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Kylie Whipple

Friendly & highly knowledgeable!


Sara Benedet

Jade has an excellent knowledge base and is effective communicating those ideas to clients! She is a great trainer who helps with loose leash walking, nipping, basic obedience, and other awesome skills!


Soren Dawson

Meeting Jade was the best thing that ever happened to my dogs! She’s worked wonders training my reactive little guy, and like all the best trainers she’s trained me and my whole family to work with the dogs better (even when she’s not there to guide us). Walks are so much more fun and relaxing than they were before, and Chico (my little guy) knows how to give high-fives now! I would recommend Jade to anyone who wants to build a better relationship with their dog, learn some new tricks, or address a behavior challenge with their canine buddy. You’ll get great advice, awesome service, and your dog will have a great time. I also really like how Jade keeps up to date with all the latest research in animal behavior, it’s nice to know that everything she’s doing is backed up by science. More...


Sabrina Edleman

My dog Jam is a problem child a lot of people would say and others would call him a bad dog but Jade has given me lots of tips and advice to help him and myself grow together and help each other not be as scared and reactive. She and I both know Jam can be and is a very good boy! He just needs a little extra love and an even gentler hand. She helped a lot in the beginning and was part of the reason I didn’t give up right away. More...

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