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Mobile Phone Repair Training School can help you gain new skills and enhance your knowledge about mobile repairing within a week accredited Level 1 and Level 2 Mobile Phone Repair course!

This highly popular Level 1 and Level 2 Mobile Repair qualification will help you increase your productivity in the workplace through more effective in mobile repairing, accessing damage on the phone and solving problem on time.


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Unlock truth

4 June 2019

Only someone who has no idea about repair industry will think this course is useful.

It's useful if you just want to open or close some phones. The way they advertise (llevel 1,2,3 ) is misleading. Their way of teaching is also poor. . and no way, 5 days aren't enough to make you a good celphone repair technician. All the 5 stars you see are by paid marketing team or their own people. And I am not using my real name. a review should be anonymous. More...


Trinh Nguyen

30 May 2019

Plz send me info Thank you


lamin camara

7 April 2019

You can all your tech accessories here and the price are not that bad!!!


Mike Brownlee

7 December 2018

Relaxed and friendly atmosphere, but with good fundamental training and experienced trainers who are able to answer all technical & business related questions during the course. Fully equipped training area that allows you to tackle all tasks with confidence and give you the experience needed to confidently start fixing any consumer electronic equipment. More...


Mark Devine

23 August 2018

great training and support during and after the course


Fu Changlong

23 January 2018

Great service!


Albert Jasutovic

19 January 2018

Exellent training, will comeback for other cuorses �


Richard Baati

1 January 2018

Knowledge is power of life so if you are has the knowledge you should enjoy the life and handler things and many problems in the world


Hujud Awthah Alharthi

2 December 2016

Found this training course”Advance Smartphone and Tablet Repair level 1,2 and 3” valuable and informative as it has practical techniques that can improve how you deal with smartphones.This training course is great, easy to accomplish and completely accurate in the methods of repairing smart devices. This course has taught me a lot for both theory as well as with practical side. On top of that ,this course has opened my eyes, now I know how to deal technically with phones and tablet. I would like to thank Mr. Sayed Bokhari for all support during the training course. More...



16 August 2016



Steve Morrisby

7 January 2016

A very well structured and presented series of courses.


Sheikh Muhammad Farooq

22 August 2014

One of the best training centres in the UK, made me a technician in just days.


Ali Bukhari

19 June 2014

If no body can fix ur fone This is the place


Omer Abid

25 July 2013

Good 1 bro

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