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Nancy Oberhaus Bowlus

6 September 2018

Christine is one of the best, rider and instructor!


JoJo Grigsby

6 September 2018

Christine is the perfect match for me and my horse, Zantana. Every week we know we will be working hard, but she makes it fun and progressive, so we can't wait to show up! I know she has my horses best interest in mind, and honors who he is! Plus the facility is fabulous, great happy positive atmosphere! -Jo Grigsby More...


Gwen Seymour

6 September 2018

I recently spent 2 weeks here and had a wonderful time. The fields all have grass, my mare was very well cared for. Its a great place with a beautiful indoor and outdoor with great footing. My lessons with Christine, were exactly what we needed, very helpful she had my horse more connected and comming better from behind and over the back. Also Christine noticed that the saddle I was riding in didnt work for putting me in an optimal position. She let me use her tack for the rest of the time I was there, which was a huge difference. I cant thank her enough. More...


Karen Magers

6 September 2018

I moved my horse to Motter Station Stable six months ago and have been so pleased with the move! From the first moments we began settling into the new home for my horse it became clear that Christine and her staff are wonderful. The facility is gorgeous and the care of the horses is top notch. Christine has a vested interest in all of the horses and her clients. She supports the goals of her clients while not superimposing her own expectations. It means that she supports the learning and growth of all based upon the path that they have chosen. It is a positive, supportive, beautiful, educational, encouraging and most of all, fun, place to board and train. More...


Kriss Phelps

6 September 2018

Christine Betz is an awesome instructor! She has helped me get two horses to Grand Prix! She's easy to understand and plain spoken. Highly recommend her!


Elizabeth Knight

6 September 2018

Amazing facilities and very well kept! Such a beautiful place. Also awesome training and lessons available!


Diane Gloria Cooke

6 September 2018

Smart. Compassionate. Wise. Horsemanship is about so many different things. This place gets that.


Sarah Knight

6 September 2018

Awesome state of the art facility. Beautiful indoor riding arena and very well kept barns and fields. Training at this facility is first class.


Chelsea Perez

6 September 2018

Beautiful barn and facility. The horses were happy and healthy in their training. I was there for a visit and the place was spotless and horses were being monitored in a respectful and safe way.


Linda Card

6 September 2018

Clean, quiet, friendly and a place to center oneself from the pressures of family, work and the chaotic world we live in today. My blood pressure drops as soon as I walk into this barn! I am the only Western rider in the barn and I've never felt more accepted in any barn. My little quarter horse gets just as much respect and care as his amazing dressage buddies. Great barn manager and trainer! More...


Karen White Pikovsky

6 September 2018

Beautiful facility with an excellent trainer/lessons! I have sent several of my horses there for training and have been very satisfied with the results. I have purchased two horses with help of Christine Betz, as well as assisting one of my clients with purchasing a horse from her as well, and have been very satisfied with the outcome on all of them. Highly recommended! More...

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