Moe’s Southwest Grill

Moe’s Southwest Grill

Moe’s Southwest Grill locationCotterville, Missouri

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Moe’s Southwest Grill Reviews

Moe’s Southwest Grill Reviews

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Jason Palisch
4 09/07/2018 Jason Palisch

The food is great, but they are so slow! I think they're always understaffed, and the staff that does work there could be friendlier. They used to be! Love that kids eat free on Saturdays.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by dan shelton
1 30/06/2018 dan shelton

This place was well ran a year ago, but has slid to the bottom of the hill now. Ate there the other day the dining room floor was actuall slick from grease(should never happen) there were two children of the employees just running around the entire dinning area including the bathroom area???? The line is a mess with food slung all over the area even splattered on the glass . The food quality has dropped off considerably. I have been going hear since it opened, but now I will not be returning. Its a shame that a place like this can be run down so quickly.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Laura S.
2 23/06/2018 Laura S.

Redid their menu, but still great food!
Edited 6/23/18
My husband and I tried to go here last week. We stood in line for 45 minutes. There was one poor gentleman who was in charge of food prep, one very bossy lady who refused to help him and only stood behind the register barking orders. There were at least six employees, and no one stepped in to help the poor guy making food. We ended up leaving after another customer asked why no one else was helping him. Their response was they all have separate things they needed to do. Rediculous

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Brad Bailey
1 06/06/2018 Brad Bailey

The worst Moe's experience I've ever had.
Dirty from the prep tables to the restaurants. Wish I had walked out when a staff member rubbed her nose with the glove she was wearing. No hot sauce in a bottle and the hot sauce bar was filthy. Tables and floors nasty and staff seemed unhappy to be there. I'll never eat here again and it quite frankly turned me off of Moes. The chips tasted nasty and I could see why when I saw the grease they were being fried in. Come on franchisee-take some pride in your restaurant!

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Jennifer Burns
2 21/05/2018 Jennifer Burns

Food was descent. Employees all acted like their dog died. No eye contact or even acknowledgement. Counters were a mess and food was just being slopped around. Wasn't even warm. Everybody needs to be properly trained in food prep and customer service. I was definitely not impressed.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Richard Burns
2 21/05/2018 Richard Burns

Was not greeted with welcome to Moe's, when ordering, we got and what would you like, not one smile, food is fantastic, queso is delicious, Evan though no smiles I will come back

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Brenna Davis
4 03/05/2018 Brenna Davis

So much food at such a great price! I had to force myself to finish just half. The location was ok, could be a little cleaner and the staff more attentive. There was a lot of ignoring customers to finish their own conversations and the staff was arguing with each other behind the counter. Other than that, I went home with a full belly so I was content.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Bryan Biechler
1 21/04/2018 Bryan Biechler

Took quite a long time to get food even though there were only about 5 people in front of me. Seems like they were making orders from app customers head of people in the store. No iced tee and several sodas were not available. The trash cans were overflowing so just had to put trash on top of the counter. This is my third time at this Moe’s, I am not impressed.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Paige Cochran
3 30/03/2018 Paige Cochran

I typically have excellent service here when ordering in person. However, the online ordering system is abysmal. I have had to return food the last two times I have ordered online, and it's the same issues each time. The salad selection online has a button for "in a bowl --no shell". This is printed out as a "Streaker" thus causing the staff to think you want the salad in a bowl, making the portions smaller than a bowl AND adding in grains that some people are trying to avoid. The other problem is dressing. Online it says the dressing is on the side, however, the staff will inevitably put the dressing on the salad making the salad soggy if eaten later and adding too much or too little dressing. This could be solved by adding a button requesting the dressing on or on the side of the salad, or by adding a text box in the order menu for specific requests such as this. Other than these complaints I do find the food delectable and the experience enjoyable. I just wish I didn't have to waste the staff's time and restaurant's money having my salad remade every time.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Jerry Harris
1 26/03/2018 Jerry Harris

Service is slow. They drag the basket that your food is in across their dirty counter, then so they don't have to wash another tray, they put the dirty basket on top of the chips that they expect you to eat. Disgusting.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Ashocki RAM
3 19/03/2018 Ashocki RAM

