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MDC is a boutique social media marketing agency that specializes in restaurants and hospitality. It is surprising to see how many business are missing out on the tremendous opportunity that social media presents us. Yellow pages is dead. Businesses are failing to invest in their future online.



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We oversee all aspects of social media. From trend analytics, to management, to content creation, to reevaluation, to establishing multi-platform coherence, our job is to grow your social media brand as authentically and richly as possible. Building an appropriate community is key to this process, as it increases engagement, word-of-mouth and lifelong value of potential customers. This is the most rudimentary step to our marketing strategy.

This is the active component of your marketing strategy. Whereas organic traffic generation will work passively to attract followers, our marketing campaigns are laser-targeted. We use various analytics tools to understand trending topics in the industry, we nativize the creative (that is, the content being pushed out to people), we use feedback from social media engagement to enhance our copy, and we build a recurring strategy around the right amount of ads, for the right amount of time, to achieve a special goal. That might be developing your digital assets by building email lists and page followers, or increasing in-house sales for that week.