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Empowerment Coaching – are you looking to develop as a person? Do you feel like an imposter waiting to be found out? Is your lack of confidence stopping you from being assertive - true to yourself and your values? Do you want to build better relationships or improve your personal communication style?


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6 June 2019

Bridget has been so helpful with helping me develop my business plan. I also recommend attending one (or more!) of their courses; they're informative and enjoyable. I definitely recommend Morgan Duell. More...

8 May 2019

Bridget has been incredible. She's completely overhauled the policies handbook (or lack thereof) which were inherited with our business.

20 December 2018

I had a chat with Bridget today after a challenging work situation. Bridget was brilliant, so helpful and honest. I highly recommend her.

13 November 2018

I highly recommend Pam as a coach she is amazing at helping ladies with imposter syndrome! I feel ready to take on the world! She is so positive and her advice is outstanding! My confidence has increased even just spending an hour with her! She is very experienced and this really shows! Can’t wait for her upcoming springboard course! More...

18 July 2018

Great coaching and fantastic services, helping me reach my goals despite my disability, great job ladies, I would highly recommend Morgan Duell Associates. � � � � �

3 October 2017

A pair of really dedicated professionals with huge experience across all HR functions. Whether training or consulting they give excellent value.

25 July 2017

Pam and Bridget are both exceptionally talented women - who really care about the people they work with to help them achieve their goals. They have a wealth of experience between them and, what is more important, they have bags of integrity and enthusiasm. I've learned loads from them both. More...

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My passion is helping others on their journey to become ‘the best that they can be’ - whatever that means to them. I live this value through my work as a staff developer and coach. I found my vocation almost by accident, having picked up on my own development journey in my late thirties when I realised I had virtually no marketable skills. I started out as a mature student and loved it! With my new skills I was able to apply for a job working as youth and adult trainer and the rest is history. My roles have changed and developed in the last thirty years but seeing other people achieve great things, and knowing that I have had some part in that has always been tremendously rewarding – and why I do what I do.

After 16 years in working for my employer a major restructure provided an opportunity for me to leave my job (Head of Staff Development) and focus on doing what I enjoy most. I took it and have been running my own HR Consultancy for almost two years.

I understand the challenge of selecting the right coach. It helps if you are clear about what you want to achieve and what is important to you, but it’s crucial that you trust and feel at ease with your coach. A successful coaching relationship requires a challenging, yet non-judgemental approach, someone who you know is on your side even as they hold up a mirror to your self-sabotage and limiting beliefs, who facilitates self-awareness, encourages you to take responsibility, think through your options and decide upon your own course of action. You have to be confident in the way they work with you and responsive to their style of coaching.

Why choose me?

I am an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. With over thirty years of experience in staff development and coaching I have worked with hundreds of people. What I have learned is that people are resourceful, have control over their choices and can really change their lives for the better – even though they don’t always believe it.

I believe passionately in the power of coaching to help people maximise their potential. My purpose is to create coaching and development interventions so you can be at your best in every situation. I offer a particular set of skills – a powerful combination of coaching and developmental expertise focused on helping you to achieve your goals. Working with me in a coaching partnership will give you the tools and resilience to build your self-confidence, help you find clarity of vision, build better relationships and bring out your best self.


The Award-Winning Springboard Women’s Development Programme has changed the lives of over 250,000 women in over 45 countries. It empowers and enables women to identify the clear, practical and realistic steps that they want to take to achieve their goals, both at home and at work, whilst building the practical skills and confidence to take these steps. The programme consists of Four one day workshops spread over three months A personal award-winning workbook Access to Springboard networks Inspirational female guest speakers Topics include: Understanding yourself Identifying your values Confidence building Setting goals Networking and support Assertiveness Work-life balance More energy, less anxiety

Supporting Your Recruitment, Personal/Career and Team Development Needs Psychometric tests are tools for identifying who to recruit and who to develop. They include personality profiles, motivation questionnaires, reasoning tests and ability assessments. The aim of a test is to provide objective data for an otherwise subjective measurement. For example, to determine attitude you could ask someone directly, observe them in action, or gather observations about them from other people. All of these methods are likely to be time consuming and influenced by personal bias and perspective - using a psychometric test makes a more objective and impartial judgement possible. Psychometric tests make personnel and career-related assessments more objective. They can measure: personality (how people differ in their style or manner of doing things, and in how they interact with their environment and other people) interests (how people differ in their motivation, values, and opinions in relation to their interests) aptitude (how people differ in their ability to perform or carry out different tasks Recruitment - determine candidates who best fit a position Morgan Duell can provide additional, reliable insight into candidate suitability for a role. Our cost-effective service will help you to make more informed selection decisions so that you get – and keep - the right person for the job. Reducing subjectivity in the interview process means that you do not make decisions based solely on gut instinct, regarding how well they will fit into your organisation. Instead, integrating psychometric assessment into your recruitment strategy can: inform the interview panel about important areas to probe during the interview more accurately gauge future performance provide a more objective overview of a candidate’s character, strengths, weaknesses and preferred working style help give a better overall evaluation of a candidate and best fit for the role provide useful and developmental feedback to candidates Developing Team Values An Individual's workplace values influence motivation and the way people work. The Margerison-McCann Window on Work Values Profile helps people gain a better understanding of how their work values impact their commitment, other people, and the organisation. Understanding the work values of your team members is the starting point to help you work together to identify a set of shared values and become a high performing team. Enhancing Team Development Psychometric assessment can help people understand themselves and others better, and build and maintain more positive workplace relationships. Behavioural tests look at the ways in which people tend to behave and interact with others. Understanding how people tend to behave in the workplace will help them identify their most valuable roles in their team environment. If you manage people or teams of people, then using Belbin behavioural tests will make your job of managing them easier. Individual/teams reports assessing strengths and weakness will be provided which form a basis for team development. Personal Development - understanding how to improve skills and performance Psychometric assessment can provide information about personality characteristics that underpin behaviour and performance in key areas of job competencies. This enables the recognition of strengths and areas for development. Career Development - uncover values and interests that underpin career satisfaction Psychometric assessment can lead to an increased self-awareness of personal motivators - thus providing a foundation for powerful developmental discussions, helping individuals make better choices and enabling personal growth. This information can also be used to inform succession decisions and highly effective talent management. Our Associates at Morgan Duell are licensed to offer Saville and Holdsworth Ability and Personality Tests; Belbin for Teams and Margerison-McCann Windows on Work Values Profile. Talk to us now to find out how we can help you with your recruitment and selection, development and coaching needs.