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My team and I offer dedication to families through the process of pre-qualifying for their home so they are ready to look for the home of their dreams without waiting. Our real estate partners take quality time to get to know what you are looking for, knowledgeable in the neighborhood areas of your choice and will give you the information most important to you: schools, parks, large yards, family restaurants. Email me today to get started towards the road towards your home.


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I love handing the keys to a family for their new home, to see the kids excited and already know which room is theirs. Hearing families talk about the barbecues they will have in their backyards and where they want to put their favorite couch or chair. Seeing their smiles knowing that this home will be theirs is priceless.

When I bought my first home many years ago I remember not understanding any of the mortgage terms and didn't understand it. The group I worked with did not take the time to explain to me what to expect when my family decides to buy a home. There were some things I was not prepared for nor understood why I needed homeowners insurance, or what was PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance). They didn't explain options or what could be done to better my future. My husband and I learned the hard way.

I will take the time to explain terms, rates, difference between homeowners insurance, homeowners association and Private Mortgage Insurance and each item can add to your payment. I want more families to buy their first home but not feel pressure because they do not understand something. I want each family member to be comfortable with the decision that will change their lives and their families' future generations.