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Anna L.

Delicious, fresh food and great response time! Will be back!


Aisha Martin

I'm HUGE on customer service and Mouthfeel Culinary Co has never disappointed. It's beyond the great food, it's an experience! You can tell they're passionate in what they do and the attention they pay to details is simply impeccable. I can't wait to utilize their services again! More...


DrArkeria Wright

We are truly blessed to have partnered with Mouthfeel Culinary Co. for the past 2 years on all things concerning giving back to our youth and our community here at Greater Giving Ministries. No matter the cause, Mouthfeel brings their "A Game" in professionalism and their food ahhh.... SIMPLY AMAZING! More...


Altwon Hargrove

Honestly I have a lot of respect for this brand and the people running it. Without a doubt a inspiration...I no the best will come for you all...Love is love..


Natasha Knotts

I have been blessed to hire Mouthfeel for several events and each time, I received nothing but professional attitudes and food that made my mouth water. Upon hiring them for my first event, I wasn't sure what to ask for since it was my first time hiring a catering company. Ms. Enita said, "Don't worry, we will make the menu for you." I was more than happy with menu and the service. I have and will continue to refer them to all my family and friends. JOB WELL DONE!!! More...


Stacy Magness

I attended an event this evening catered by Mouthfeel and was blown away by her food flavor profiles and overall presentation. I also love how she took the time to explain the dishes to inquiring guests. Most importantly, you could feel the love and soul in her dishes. More...


Felyce Green

Mouthfeel have truly been a blessing to me and my family. I have had the pleasure of seeing, tasting, and some assistance on a couple of occasions, not to mention, I highly recommend them to my family, friends and those I do not know. They are always there for me in advance and last minute. The food is spectacular, the presentations are fabulous, and they put their heart and soul into it. I have had the pleasure of sampling many items and orders on a regular basis. Their taco bar is superb, salads are mouth ranching, their deserts to die for, and all other dishes simple supreme. I will continue recommending them for any and all events. More...


David N LaToya Scroggins

The food and service is always excellent. If you are looking for something authentic and that "man I haven't had something this great in a long time" feeling you need to get some food from Mouthfeel.

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