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Moe's Original Bar B Que

Beverly Knoll, Louisiana


Moe's Original Bar B Que

Beverly Knoll, Louisiana


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Michael P.

17 October 2019

This is getting a 5-star review for one reason and one reason alone: the BUSHWHACKERS.  This is a decent restaurant/bar, but these drinks are phenomenal.  If you like Wendy's Frosties and booze, this is the drink for you!  It is basically an alcoholic Frosty and can be ordered with a "topper", which is an extra shot of liquor, from 151 to Rumple Minze to Strawberry or Banana liqueur.  I sucked down 4 of these one night on vacation, and they were so good I ended up going back there for a nightcap the next night to have 5 more.  There is a small inside bar area with a few TVs, as well as a covered outside seating section. More...


Kurt L.

8 October 2019

I like the bbq, it is combos or a la carte depending if you are used to luthers or a real place in Texas.It's new, it's clean, but some thing I don't understand maybe the owner can respond....Why is there brisket only on Tuesday and Friday It's like I always have to stop by Whole Foods and grab some brisket from there.  A bbq place without brisket is like an Autozone without oil.  There must be some strange marketing going on... Are you unsure how to make one properly?VERY ODD!  to say the least.  You could buy from a competitor and re-sell it.  There was a certain place on Aris that did that with muffulettas....  Many NOLA restaurants have grandmothers cook for them at home and bring it to the restaurant.  (That will be our secret)Anybody know the rationale behind this?  To artificially drive up demand like shake shack or something. More...


Rich S.

17 September 2019

This place was very close to my hotel, I am a strict Keto Dieter, and I was dead tired, so I gave it a try.  (At first though, I was going to a 5 star rated place even closer but they were closed during their normal business hours...)  I was concerned by the low rating this place had.  3.5 stars for a BBQ joint is concerning!  I ordered 1lb of smoked brisket (brisket and beef ribs are commonly how I judge the quality of the BBQ cook).  The brisket was great, no sauce needed at all...  Cant comment on beans or sides, etc., other than it'd be nice to have something like green beans (no carb option) as a side ;-)   Believe it or not, BBQ is great for losing weight,,, as long as you drop the sauce and the carb or sugar sides.  The key is BBQ that stands on it's own without those things.  This place hits that mark with it's brisket wonderfully! More...


LaToya S.

11 September 2019

I had the pork sandwich, baked beans and fries.  I ordered to go and the guy taking my order was... ehhh. Definitely not the friendliest but not terrible. The cook was cool though.Best beans EVER and I really enjoyed the food. I'm not from the area so It was very weird to get my to go food in just a box (no bag, condiments, plastic forks, napkin etc). But at the end of the day it's about the food and I would def recommend. More...


J S.

5 September 2019

MMMMMMMOE! where you at so I can slap the skin on your hand "high 5!" Brother inlaw always wanted to try this spot so we flipped a ***** and crammed our truck into the parking lot.  Armed with a raging hungry empty belly,  I was on a "HANGRY" MISSION". Never been here before and not knowing the menu, I chose the easiest selection "PULLED PORK SANDWICH COMBO". At first glance of my meal on the tray my thoughts were "what the heck is this?" A small sandwich and two small sides (mac n cheese and baked beans). Instantly I drowned the sandwich with the magical heated barbecue hot sauce that was delicious and perfect.  I tell ya what, pulled pork with a few slices of pickles and sauce had this man satisfied to the 5th degree.  Mac n cheese was slightly jammen. (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!) BAKED FRIGGEN BEANS  WERE FIRE! probably the greatest baked beans I've ever eaten from a restaurant!  Crushed my meal with free refills sweet tea.. my tears of happiness are for this new little gem in the rough!  P.s. THE waitresses were super awesome and very respectful! The establishment was clean and neat in appearance. OVERALL MOE More...


Grace K.

2 September 2019

Excellant! Best bbq in Metairie. The ribs were fantastic & the brisket was phenomenal!!!! Customer service was great. Will definitely come back on a regular basis.


Mark G.

24 August 2019

Great food and a friendly atmosphere.  Brisket is awsome


Ashley W.

7 August 2019

I've been searching for great barbecue for the past 10 years.  I am extremely picky about my 'Q.  I've tried so many in the area, but none ever passed muster until I found Moe's off of Causeway today.  Restaurant: Clean and orderly  Staff:  Bright, enthusiastic Food: DelectablePrice:  Very affordable  I had the smoked turkey platter today, which came with cornbread and 2 sides--I picked coleslaw and potato salad.  I had their regular BBQ sauce and the white BBQ sauce.  You should ALWAYS get both sauces...trust me.  The meat is high quality, which is the most important aspect of a BBQ place.  The smoked flavor is very good, but not overpowering.  And, the meat was moist, not overcooked!  Plus, I'm always looking to get more veggies in my life and they had a decent selection; much better than most other BBQ restaurants.  The only thing I suggest to the owner is that they find a way to include some well-seasoned greens as a side. More...


Anthony L.

7 August 2019

Competition Ribs In The NeighborhoodThere's plenty BBQ places around lately in the metro New Orleans area, but this one stands out, from the fixin's to the BBQ. When one refers to completion style ribs, this means ribs that are cooked where you have to bite them off the bone, not fall off the bone. The later disqualifies the person if that happens in completion. Ribs are considered overcooked by judges if the meat falls off the bone. Admittedly many like them like the latter. Here you will find a friendly staff and an owner that goes beyond the usual to please customers, especially new ones like me that got a few free samples after I inquired about some other side fixings. All the food is above average, and it's a place that I would return to again. More...


Holly C.

12 July 2019

I was disappointed that brisket isn't on the menu, as it's my go-to at bbq restaurants. However, the pulled pork and ribs were awesome. The smothered cabbage (with sausage) was incredible, as was the cucumber salad. The cornbread was a perfect accompaniment. I wish they would use fresh peaches in their cobbler.   I'm not a fan of their bbq sauce.  I'll definitely visit again and make sure it's before noon -- when they run out of an item, it's gone for the day. More...


Rosa T.

11 July 2019

My first time at Moe's BBQ and had their Wednesday Brisket special!! I ordered the Brisket sandwich with potato salad and cole slaw. The sides were good but  nothing i haven't tasted elsewhere before. The sandwich was very good whereas the brisket fell apart easily in my mouth. They have a white sauce and red sauce, which I would definitely order extra white sauce next time, being that it's already added to the sandwich. They do have red sauce in a corner table for grabs. The only thing I feel would make this sandwich great is if a different type of bread is used instead of the regular buns, but that is my thought, so to each their own. The inside has park bench style sitting while outside they have mostly high chair seating, so be prepared for either. It's a nice place to have lunch or dinner so I would recommend going after the lunch hour rush for a faster service and maybe more parking space. More...


Roxanne M.

10 July 2019

Pulled pork was great. Sausage perfect, get it if they still have some left. BBQ sauce is kept warm, oh so good.


Michelle Menes E.

3 July 2019

Great BBQ, awesome sides and great staff. Always so welcoming and laid backRibs, pork, beans, cornbread are on point - very reasonably priced


Lindsey V.

