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Modika was founded in 2007 and with 20 years experience in delivering web based solutions we are committed to the online digital platform. We want to show our clients the potential of new media and how the web can help their businesses thrive and evolve and we do this with our love and passion for the web and what we know it can achieve.



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Collaboration. Working closely with clients to take their initial ideas and create something that either benefits their business directly or enables them to engage better with their customers is our focus and that is what we enjoy the most.

The web and all its possibilities truly excite us as individuals and unites us a company as we evolve with the ever changing landscape of the internet and bring that to our clients so that they can benefit from our expertise. We wanted to take our expertise and help customers realise their requirements and create the best solutions possible.

Choosing the right company to deliver your project is critical to its success. The list of companies vying for your business is endless and it can sometimes be difficult to filter out the agencies that truly have your interests’ at the centre of their offer. Here at Modika we like to build strong, long term relationships with our clients, and to do that we feel the best approach is to be honest and transparent at all levels of our organisation. This approach allows us to fully engage with our clients, building the foundations of a strong partnership that is built on trust, ensuring that you have valued partner that is fully determined to meet your high expectations.