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Tulin P.

18 September 2019

My car was extremely dirty for months since being a super busy mom and  thank to my  toddler , vomit stains, fish crackers, milk spills, crayons, you name it ! My car really needed a detailed cleaning inside and outside. I live in Brickell but after reading the reviews I decided to take my car to Mr Splash . Alex was a very professional and very honest, super friendly ! He and his team did miracles on my car. They did a 4 hr cleaning/detailing job. I paid $200 dollars including the tip . I will definitely take my car again there. If you are looking an honest , hardworking people this place is the right place. Thank you very much ! More...


Meagan H.

23 August 2019

Excellent service. They performed a detailed wash of the inside and outside of my vehicle for $20, which was rather dirty because I have two dogs. I couldn't have asked for better results afterwards. The staff was friendly and accommodating. Highly recommend! More...


Suyoun K.

21 August 2019

Very thorough car wash service!! Extremely kind and honest staff. Will come back for sure!!


Jon G.

16 August 2019

Great service and an excellent wash. It had been months since I last washed my car. It looks like new. In the mean time they had great customer service, very friendly staff, management, owner, etc. Highly recommend.


Chrissy W.

9 February 2019

Scratched my car in a bad way and wanted to see if I could get it buffed out but knew it was a long shot. These guys were great, had my car very well washed and vacuumed in little time and to my surprise completely buffed the scratches out. Great service and super friendly.


Lindsey B.

8 December 2018

Needed a car wash desperately so I made my way to Las Brisas...which had a line out the driveway. Went across the street and found this gem! Still had a decent wait, but it was 100% hand wash. The guy who did my car was so thorough & whenever he found a ding or something let me know. My car was hit in a parking lot & had massive scratches on the bumper, which he also buffed out for me (not 100% gone, but tons better!). Docked one star because we agreed it would be $25 including the wax & rubbing compound, but when I got home & checked the receipts that was sent via text I was actually charged $30. I had already tipped in cash. I don't mind too much since he did a really good job & was super nice & chatty, but still a little annoying to be overcharged. I'll definitely be back regardless, but I'll make sure to check my receipt before I leave. More...


Stephanie G.

14 March 2017

Great service and one of the most decent car washes in Miami! They always take my car in right away


Mia B.

5 June 2016

Finally. I found a neat clean spacy spot to wash my car weekly. This car wash offers detailing hand washes with really good products. They have amazing prices and they do there work really good in a short time too. The employees were really nice and they did more work on my car than I had in mind...Definitely will be back. Highly recommended. More...

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