2 July 2019

Went here for a work outing. The food was so good that I had a food coma on the way back to work. The Mac and cheese was amazing. Just the right amount of cheese. And the cucumber salad was spot on. I ordered the chicken wings. They were crispy enough to were the meat wasn't dried out. Lol I wish they would have given me a bigger slice of cornbread bc I ate it within like two bites. If you are ever in the area I recommend just popping in. Very friendly staff. You won't be disappointed. More...


Victoria J.

17 June 2019

I had an enjoyable first trip to Moe's. The space is clean and the service was good. I tried the turkey with skillet corn and Mac and cheese. I found the turkey to be nice and juice. It had a good flavor. The skillet corn was a nice surprise, lots of flavor packed into a side. I also enjoyed the corn bread being crisped on the grill. Things I would change would be a variety of BBQ sauces, the one available is a bit of a vinegar base and I'm partial to sweet. I like it when a BBQ recognizes we don't all like the same thing and offered different versions. Their menu could use some combo options. I would have liked to try more than turkey, but there isn't just a straight up combo plate. You can add some meats to other plates, nothing quite suited what I was looking for. All in all, it was decent experience and I'm happy to have a new BBQ place in the neighborhood. More...


Nyrie P.

16 June 2019

Second time here in two days & it does not disappoint! All the beef is delicious & got the catfish today which was fried light & flaky. All fresh sides too! Good price for what you get! Owners & staff very friendly! We will be back many more times! More...


J C.

15 June 2019

Great BBQ. Staff is very nice. Only negative is they serve Pepsi products. Cornbread is good as was the creamed spinach. Loved the coleslaw tho it's heavy on the bell peppers. Hubby was a little disappointed in the sausage but enjoyed the pulled pork. Being from Alabama he is more the expert on BBQ but said he would return and not order sausage. More...


Alice K.

13 June 2019

This was my first time at one of Moe's numerous locations, but I only went to get dessert as recommended by a friend. We both got the Mississippi Mud Pies, and it was PHENOMENAL. You get a reasonable portion size for a good price, and the ingredients are fresh. You can't get a more classic Southern dessert option than this. The Oreos, chocolate mousse, and chocolate syrup go together really well. More...


Greg M.

8 June 2019

Just got in town and wanted something "home style" and Moe's was perfect. Friendly staff, nice clean atmosphere and the BBQ chicken sandwich was great! Moist tender PCs of hand pulled chicken with just the right amount of seasoning. Same with Mac n Cheese. Tasted like your best meal at grandmas. Everything very fresh. I hope I have time to visit again this trip! More...


Enrique P.

7 June 2019

I eat there regularly because its hands down the best BBQ and best prices.  Honestly, don't overcomplicate things like so many wannabe BBQ places around town now.These guys churn out Alabama style que (pork, chicken) day in and day out and it is solid gold every time.  Sides are homemade and solid - specials daily too (brisket chili?  Hello!).One more thing:  on Thursdays, they serve the Thanksgiving Sandwich.  Do yourself a favor and order it.Tomorrow, I'm going Smoked Chicken Sandwich with a Holy Roller. More...


Jason G.

7 June 2019

Great environment, great customer service, and great BBQ! I will definitely be back to try other items on the menu.


Sara R.

6 June 2019

I ordered the small ribs with two sides. My sides were baked beans and potato casserole. The food was ready right away for take out and the customer service was phenomenal. I ordered take out and it was quick and easy. Definitely will make a trip again. There were two types of bbq sauces, a white and red. The white sauce was on point, however the ribs tasted good without any sauce. More...


Rollie R.

6 June 2019

Boy am I glad that we have a Moe's BBQ in Metairie! They took over the old Cafe Roma building, and they sure did a wonderful job with renovations. The inside is all bright with a full bar and plenty of places to sit. They also have about five BIG screen tv's to come and watch all the Pelican and Saints games. The food was just as good as I had the BBQ pork platter with two sides. The pork was wonderful and the BBQ beans and chicken casserole was awesome! Oh and don't forget the cornbread, baked fresh probably every hour lol. I'm looking forward to my next visit when they make their fresh greens. More...


Apathy ..

2 June 2019

Have eaten here about 5 times thus far, very impressed. The baked beans are beyond fantastic. This one is now consistently in my rotation in old metairie.


Kenneth S.

27 May 2019

First time at Moe's with my family and the food and service was great.  Food was very traditional bbq and very tasty.  Desserts were great as well.  Service has very welcoming and it seemed like they really valued our experience.  Kitchen staff communicated each order and made sure everything was as expected.  We will definitely go back. More...


Billy F.

26 May 2019

I was very excited when I saw that Moe's was opening this location. The place is clean and the staff were all very friendly. It's not that big, so I'd imagine they get quite busy during peak times. They have a nice bar area too.I ordered the pulled smoked chicken sandwich with macaroni & cheese and pulled pork chili (which was one of the daily specials) as my two sides. The macaroni and cheese was delicious. It was the baked kind, with elbow macaroni and plenty of cheese. The pulled pork chili was different, but also good. The pulled smoked chicken was excellent as well. The other person I was with had the pulled pork with jambalaya and "sweet potato jojo's" (also daily specials) as their sides. The sweet potato jojo's were two large sweet potato wedges that were battered and fried perfectly. The jambalaya was very tasty. Both sandwiches had plenty of meat. You add your own barbecue sauce, which has a bit of a spicy kick. Next time I will probably add a slice of their grilled cornbread, and maybe some banana pudding or mud pie!There are so many other things I want to try on the menu. Prices are very reasonable. We will definitely be returning! If you need to satisfy your barbecue craving, GO! More...


Brian S.

25 May 2019

Great food, I had smoked turkey (delicious) sautéed corn. Everything was great. Great service. One of the partners came out to say hi when ordering. I'll definitely be back.


Jennifer H.

25 May 2019

Service was quick, efficient & friendly. Pulled pork platter with slaw & mac & cheese was excellent and the cornbread was amazing. Only one type of sauce & it was just what I like, tangy with a hint of spice. Will definitely be back. More...


Josh B.

24 May 2019

I placed the order to go during lunch hours and it was ready in less than 10 minutes. The staff was very friendly and energetic, which made for good service even though I did not dine in. The pulled pork in my sandwich was very tender and juicy. I would have liked there to be some bbq sauce on the sandwich but it was not dry by any means. The corn and green beans were also well seasoned and very good. I will be back to try other menu items for sure! More...


Gabe P.

23 May 2019

As many times as I've been to Moe's in Lakeview, I am yet to do an official review! Here goes.... better late than not ever!! A friend and I decided to meet up after work on a Friday night  since we both were wanting wings, GOOD wings! If you've never been to Moe's I highly recommend the smoked wings!  My friend and I both got the smoked wing platter which comes with a generous portion of wings with two sides - when it comes to wings, I am an  "all flats" kind of chick . No pun intended! For my sides I got double baked beans due to there not being any other sides I wanted this particular night.  My friend got the same thing as I but she had baked beans and Mac and cheese for her sides .  Unfortunately, the baked beans were mushy but more times than not they are usually really good!.  So I was disappointed for once with the beans.  I'm not a Mac and cheese fan but I must say the Mac and cheese looked good .  Y'all try it out and let me know your thoughts on it.Moe's has a really comfortable indoor/outdoor seating area . The outdoor seating  was pretty darn packed and it even looked like a live band of maybe even karaoke was about to be going down . We left before the action unfolded .  Bedtime is at 830 pm!!! ( insert laughs) Staff , service and atmosphere is really laid back . I really like these aspects  when considering dining in the Lakeview District . Parking can be stressful but once you get parked , it's only UP from there! More...


