recognized globally. when I take on a project I see it to the end and leave the customer satisfied. Deadlines do not faze me and I always make a deadline. I work with a number of mediums including digital. My style varies depending on the project. I am a pro with 40years experience based just outside of NYC.