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Motif is a creative eCommerce brand marketing and design agency who helps luxury and lifestyle eCommerce businesses with right strategies to grow them faster.

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Patrick Nowick

24 January 2019

Excellent service! Very professional and knowledgeable.


Natalie van Scheltinga

10 October 2018

Very professional. Great service. Have been a customer for 3 years, and am still happy. Will not go anywhere else.


Ash Ome

10 October 2018

The team at Motif is great, they know what they are doing. Worked with a redesign project for a client and it was an awesome experience



We market eCommerce brands with the right messaging, identity, and strategies

We know how frustrating it can be when your social media marketing campaign is behaving like one time sales machine, we can turn it into a forever money making machine.

We are connecting the dot between design and marketing with the methodologies we put in for our clients who saw a massive growth in revenue.