Richard D.

20 May 2019

One of the best BBQ restaurants in this area, if not the best. Metairie finally has a great BBQ place. I didn't give 5 stars because they didn't offer brisket, however they said it's coming soon. They are still working out the menu. The service was great and the staff was friendly. More...


B T.

20 May 2019

Had the pulled pork sandwich, baked beans, slaw, and added three wings. Not bad, will give it another try.  Clean store, friendly employees.


Jeff H.

18 May 2019

Excellent food!  Generous portions.  Hot and fresh.  Clean environment, well maintained.  Staff extremely courteous and helpful.  Go early because they will, on occasion, run low on ribs, chicken and smoked turkey.  Pulled pork was great and the sides (potato salad, baked beans and collard greens )were very tasty.  Prices were reasonable and portion size were good too. Will be making another stop there soon. More...


Jay M.

16 May 2019

BEST BBQ IVE EVER HAD!Ordered the fish plate, large rib plate, smoked wings with a side of pulled pork and i tell you it was AMAZING. The mac and cheese, baked beans & potato salad was amazing. Even the banana pudding! Price was Super reasonable as we spent $43 for 2 people and still have left overs (large guy and pregnant lady)each item has its own unique flavor so each plate is different. Most bbq spots use the same seasonings but this is just MMMHMMMM GOOD! Please stop by and try ANYTHING you will be satisfied. More...


Matt R.

13 May 2019

Moe's is a solid addition to the quickly growing array of food options in Old Metairie. Located on Causeway, Moe's re-purposed what used to be Cafe Roma from a run-down, sub-par Italian restaurant to a nicely appointed BBQ joint. We stopped in for lunch the other day... parking was limited, so I had to find a place on the street in the adjoining residential neighborhood. I took the full parking lot as a good sign. As we walked up to the building, the first thing you'll see is a giant smoker out front billowing that flavorful smoke into the air... another great sign of a good BBQ joint. This was the first visit for me, so I went simple... smoked pork ribs and smoked buffalo wings. The ribs were good... not the best I've had in NOLA (Blue Oak), but definitely in the top tier. The smoked flavor was good and they fell off the bone just right. I preferred them without the accompanying BBQ sauce. The smoked wings were also good... they were small, but pretty tasty. Nice flavor, a good texture and a nice spicy ranch for dippin. Now if you like cheese, I'd highly recommend the macaroni side... TONS of melted cheddar strewn about. That was the most memorable of the sides I tried.  BOTTOM LINE: The best BBQ join in Old Metairie... top 5 in the metro area. More...


Rosa S.

6 May 2019

Delicious, smoked chicken was very good, side were delicious, service was great. Nice, pleasant ambiance. Will definitly be going back.


Nicole N.

6 May 2019

Great food and super friendly! Had chicken and pulled pork. Would recommend all sides!


Cella D.

4 May 2019

Tasty new BBQ place in Metairie! The service was quick and friendly. The marinated slaw and potato salad sides were delicious. The smoked chicken was tender and had a great flavor. Recommend drizzling on Moe's BBQ sauce. More...


Lindsey B.

29 April 2019

The best! We love Moe's! Everything is great. Can't go wrong with anything you order. The staff is wonderful and very helpful. We got the pulled pork and chicken platters for our kids and I got the ribs and husband got the chicken wings. He's a wings coonosier and says these are the best in the city! My ribs were great and they taste even better dipped in their white sauce and bbq sauce mixed together! My favorite is the sides. Beans, Mac and cheese, green beans, collared greens and corn bread! The cornbread is ammmmmmmmazing. So so so glad they opened in Metairie! Metairie needed some bbq! More...


Janna J.

28 April 2019

I've been watching this place come together for the last few months, so I was excited to see that it finally opened! When I stopped in, I expected some of the usual opening weekend waits, but they are already running smoothly. Both my boyfriend and I got the pulled pork pork platters. Between the two of us, the only sides we didn't try were the marinated slaw and chips. The baked beans had an unexpected delicious kick. The Mac and cheese and potato salad were also great. I really wish we had gotten a half pint of the banana pudding! (I was going to take pics, but we gobbled everything up before I had a chance.)The staff were super friendly as well. Can't wait to go back and try the rest of the menu. More...


Denis G.

12 April 2019

Best Bbq ribs and chicken wings in city, you should open same location in California. Thank you for food


Michael M.

31 March 2019

Can count on a good meal every time I swing by. A few of my recommendations....Smoked Wings, Catfish, Shrimp Sandwich, and Mac and Cheese. Great happy hour specials on Makers Mark, and you can't come by and not get a Bushwhacker. Nice outside seating, great for a sunny day. More...


John F.

29 January 2019

This is a great Bar B Que place. Enjoy eating here and have not had anything bad. Pulled pork is great. Try the smoked wings but be warned they run out of them because they are that good. Beer there is good on draft. Lots great smoked meats to choose from and we have not been disappointed yet! More...


Joe R.

8 January 2019

Happy hour here was right on. Nothing super unusual just a pound of good smoked wings and 2 PBR tall boys for a great price. My wife got a brisket plate and her food was really good. This place is busy but the service is fast and they have sports on all the big screen tvs. Go Moes. Go happy hour. More...


George R.

1 December 2018

Good food at a fair price. Brisket and sides of potato salad and baked beans were good. Service was prompt. All in all a decent BBQ place! I'll be back to try some of the other entrees. More...


Ts L.

12 November 2018

Solid every time!! Pulled pork. Mac. Greens. Beans. BBQ sauce red and white both good..


Matthew Y.

9 November 2018

As with any Moe's location, you really can't go wrong. It's a Southern BBQ staple that any Alabaman will admit is tried and true to its quality and flavor. I've been to several Moe's across the state, from Huntsville to Orange Beach, and think this location probably fits square in the middle in terms of the "Moe's Scale". It's definitely better than some I've had in other parts of the state, yet not quite up there with the Gulf Shores Moe's that I've come to love.Weirdly, the decor at this location is ski themed, which I've never really understood but am not going to fault them for the creativity. The food is also excellent, especially at this price point. My BBQ nachos at $10-11 were more than enough a pretty delicious. It's a super casual place, although admittedly I think the staff might be a little too casual and could probably step up the service a notch. The crowd was a little thin for the Sunday afternoon I was there, although admittedly it probably wasn't the best of days weather-wise to draw a crowd. The food was pretty quick to order, not quite on point with other Moe's but as I mentioned before, you can't really go wrong with this chain. Would definitely recommend stopping and giving it a shot on your own if you have the chance. More...


Nikki C.

13 October 2018

Had a great brisket special with augratin  potatoes last time. They post their daily specials on The Facebook.I've gotten the nachos and the sauces sound weird but they are good! I need to try their wings next.


Jason B.