Service is good and friendly food is okay. It lacks flavor. Their salsas are good.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Nick Lukefahr
3 13/03/2018 Nick Lukefahr

The food is good, but they don't have enough employees working the line. Every time I go the line is back to the door, ordering takes a half hour to get through the line. 3 people on the line isn't enough for dinner rushes.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Sarah Caldwell
4 13/03/2018 Sarah Caldwell

It was very good! Very friendly staff and unlimited salsa it felt like. It lost one star because when I took my food to go and my hard taco fell apart from the bottom and was hard to eat.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Nikki Heinz
2 07/03/2018 Nikki Heinz

The food bar was dirty and messy. I walked in and was not acknowledged for at least 5 minutes. I saw 4 employees and one random person behind the counter just talking and laughing while I waited. Finally someone walked over, but just put gloves on and stood there without making eye contact. I had to ask if he was ready to make my food. After I ordered all the employees walked away from the register and left the random person standing there alone. I could definitely tell there was no upper management there. During my visit I also witnessed 3 of the employees eating and getting drinks from the drink station, which I will add was also dirty!
My first AND last time going here.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Cynthia Butler
5 01/03/2018 Cynthia Butler

Our new favorite family night. So many great options. So fresh and yummy!!!

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Rhino Movement
5 23/02/2018 Rhino Movement

Potions are awesome even though it's on the slightly pricier side of casual.

It's comparable to Qdoba in price but tastes a ton better in my opinion.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Travis Harris
5 03/02/2018 Travis Harris

Great location. Wish there were more around. But they need to work on their line processing.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by David Turner
1 28/01/2018 David Turner

Have not been here in 6 years remember why. Should be named Bloe's. If I had not already paid would have walked out. When server placed burrito in basket with chips guess he was playing basketball and slammed it in and broke half of them. Best part was leaving half of the food on the table.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Sniper Bandit star
1 27/01/2018 Sniper Bandit star

Terrible service. There were 6 employees. Long line, and not one emoloyee was actually serving the customer! When a man finally came out from the back to take orders, a customer handed him a cell phone to read the order from, and the employee placed the phone ON THE FOOD PREP STATION. Right where they prepare food. It's flu season. Total healthcode violation. The gal who started my order walked off and disappeared. It ended up being all gristle and had unwanted sour cream. I'm dairy free. Ugh. Male employee tried to take over my order and did offer to fix it, but he was still handling the customer's cell phone... probably won't be going back any time soon. Didn't seem like any of the employees wanted to be there or wanted to actually serve customers. I felt like I was a total pain just for placing an order.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Rick S
3 21/01/2018 Rick S

Place was slow, messed up a whole order in front of me. I had to wait while they remade it. Food was good. Staff needs to be trained.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Michael Gentry
2 03/01/2018 Michael Gentry

I usually love this place, but today the food was mush and put together like slop. The dining area was filthy. Many more experiences like this and they will lose me as a customer.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Anastacia Estock
2 31/12/2017 Anastacia Estock

Just came through the line to get my New Years Eve queso, guac, and pico bowls. Severely disappointed in the volume of guacamole provided in my bowl. It is just barely over half full.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Brad Pashea
3 22/12/2017 Brad Pashea

Good lunch place but can get busy and line takes awhile to get through. Also queso is always an up charge and don't get me wrong it is pretty good, but if I ask for queso on my burrito it cost an extra $1.09? Qdoba does not do that. I'd also say customer service is average.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Maggie Dickey
2 16/09/2017 Maggie Dickey

This place used to be so good, but that isn't the case anymore. Just had lunch with my family and amongst other problems we got the greasiest chips, tiny portions and dirty tables. Employees were nice, lacking training but trying their best.

Review of Moe’s Southwest Grill by Mason Scholtes
5 23/08/2017 Mason Scholtes

Was driving through St Louis and decided to stop by. The food was amazing. The stuffed quesadilla was awesome. DJ helped me out and was super friendly and did a great job recommending what I should get. I hope they open one in Minnesota

Moe’s Southwest Grill

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