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Hillel is a critically acclaimed performing artist who has delighted audiences around the globe.

His shows are a unique combination of the arts of Clowning, Magic, Pantomime, audience participation and Balloons which entertains and amazes audiences of all ages without any language barriers.


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Paul Thompson

24 May 2019

We go out of our way to see Hillel every time he is performing. We’ve seen his fun filled balloon show on the main stage at the Magic Castle, as well as his very entertaining, more intimate show at the Parlor of Prestidigitation. We introduced a number of our friends to the Magic Castle based on the fact he is performing there a particular week. The important thing is I know our friends will be entertained and smiling thanks to his energy and fun in delighting audiences. More...


Rabbi Mendel

26 February 2019

He was beyond fantastic....
he wowowowoed kids and adults together !!

Dear Rabbi Mendel, it was an honor to be invited several times to entertain at your very special events. Seeing your wonderful work was a magical experience for me, thank you!


Miriam More

23 February 2019

Mr. Balloon Man performed on our stage at the time we produced Carnevale Venice Beach for several years. His unique act was unbelievable. amusing and became the highlight of our program. The audience requested his performance every year we held the Carnevale, from 2002 until 2009. Needless to say, I take the opportunity to see him @ The Magic Castle in Hollywood, as well as other venues, whenever and wherever he performs his magic. More...

Hi Miriam, thank you for your kind words! I can recognize your laughter whenever you are in the audience... Thank you for your support! Best regards, Hillel



23 February 2019

This dhow was not only magical at its best, but professional on time and respectful
My kids loved the show and keep asking when the balloon man will visit again!

Thank you/Gracias Jose, you have a beautiful family and it was an honor to perform at your son's special event! All the best, Hillel


Melissa Converse

23 February 2019

What a sweet heart he is !
Felt such joy and fun and so curious how he gets into that balloon !

Dear Melissa, thank you for your kind words. It's always fun performing for classy people like you at the Magic Castle! Hope you can experience my other show next time I'll be performing there. You are invited! With best regards, Hillel


Marcia R.

20 August 2017

We were lucky to be at the Magic Castle when Hillel The Balloon Man was performing in the Palace Theater. His act is fantastic and unique. He combines mime with magic and comedy. He is a great performer for adults and children and we look forward to seeing him again. More...


Scott G.

21 May 2017

Smiling From Ear To Ear . . . That's what I want my clients and audiences to experience when I book someone to entertain them, and I got that and more with Hillel a.k.a. Mr. Balloon Man! He is easy to work with, very (I mean "very") accommodating, and thoroughly understands the audience experience. I've had the great pleasure of working with Hillel in a variety of settings, from a private social event all the way up to a large business conference. My clients are still talking about him. Simply, he is unforgettable. I can't recommend Hillel enough. - Scott Grossberg More...

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I discovered the "power" of magic while performing in theatrical productions with magicians from around the world. Since then, 40 years ago, I studied and worked with the best. I'm a performing magician member at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood for the last 35 years travelled the globe with my talents and entertained audiences in many different venues, from TV shows, Broadway, Cabarets, Festivals, Conventions, Cruise Ships, NFL/ NBA/NHL Half Time shows to Corporate and Private Special Events.

My surprise entrance, through uplifting music, pantomime and a magical suitcase enchants the audience who suddenly meets a unique and funny character on stage. I incorporate different styles of magic, pantomime, audience participation and balloons. My magic includes cards, silks, coins, ropes, hypnosis, mentalism, floating props and more which amazes and entertain audiences of all ages. Throughout the show the audience actively participates while amazement, laughter and joy abounds. Finally a giant balloon is inflated and Mr. Balloon Man gets entrapped in his own bubble ... what will happen next? Seeing is believing!

I became a performer to be able to communicate and spread my joy of living in this beautiful planet even when sometimes is hard. Our Globe is fragile as a balloon, if we don't take care of it, can pop! ... Depending on the circumstances, the venue, the stage, lighting conditions, etc. there are images projected on the giant balloon who illustrates my feelings and beliefs. The show then becomes not just entertainment but a cultural experience which audiences can keep in their hearts and minds.

I've learned from the masters and been performing professionally since very young. My audiences feedback and love gave me the possibility to expand and share my magic throughout the globe.

I offer a unique performance catered for the occasion, wishes and needs of my clients. My show is considered a 'one of a kind' (please refer to my Reviews page on my website). I will arrive on time, set up and deliver a fun and clean show which doesn't offend anybody, and most likely the guests will compliment the host for their wonderful event afterwards. My work consist heavily through 'word of mouth' clientele.