10 October 2018

Stumbled upon this place thanks to my Monday Run-day Group.  This was my first time here, and I'm instantly a fan.  The outdoor seating feels very relaxing, and the variety and cost of drinks are great.  Now full disclosure, I haven't tried the entire menu, so I'll hold my judgement on this.  What I can say is that my friends however spoke very highly of this place.  Great first impression. More...


Krista L.

7 October 2018

Truly thankful the staff was so kind in helping us and letting us determine what we wanted.. We took a very long time to decide. We shared the pulled pork sandwich with mac&cheese and potato salad. It smelled so good that when it came out we forgot to snap a picture until it was mostly consumed. More...


LaToya B.

30 September 2018

It's a good place to eat if you want barbecue. I personally had the fried catfish and it was pretty good! They have delicious macaroni and cheese. I was honestly addicted to the Mac and cheese it was sooooo good. More...


Carol Kent C.

3 September 2018

Really nice atmosphere! Love the white sauce! Not over crowded! Banana pudding at its best!


Darrius A.

16 August 2018

They have the best smoked chicken wings that I don't make myself.  I honestly never had bad service here. Slow? Questionable. Bad? Never.  I normally go when there's nothing going on. The portions are well and the food is tasty. I can't really say anything bad about this place other than they stop carrying Cheerwine cherry soda.  That was a big mistake in my opinion.The smoked wings along with the fried cornbread is truly a match made in BBQ heaven.  Their red ranch is good for dipping both chicken and fries. This is a good joint. I go every so often. More...


Vicki K.

28 July 2018

Awesome place!  Went in for lunch and sat at the bar. I had the beef brisket sandwich with a side of fries and marinated slaw. The fries had a light seasoning (chili powder?), which was new to me and not disappointing. Absolutely delicious food and friendly service. They have a decent beer selection as well.  There was a constant stream of take-out customers, which is a great sign that the locals agree with me. More...


Tina H.

19 July 2018

What a gem!  After crossing the Rockies we needed to find someplace to eat.  My husband found this on Yelp and we gave it a try.  The service was fast and friendly, servings good sized and the flavors were amazing! More...


Lucy T.

6 July 2018

I never really thought of Moe's as a place to come for food, I always thought it was more of a place just to drink. Well let's just say the drinks certainly do not disappoint. I had heard everyone rave about the bushwhacker. It is basically a Wendy's frosty that sneaks up on you.As for the food, I got a turkey platter which comes with cornbread, some slaw and two sides. The turkey was tender and the slaw and cornbread were both good too. I chose macaroni and cheese and hashbrown casserole as my sides. The macaroni and cheese was good as a side since the turkey and hashbrown casserole were both pretty salty, but it would probably need salt if eating as a standalone dish. So overall, the food was good, but the drink was fantastic. I definitely know what I want everytime I come here. More...


Roy P.

12 June 2018

The pulled pork and brisket was awesome! Everything homemade and worth the visit. We visited the one at 840 Tabor in Lakewood Colorado and the service was the best. High recommendation and within walking distance  to hotels. More...


Chaz M.

20 March 2018

GET THE SMOKED WINGS!!!  Although it may be known for its' BBQ I would highly recommend trying their chicken wings!  These have to be one of if not the best wings in town! The staff is great too, especially the ones slinging the drinks behind the bar! The menu is varied enough from smoked meats to ribs to fried catfish to home style sides....it's actually hard to decide what you want. We decided to order different things so that we could sample some of everything off the menu. All their food is good and reasonably priced. Generous portions.Give them a try, you will thank me later! More...


Keionia J.

24 February 2018

Food is excellent, love the atmosphere! The smoked wings are my favorite, and the service is always great!


R H.

19 February 2018

Im so glad I found this place! My favorite is their bbq brisket, chicken, pulled pork.... eh it's actually all my favorite. Great place


Earl C.

29 January 2018

The bbq here is kinda meh. The ribs aren't that great, pulled pork is bland, but the brisket has some good flavor. 4 stars is entirely because the bar service is great. Friendly people who remember you if you come in more than once (I go for trivia). Drinks are inexpensive. Food is very reasonably priced. If you're not too picky about your bbq and just want some good drinks and bar atmosphere this place is for you. More...


Richard W.

27 January 2018

Go early, Moe's tends to run out of menu items.That being said, Ribs, wings, sausage and pulled pork are very good.  Sides, jambalaya, the beans and the chili (careful the chili was hotter than expected) it was wonderful!


Jennifer C.

7 January 2018

Food was very reasonably priced. The portions were decently sized. We were served very fast it was delicious. Staff was welcoming.


Michelle N.

15 November 2017

Came here on Wednesday night for dinner!They have a special for $6 nachos, $3 bushwackers and $7 bottles of wine.My friend ordered the pork nachos and I got the chicken platter (only corn bread, no sides). The meat was delicious - tender, juicy and flavorful. The white sauce was good but the red BBQ sauce is AMAZING. You could put it on a boot and I'd eat it. The bushwacker was good, but the bottle of wine (cabernet) was mediocre at best. But that's what you get for cheap wine. Overall, would recommend for their BBQ! More...


Lynn B.

11 October 2017

I had the baby back ribs,  beans and gumbo for 2 to go, even though it was only me in a nearby hotel.  The ribs were many and meaty,  the two sides were not nearly enough for 2...barely enough for one, so I don't know if they goofed or   The beans are the best I've ever had, and the gumbo was really good.  Would have given a 5 but for the price and the two small sides.Go with friends and have fun with the live entertainment. More...


Lucas A.

9 October 2017

Moe's BBQ is top notch . They are vary attentive and personable. Elliot the cook went out of his way to make sure my parents and I had a five star experience. I will be back and telling all of my friends and family to stop in if they ever crave some really good BBQ More...


Arianna S.

8 October 2017

Decent barbeque. The ribs are tender and delicious. The cornbread was extremely dry and not good. The macaroni and cheese was good. The prices seemed a little steep ($50+ for a family of four), but you do get a lot of food for your dollar. I wasn't a fan of the order and pay then find a seat concept, but whatever. I'm not a super huge fan of bbq, but overall, this place is pretty decent. Clean. More...


Nicole W.

3 October 2017

Oh how I love me some moe'sI was tickled pink to learn that this location was close to my office!It's a large location, plenty of parking, and a large number of tables in the seating area.All the food is delicious - i love the tofu, they do an amazing job of it!The brisket and the hot links are so yummy!I love that they heat the bbq sauce!Staff is very friendly and helpful! Will be visiting often! More...


Brookelyn R.

29 September 2017

Moe's lived up to all the hype. Such great food and dessert. So happy there are tons of locations.


Eric A.

11 September 2017

Love to see Moe's near Applewood. Delicious! Wings and Turkey are tops, plus 'Bama style pulled pork sandwiches are tough to beat.


Robert M.

6 September 2017

Unusually good BBQ.  I tend to stay away from their brisket because the other day it was at least 1/2 fat.Turkey and chicken superior.Pork ribs luscious.Pulled pork wowee!Hot links da bom.Sides mighty tasty!Banana pudding...honk honk get off the road!I've been back numerous times at Broadway and Tabor St. locations.Took some out-of-towners visiting from PA. and they liked it too. More...


Tbone M.

28 August 2017

These guys know BBQ.  The ribs are dry rubbed, sign of a real smokester.  They have the best chicken wings in Denver.  I can't wait to try everything on the menu!  They are batting 1000 in my visits. More...


Victor C.

6 August 2017

Love moes, it was one of the first places I went to when I moved to birmingham. The thing about moes is that you can get as much as you want from it. If all you got time for is a quick meal or wanting to have a great night with friends and live music this place will scratch the itch. I had the wings which are always on point! Can't ever go wrong with them, some of the best I've ever had. More...


Reilly S.

3 August 2017

I'm not much of a fan of BBQ but this place is amazing! My Boyfriend wanted to eat here and I wasn't too thrilled but since that time I've been back a lot! Can't get enough of their pulled pork! More...


Hailey P.

17 July 2017

It is a fun place to hang out and their drink/food are really good as well. Happy hour deal is good! Get bushwacker!!!! So yummy


April D.

16 July 2017

I've never had a bad dish here! The smoked turkey sandwich is delicious! The wings are incredible! The staff is awesome. And they have pretty good drinks specials through out the week, along with a live band! More...


Samantha H.

10 July 2017

Came here at night for drinks. I had never been to a BBQ place that was also a bar before so this was interesting. I didn't eat here so can't comment on the food. But, this place is obviously a popular late night spot. Lots of indoor and outdoor seating. I was brought here to try the "bushwacker" which I guess is a popular drink here. I had never heard of it, but it is made with Kahlua and tasted similar to a white russian. I must say, it was very good! It taste like an alcoholic milkshake. I would definitely recommend that. I saw up on the board they also have different food and drink specials for happy hour. Cool place. More...


Julie C.

30 June 2017

We're here from So Cal, for our daughters Colorado Sparklers TCS softball week long tournament. Our 2nd time here within the week. The ribs are outstanding. Dry rub, fall off the bone good. You can add their yummy sauce but it doesn't need it. Also enjoyed their jalapeno cornbread. Went so well with the Cole slaw... pickled rather than drowned in mayo. Cleaned your pallet and made it ready for the ribs! Fun personnel... attentive. Happy hour from 12-6,  Monday thru Friday. Right next door to the TownePlace Home Suites Marriot and the Golden Puzzle Room. More...


Rob S.

21 June 2017

Met up with some friends in the upstairs bar area. My first impression is this isn't the Moe's I'm familiar with. The other locations have more of a restaurant feel that serves drinks. This location definitely feels like a bar that serves food.Really spacious indoor and outdoor seating in what is becoming one of my favorite areas of Birmingham, Lakeview. Really there is so much to do here it's hard not to like! For me Moe's has become my go to for the most amazing drink......the Bushwacker. There are a few different recipes out there, but if you like Kahlua you will more than likely be a fan. A Bushwacker is basically the most amazing Kahlua smoothie you could imagine. Great price for the drink size, plus I have been told they have specials on them every Wednesday.Extremely casual environment! Just love the overall vibe of the place. It can get exceptionally crowded and noisy in the evenings/weekends. If you're in the area check them out....and get a Bushwacker (FYI, these are pre-made in a machine. They also have the Bushwacker machine at the Vestavia and Hoover locations). More...


Leslie E.

19 June 2017

We had dinner here on our last night in Denver.  My husband had the pulled chicken sandwich platter, which he really enjoyed.  I had the smoked wings, and they were the best I've ever had.  The sides were all delicious.  We loved this place! More...


Janos J.

7 June 2017

Stopped at Moe's during a training at Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center with a bunch of doctors. Everyone seemed to like their food. I had the chicken platter with their collard greens and macaroni and cheese. The portion size of their lunch plate was fantastic, surprisingly I ate it all. Great BBQ sauce too. The service was quick too when we ordered from the bar, we only had an hour and still had plenty of time after we finished to get back to the hospital. It was nice being able to eat outside on their patio. I can only imagine this must be a popular place for the locals at night. I definitely would eat here again if I were in Birmingham.[Review #454] (39th Review of 2017) More...


Laura B.

5 June 2017

I was dying for BBQ on my birthday and a friend of mine recommended Moe's.  We went to the Moe's on Simms (8th Ave. & Simms).  From the outside it's pretty unassuming, it looks like a big ranch house but they've updated the inside nicely (from what the former restaurant was).  The dining area is open and they have bar seating as well as seating outside on the porch.My friend and I both had the rib platter, added "Moe" beef brisket and my daughter had the pulled pork sandwich platter.  All of the meat was very tender, had great flavor and a beautiful smoke ring.  The meat on the ribs was perfect, sliding off the bone nicely.  We had the slaw, mac n cheese and beans as sides.  Other than the beans and corn bread, the sides were pretty mediocre but we weren't there for the sides.  They have an Alabama style white sauce (you have to ask for it), which I had been wanting to try but I wasn't impressed.  I can't attribute that to Moe's though because I have nothing else to compare it to.You place your order as you walk in and then they bring it to your table, the food came out very quickly.  The service was great and the staff were all very friendly.  I will definitely be returning. More...


Dennis F.

31 May 2017

Great is what I have, very small and busy joint, that produces some good food.Tried the pulled pork and beef brisket with the jalapeno Mac & Cheese, cajun potato salad.Giving a different twist on food and provoding an great atmosphere where to enjoy it. More...


Geoff L.

24 May 2017

I'm a fan of the pulled pork sandwich with a little onion. Really good BBQ and the staff is friendly and fun. Give it a try.


Peter M.

22 May 2017

Smoked wings were some of the best I have had, throw in some spicy greens and green beans with cole slaw and you have a winner. Cool spot with local brews.


Jeremy T.

11 May 2017

The service was extremely fast and the food was delicious. They have an excellent selection of beers as well as a relaxed atmosphere. They also have an outside seating area where you can enjoy the outside in downtown Birmingham. More...


Sarah M.

25 April 2017

I love Moe's and love this location. Their smoked turkey sandwich is so incredibly delicious!! They have trivia night on Wednesdays. Lots of fun!


Jared C.

21 March 2017

Awesome wings! They have a signature sauce that's heard to describe but is delicious and you must try at least once in your life. Also they have free fountain drinks which is nice. It's a popular spot for Florida Gators fans and people in the kickball league on Thursday nights. More...


Rick R.

9 March 2017

All around great food. The coleslaw is perfect - not soaked in dressing like many other places. The cornbread has a unique, almost addictive taste and texture. Great sauce.


Kristen D.

2 March 2017

Great service, great food, fun atmosphere! I go to Moe's at least 2 times a week. Must trys are redneck nachos, Bushwacker, wings, ribs, pork sandwich, and if they have it as a side that day you must get the hash brown casserole! They also have bands on the weekends. Dogs are welcome which makes this spot even sweeter. More...


Samantha S.

2 March 2017

For a crowded bar in Lakeview, I really like this spot. Evenings can be busy, especially on the weekends, but I always find myself coming back for the good BBQ, nice patio seating, and live music on the weekends. The restaurant is located in an old house and the interior is a little dated. Not totally in a bad way, just has some character. The bathrooms could definitely use som TLC. I love the chicken and pulled pork! Both great with traditional sides like collard greens, mac and cheese, baked beans, and coleslaw.  The jalapeño corn bread is so good and wings are delicious as well. On tap beers are a bit pricey but they have domestic beer (bottle) specials during happy hour. With a great patio and a view of Lakeview, some prime people watching can be done here on the weekend! Moes is always a fun time. More...


Will B.

21 February 2017

Although this location is different from some I have been to, I hit it during a time it wouldn't bother me. By that I mean, it definitely has a more bar/Lakeview-esque feel to it. Especially compared to say, the Vestavia location. But I came here for lunch on a Saturday before the hangovers had vanished and this place was hopping again. Don't get me wrong, I love a good time. Its just that loud, crowded bars are more of an occasional outing for me now-a-days. And I have been in here once or twice during those times and all has been well too. I guess that gives you a picture of the ambience. But on a day I was avoiding the bar crowd, we hit it perfectly. And the food is what I have come to love from Moe's. The wings are killer and usually my go-to. Since it had been a while, that is what I got on this visit. The smoky flavor with the mildest hint of spice dipped in the white bbq sauce is fantastic. It reminds me of many times working in Tuscaloosa for late nights and those were my saving grace. I also got a side of mac and cheese because... why not. Also quite good.No complaints on anything for this location. Could it be a little cleaner? Probably. But based on the description I gave above, it is to be expected. More...


Allie A.

12 February 2017

Great spot for drinks and BBQ!  I usually always order a plate which comes with different proteins depending on the one you get.  The plate also comes with two sides and a piece of corn bread.  I am a sucker for pulled pork and I think that Moe's is great.  The pork is always moist and flavorful.  I enjoy almost all of the sides available as well but I have to say that the potato salad and beans are my favorite.  The only side that I think is a little bland is the mac and cheese.  The corn bread that comes with the plates is toasted on both sides and delicious too.  Moe's also has a full bar.  They have a good selection of beer on tap and make a pretty good margarita. More...


Chris L.

1 February 2017

This place is basically the best thing that's ever happened to me. Alabama-style BBQ in the mountains. That's the good stuff. I happened upon this venue on a Wednesday night, which turned out to be the best night to go, because they have an awesome trivia night every Wednesday. The food was amazing, the staff was great, the beer was cheap, and the trivia was really fun. 10/10 do recommend. More...


Noah Z.

25 January 2017

This place is the shiznit!!! Left the hospital heading home after a family scare and all of us starving thinking I was to late but without a question they hooked it up and are always my go to spot in Golden/Lakewood for bbq! Thanks guys!Update: we've been in here 4 times since Josh the manager always makes it feel like a family-owned restaurant in greeting and taking us through the menu.  This is definitely the spot to be in Lakewood. More...


Emiri M.

24 January 2017

When I first moved to Birmingham, I had only heard of Saw's, Full Moon, and Dreamland. I had been to Moe's a few times for drinks, but never for barbecue... and I so wish I had discovered it earlier!What to order: You can't go wrong with the chicken or pork plate with two sides. Mac and cheese was decent but could've used some of the crunchy top. The greens were nothing to write home about, but the chicken...the chicken was very tender and delicious and the highlight of the meal. The Moe's barbecue sauce on top made it perfect--you'll quickly understand why they sell this stuff in jars.Will be back for some chicken (and Bushwackers :))! More...


Katie T.

4 December 2016

I only have one word to say (I guess it's not even really a word lol): BUSHWACKERS!Moe's is the only place in Birmingham I know of that serves Bushwackers.  If you've never had one, it's worth your time.  It tastes like a chocolate frosty with a slight alcoholic kick.  It's my favorite drink in Birmingham and Moe's has them all day Wednesdays for only $3!  I've brought uninformed friends and out-of-towners to Moe's solely for the Bushwackers and they all agree with me that it's basically the best thing since sliced bread.I also like the very casual atmosphere.  When you come, you go to the bar and seat yourself in lieu of having a waitress that brings you drinks.  They have a lot of outdoor seating and a small area for performers.  Upstairs they have an open room with even more seating.  This is a great place to bring groups for a drink any day of the week as they are constantly running specials AND did I mention that they host a lot of Florida Gator watch parties (aka the way to my heart)?  I haven't tried their food yet, but I've heard the Redneck Nachos are the way to go.  I love me some Moe's! More...


Mayumi M.

23 November 2016

Moe's is a great place to get barbecue especially if you don't have a lot of time to eat.  You order at the counter, get a number, and they bring the food to the table.  Even if they are totally crowded, which is usually the weekends during football games, the most we've waited for the food is 10 minutes.  I love the salad with smoked chicken- it comes with both red and white bbq sauces on it! The chicken sandwich is also the best in town!  Also, my family thinks that they have the best Mac and cheese in town!  They have many tvs so if you want to watch your favorite team they will most likely put the game on one of their tvs.  They also have a great selection of local beers on draft as well as a full bar.  Most days of the week they have drink specials.  I love coming here and just hanging out! More...


Justin H.

15 November 2016

Moe's is a great place to relax with friends and to grab some pretty good food and drinks. My favorite item has to be the smoked wings. They aren't over cooked or burnt and is one of the rare places you can get smoked wings.They usually have a daily happy hour on select drinks and getting one of their bushwhackers is a must on a warm sunny day. The crowd varies but the dominate demographic is young adult / college aged people and the restaurant is set up to accommodate them with weekly bands and an open air patio.It is chain originating for Colorado I believe and the owners are Auburn and Alabama alums so we can claim it as our own. More...


Stacie W.

26 October 2016

We love the food at Moe's.  The ribs are delish and the sides are awesome.  We just visited their new location on Simms.  Looks great, we'll definately be back. More...


Simon M.

15 October 2016

Moes in Lakeview is an institution that provides delicious barbecue with cold ass beer gives you a seat on the hill to watch the rest of Lakeview go by. My go to here is the turkey platter and there's not s thing wrong with it. Good plentiful serving of Turkey, nice about if sauce and with some solid sides your golden. I usually go with the collard greens and the slaw. The slaw is vinegar based which makes it the best in town. For anyone that hasn't been before try their bushwhacker just for the hell of it and before to long you will want another. They have a good selection of beers and a full bar. They have good daily deals FYI. Only downside is its and open floor plan do the smoke from cigarettes outside flows indoors so if your not a fan of cigarette smoke it may not be for you. I'll be back. Till next time More...


Brendan K.

9 October 2016

Solid BBQ with great specials and friendly staff... nice patio and plenty of tv's to watch the Broncos. During games the ribs are $1.25 and they are amazing, I will be back! More...


Kate S.

11 September 2016

This was the most delicious and satisfying meal we've had in a long time. We had the pulled pork family pack with squash casserole and beans. Everything was fresh and scrumptious. The portions were a good size for the money and the customer service was super friendly and efficient. I am so happy to have Moe's so close by! More...


Elliott H.

15 August 2016

When you deal with a restaurant with the process they have, you need to accept the process first. You order, pay, and they call your name when it's ready. We were there last night and experienced both good food and service. This is a barbecue place. It does a good job of that. It is nothing mire than that and they do a good job of it. More...


Chip C.

27 July 2016

I love me some Moe's BBQ. My GF probably thinks I'm obsessed with it. They have my favorite wings in town - smoked, and then fry the BBQ sauce on the wings. They have a great flavor. This location has a nice outdoor patio. It is located in the middle of downtown near St. Vincents, so it's easy to get to from multiple locations. Plenty of parking, though you'll probably need to park in the lot behind it. Only downside of this location is that it doesn't offer all of the sides that other Moe's locations offer. More...


T N.

20 July 2016

Excellent food, staff, and drinks. A good place for lunch/dinner or to stay out a little late and drink. Try the black bird drink.


Pete P.

14 July 2016

I spent my college years in Tuscaloosa going to Moe's for bbq and drinks so I had high expectations for the Birmingham location - and it definitely met them, if not exceeding them. The food was as good, if not better. We got the redneck nachos to start and they were super good. For the main meal, my table got everything from the chicken to brisket to ribs and they were all fantastic. I also really liked the vibe, it has a much more intimate feel than the Tuscaloosa location. Pro tip: Get the white BBQ sauce, it's amazing. More...


Courtney M.

12 June 2016

2 words: redneck nachos!!!We also get the wings every time we go and you can't go wrong. I'd venture to say moes has some of the best wings around.


Alicia D.

4 June 2016

My neighbor recommend to get exclusively some smoked chicken wings and a local beer from Moe's.I'm not a beer person but I'm open to try different things.Will was very nice to give some examples of the local beers ,sour and sweet beer and a cahaba blonde. Liked both!People are not wrong to rave this place. It's actually very good and their smoked wings have a different flavor from all the other Bbq joints.Moe's did it for me and will be back for some beer and wings More...


Lesley C.

17 May 2016

If you are a fan of live music, then this is your place to go. I can't say very much about the food here. Nevertheless, I did try the nachos, which did not meet my expectations. I would say give their other menu options a try. More...


Tiger W.

4 May 2016

The staff could be more friendly. But other than that te food is grear and so are the bushwhackers


Erica M.

13 April 2016

One of my favorite BBQ restaurants, located in the popular Lakeview District. Casual environment with indoor and outdoor seating options, along with TVs. My go-to meal is the turkey plate with white BBQ sauce and two sides. Their sides change but they have delicious sweet potato casserole, squash casserole and corn pudding. You can also select a dessert as a side - banana pudding or my choice, Mississippi mud. Their catfish sandwich was surprisingly tasty and their wings are worth trying. They have a full bar and a bushwacker machine. More...


Michael H.

20 October 2015

Great smoked wings and awesome hot bbq sauce! There are better places for ribs( dreamland, saw's, and full moon) and sides ( jim n nicks) but nothing like their sauce, wings, and great atmosphere!


Mike C.

12 June 2015

If you like good food and a great atmosphere, this is the place. Other places work to manufacture atmosphere; this is one of those places that just has it. It is the REAL  deal!!


Dax B.

5 June 2015

I have a love/sort of don't like relationship with Moe's.  First, I think their smoked turkey and wings are easily the best of either in town.  However, their sides are typically lacking, especially the mac and "cheese" which rarely has much if any cheese.  I love mac and cheese, why must you do this to me Moe's?  I fall for it just about every time too. Still, I come back for the plates which, although they recently increased in price to like $11 each, include an ample portion of meat, two smaller sides (maybe 4 ounce solo cups if to go, but up from 2 oz!) and a drink.  The meat is always a good size for both the turkey and wings. Let's get back to those wings.  Smoked then fried to order, they are nothing short of amazing although when I request extra crispy sometimes they are not especially extra crispy and at least one wing is bound to have an oogey fatty chunk.  The turkey has a great smoked taste and I love it with the vinegar based slaw.  I almost feel healthy eating it.  The collards and somewhat spicy red beans and rice are better options. Also, the sauce is fine but fairly innocuous.  I cannot believe some people think it's spicy?  The porch at this location is also nice but beware it can get smoky if during prime hours.In short, love the meats, but the mac and cheese irritates me every time. More...


Jason B.

25 May 2015

I highly recommend this place. Great food drinks and large patio. Also they have live music normally blues jazz. Goid place to meet up with friends for a relaxing evening.


Jeremy E.

20 April 2015

LOVE coming to Moe's for their happy hour during the week, where they have a great deal on their wings and "redneck nachos" (which are both delicious)...only $5 for a nice sized portion. The $3 well drink specials are good too. Different drinks are included in happy hour on different nights (my favorite being the $5 Maker's Mark!) The deck is one of the best around to hang out with friends and look out over Lakeview. More...


Casey S.

22 March 2015

I love Moe's for several reason. It has great atmosphere, friendly staff, and always prompt service. The drink specials each day are always great. Love the $3 well whiskey and $6 bottles of wine on Saturdays. Ooh and the $4 margaritas on Tuesdays!! Was told that Moe's has the best wings I will ever eat and that I could not be in Birmingham without trying them. Finally got a chance to go this past weekend and boy was that recommendation correct!!! They were crisp, so incredibly smokey with a hint of spice, and the chipotle dipping sauce added just the right touch. As far as sides, this is some of the best cole slaw that I have ever eaten. The pickled peppers and onions in it is so unique. Love the vinegary flavor of the dressing and that the cabbage remains crisp. The baked beans are delicious too - thick and sweet which is just how I like them. The greens on the other hand were good but nothing special. Same goes for the corn bread. I just wasn't really impressed with that. Overall great meal though and it was well priced to boot. More...


Heather H.

17 March 2015

Great bushwacker! The wings are really good too. Beautiful view on a spring day. Great atmosphere. Live music on occasion.


Jim F.

29 October 2014

First things first: BEST. WINGS. EVER!!!These bad boys are smoked for hours before getting flash fried and delivered fresh with Moe's dipping sauce. The flavor is out this world -- smoky, rich, juicy. No hyperbole here -- no one else comes close. Moe's is a small chain that's exists largely out west but has Birmingham roots -- but nothing here feels canned. Every Moe's I've visited feels like a unique joint -- and the quality is always consistently good. The Lakeview location is my favorite as it has seating inside and out plus an upstairs room that's open on the weekend's for music (mostly blues, natch). Unless I hadn't been paying attention (possible as the allure of smoked wings is always strong) they just stated serving ribs... And I'm happy to report that they are as lovingly created with the same TLC as the wings. They are immaculately seasoned and presented with just a little bit of sauce -- note that you'd miss it: they're so juicy and addictive you'll be too busy scarfing them down to notice (or look for napkins). TLC is an important ingredient with everything at Moe's -- from the pulled pork to the chicken and fish dishes. They've even got you covered for Thanksgiving and Christmas -- a smoked Turkey from Moe's is worth the cost -- which isn't much considering the quality and the time you'll save. Just act fast: They seem to sell out faster each year. Most items are available a la carte but the plates come with two sides that are worth the few dollars more. I often go with Mac n' Cheese and Banana Pudding (You read that right: you can get deserts as a side. The Mississippi Mud ain't bad either).There's no shortage of great bbq in Birmingham but, despite its rookie status, Moe's is a Top 5 pick. More...


Roberto C.

14 September 2014

Gave it another chance. Get the wings, it's their best offering without a doubt. They're quality wings with a delicious glaze. The fact that I bought them at half price may have had something to do with it, but I can't think of a better wing I've had in this town. More...


Allen M.

11 August 2014

I have never had a bad experience here.  Everything is consistently good.  Recently I tried the catfish and I could not believe how good it was.   I had the catfish today and it is really good.   Hushpuppis, limas and their jalapeño slaw were my chosen sides.  See picture.   It's worth a thousand words. More...


Shannon T.

9 August 2014

Redneck nachos are so yummy. I love the new spacious deck. Bushwackers are delicious. Did I mention the meals are always filling and the sides are good. The old house is filled with character, characters and good food. I almost forgot about the smoked wings delish. All I can suggest is quit skimping on the vanilla wafers in the bread pudding nobody likes all pudding. Other than that great local, food, bands and atmosphere! More...


A J.

29 July 2014

Food was great!  Service was terrible.  There was a staff member that stood on top a table to change the tv.  gross!! yuck!!


Trevvor C.

25 February 2014

Imported from Colorado, Moe's is technically a chain, but the old-house-converted-to-restaurant venue keeps it feeling quirky and local. Parking can be a little bit of a challenge if the next door lot they share with Slice is full, but you should be able to find a spot within a block or two. The menu is scrawled up on a board above the counter when you walk in, and the drink station is back and around to your right after you order.My personal favorite is the pork platter with cornbread, baked beans, and slaw on the side. Portions are generous, and the pork is falling-apart tender. The cornbread has bits of green and red chilis baked into it, which is a nice flair, and the marinated slaw is crisp with just the right zing from the vinegar. If your sweet tooth is a-callin', then give the banana pudding a try. It's not a "traditional" pudding, but it's light, fluffy, and not too sweet, topped off with the requisite Nilla wafer for a tasty way to finish off the meal.The front porch is a definite highlight for the warmer months, but if it's too chilly (or hot) to venture outside, there's a variety of seating options inside on a couple different floors - you may just need to hunt them down. More...


Matt C.

16 February 2014

The wings are tasty delights and I really like the smoked turkey sandwich. Their food can be a little pricey, but if you pay attention, there are deals to be had. Last night, we got $6 BOTTLES of wine...and it wasn't the worst wine ever. Gettin' deals! Oh, and btw, there is a complete upstairs sitting area that nobody seems to know about - just inside the door and to the left. More...


Max F.

9 September 2013

Cool place, recently slightly renovated. Pay at the counter style, but with a table service managed very kindly and fast.The staff is a bunch of very funny and happy people, that's a good add.Food is REALLY good! it comes in a weird fast-food style, but the taste an quality is a 5 starts. The beans we got for the side were delicious!Old fashion BBQ without all those terrible sauces that usually come with ribs. I loved that.Great authentic taste.Very recommended! More...


Michael N.

12 July 2013

I actually stepped out a little away from the excellent wings and went for the Smoked Chicken Sandwich. It was amazing. They throw some pickles and slaw on there for a really nice balance of flavors with the BBQ Sauce.Also tried their Jambalaya for the first time and although I've had better in New Orleans this was a nice addition to the menu as a side.This particular location has a great deck area outside to sit that is covered and with fans so the summer heat is not unbearable.Definitely check this place out. More...


Garrett I.

3 July 2013

Short story - Everything I have had here, from pulled pork and smoked turkey to fried catfish sandwich, mac and cheese, and corn bread has been good.Longer - The staff gets things done fast.  This place stays busy but if you go it and the line is long, dont worry.  For one, you know you are in a popular place.  Second, the staff moves the line quickly so you WILL have your order taken quickly.  The prices are very reasonable for the food you get.  Check the happy hour food and drink specials.  They have a white sauce and a red sauce.  Try both.  The cornbread is outstanding!  I have never had cornbread like theirs.  I would have never thought it but the fried catfish sandwich and the fried shrimp sandwich are awesome!  If you just want something different from bbq then try one of them.  The side dishes are very good too.  They have the bbq restaurant staples but they have a rotating list of daily vegs that a must have.  Plenty of seating on two floors inside and patio seating.  Great atmosphere to eat bbq! More...


Michelle L.

11 May 2013

Great place for happy hour.  Redneck Nachos are only $5 at happy hour!  Awesome patio to hang out with your friends.


Alex W.

25 January 2013

best bar in Birmingham hands down. bar tenders are awesome in a great place and you can get good food + baller patio


C G.

13 June 2012

My customers suggested Moe's and they were not wrong. They also suggested the smokes chicken salad with and extra helping of cornbread. I've had the smoked chicken salad a couple times now while visiting.  Smoked wings are very good.  I'm pretty judgmental about BBQ.  It's very good but not great. More...


Brad H.

23 May 2012

Best BBQ in town. Everything is incredible-pulled pork, ribs, chicken, turkey, SMOKED WINGS. Moes flavor makes them stand out from the other BBQ joints that all have the same boring taste.


Pam F.

12 May 2012

I eat redneck nachos at least once a week. Good food and atmosphere.


Cheap G.

25 April 2012

Excellent BBQ in a loud, boisterous setting.  Dominated by college-aged folks.  Inside is surprisingly small.  Order at the bar and the food is delivered incredibly fast to your table.  Great chicken and ribs.  Unusual beer selections. More...


Jacob S.

6 April 2012

Moe's is a great little restaurant/bar. The deck out front is an awesome place to sit and have a drink or some food. Speaking of the food, they cook up some really good wings which I would recommend and the redneck nachos are also worth a mention. On weekdays-- 4:30 to 6:30 they have a happy hour with half priced food and alcohol is discounted too. Good deal. Otherwise, the food can be a little on the expensive side.Moe's is one of the better music venues I've been to in Birmingham. They get some really good bands. The stage area is terribly small, though. Not much room to work with.I know it's a chain, but Moe's really feels like a Birmingham establishment and it's one of my go to places for a night out. More...


Kyle C.

13 January 2012

Great drinks, great  bbq.  The deck in the summer is the best place in the neighborhood to be.


Amy R.

3 August 2011

Great atmosphere and quick service in this place. The BBQ is off the chain. Everything they serve is full of flavor with their own twist. They have flat screens with awesome concerts playing. I love anywhere I can enjoy great food and watch the North Mississippi Allstars play!!! They also have blues on Friday nights! More...


Ronia C.

18 February 2011

Went to Moe's for the third time for lunch.  Got the smoked chicken sandwich! Chicken is so tender and flavorful, esp once you drizzle some of their BBQ sauce on it.  Mac n cheese could use some more cheese but still tastes good. The lunch portions are enough to get you full but not be sleepy when you get back to work! The patio is nice for warm weather days and gets packed with the lunch crowd.  I'll keep this place on rotation for lunch spots! More...


Rob B.

4 January 2011

Righteous Que! Nice simple menu of smoked goods and tasty sides. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with collad greens and mac 'n cheese. The food came out quick and was delicious. The pork had good smoke to it and the greens had great texture and flavor, the mac 'n cheese could have been a little more cheesey but still were good. Looked like a cool hang out with a great selections of beers on draft. I am going to keep this place on my radar for future visits to Birmingham. More...


Michelle S.

26 February 2010

Very friendly service & some really, really good food!  Thanks Kevin for making us feel welcome! Had some incredibly good smoked meats here - the ribs were fall off the bone and the smoked turkey was out of this world! And the warm/grilled cornbread was so delish we got 2 orders to go! More...