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We are a full service interior design firm that specializes in creating an environment that supports you and makes your heart sing! If your home gives you a hug every time you enter- we've done our job! If it oozes authenticity and tells the story of YOU today- then your life will just simply BE better.

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Miranda F.

12 August 2019

As a flooring contractor who's primary focus is quality, longevity and functionality, it is so refreshing to work with an interior designer who values the same things I do. Adrienne with ModaScapes is top notch and is by far the most professional, experienced and personable designer I've met. We love working with Adrienne! Miranda & the crew at Carpets of Arizona More...


Gary Hart

29 July 2019

When we got the go ahead to build-out our own office buidling, we knew it had to be special. From the personalized work-spaces to the fun common areas, Adrienne nailed the design for both function and style. The project was on time, on budget, and the outcome exceeded our expectations. Thank you ModaScapes for creating our "home away from home!" More...


Danny Niemela

30 June 2019

Adrienne and her team are absolutely wonderful to work with! Adrienne is very personable, and it seems no matter what the situation is due to client's tastes, budget, and life's circumstances she "Get's it" and comes up with an awesome design and solution for our clients needs.As a general contractor, we have worked with many interior designers and Adrienne is one of the best! More...


ArDan Construction

18 June 2019

Adrienne and her team are absolutely wonderful to work with! Adrienne is very personable, and it seems no matter what the situation is due to client's tastes, budget, and life's circumstances she "Get's it" and comes up with an awesome design and solution for our clients needs.
As a general contractor, we have worked with many interior designers and Adrienne is one of the best!


Aj Wahlborg

6 June 2019

Oh I Love Adrienne she rocks! Adrienne will steer you in the right direction based on your individual tastes.


Jenny Zeitner

11 May 2019

This course will change your life. It challenges you in so many wonderful ways. It’s tough but it is so fulfilling! Judy and her staff are unique teachers that bring a special something to the classroom that you won’t find anywhere else. It was amazing and fun, and although I miss it I am more than ready to start my career:) thank you :) More...


Jennifer Dziak-Turner

22 February 2019

I absolutely love my house and it's because of ModaScape! I purchased a new house after my husband passed and desperately needed help making it feel like MY home. I interviewed a few designers and felt most comfortable with ModaScapes. Adrienne and her team were patient and truly listened to what I was looking for even if I wasn't totally sure what that was.. Somehow she captured my style and far exceeded any expectations I had. During the process I felt like I not only ended up with a home I am SO proud of but also with a wonderful new friend. I HIGHLY recommend ModaScape Interior Design! More...


Ryan Phillips

21 February 2019

Attending AIID was an amazing experience. It’s been a long-time dream to attend interior design school and the accelerated program at AIID made that possible. The classes are fun and informative and interacting with other students makes it that much more exciting. Highly recommend! More...


Linda Van Goor

6 January 2019

Adrienne is a very creative and talented designer.
She is a consummate professional.
She gives impeccable attention to detail in making sure everything is right for the customer.
We love our remodeled bathroom!


Robin Norwood

24 September 2018

I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity that I had to attend AIID! My dreams of becoming an interior designer would not have felt so attainable if it weren't for this school. Now I wake up every morning excited about going to work. That's a big deal to me because I did not feel that way about my previous career. Judy (founder of the school) has helped me to become a "design monster" as she likes to say. I now have 3 interior design jobs that I LOVE and I couldn't have made it to this point without the experience that I gained through AIID. Judy, you helped to make my dreams a reality. Thank you!!! More...


JoAnna Wayt

25 August 2018

I have learned more from you than just how to be a great Interior Designer. I've learned to share my talents with others and to collaborate and have fun! Most importantly, "When I change the way I look at things, the things I look at change".The last 6 months have invigorated my Soul! I began this journey with one decision, to become an Interior Designer through AIID and this school gave me much more than I expected. The Instructors are experienced and currently active in the field of Design and offer specific training in lighting, drafting, color theory and all design elements that go into making the perfect space! I see this experience at AIID as a lasting relationship with the School and the wonderful friends I've made here who will be colleagues throughout the years. Thank you Judy Thompson & the American Institute of Interior Design! More...


joanna sellars

26 July 2018

Making the decision to go to the school was the best decision I ever made. I can not say enough good things about it. Not only did the school teach me everything I needed to know and more, but it connected me with so many important resources in the design world. The learning environment in the school is like no other and you will feel endless inspiration around you. I can not thank Judy and the other faculty enough for the amazing experience! I highly recommend this school to anyone who is thinking about starting a career in design! More...


Peter R.

3 July 2018

Modascapes has been a fabulous addition to my good friend's general contracting business. Modascapes takes their designs and helps them make their remodels look beautiful and their product delivery go a long way. Shanti and her team work tirelessly to make sure that all their clients get all the functionality with style that is important in a space where people live. I love having a clean, great energetically balanced and functional space. Modascapes can do that for you, too! More...


Alicia Hodges

27 May 2018

I have had the privilege of working with Adrienne on several occasions. Not only is she the best at what she does, but she also is incredibly responsive, communicates well, and has the client's best interest at heart. I highly recommend ModaScapes Interior Design. More...


Barry Patterson

27 May 2018

The go-to company for the creative touch. I have worked as a vendor with them for about a year and their knowledge and professionalism is above average. I am a flooring contractor with 28 years in the business and have done business with many interior design firms. Modascape ranks near the top. More...


Donna Ghiz

22 May 2018

Judy, the Director of AIID, is an amazing and dynamic woman that has devoted her entire career to teaching while also designing spectacular interiors for clients. Her ability to convey her vast knowledge coupled with her practical experience is the perfect recipe for creating a successful student. She reaches out to everyone in the classroom on a very personal level and draws them in in such a way that you don't even realize the knowledge she has imparted on you in just one day of class. Judy has a way of capturing your attention that makes learning effortless and fun. The tools and skills she empowered us with gave us the confidence to reach for our dreams and attain our goals as designers in our own right. The varied classes offered teach you how design has been influenced from the beginning of Egyptian civilization thru to our modern architecture of today. Along with that, all of the practical "hands - on" classes offered makes this school especially unique in the education you receive. Even the interior design of the classroom itself has been created by Judy and the other gifted teachers in the program to visually show you the many varied techniques used in interior design. Every consideration has been provided to you as a student to insure you gain as much knowledge as possible through the duration of this accelerated program. The school has met and exceeded all of my professional expectations with the added bonus of coming away with many cherished memories, experiences and lifelong friendships. More...


Jodi Beal

22 May 2018

I have been incredibly blessed by my decision to attend the school. You really can't put a price on the knowledge and skills that I gained through this amazing program. Each instructor brings many years of experience working as an interior designer so you are learning from the best. Judy has given me more than just an education she has given me hope, inspiration, and confidence in myself. I can't say enough good things about the school, instructors and Tem in financial aid. Thanks to the American Institute of Interior Design, the sky is the limit for my future as a Designer! More...


Adrienne Hart

22 May 2018

The curriculum at AIID was exactly what I needed to start my design career. I learned all of the tools and principals to back up my natural talents, plus they taught my how to make money in design. It was a life changing experience for me and was like finally learning to words to a song I've been humming my whole life. More...


Lora Gentles

22 May 2018

Finally, my dream has come true thanks to Judy Thompson and the entire teaching staff at American Institute of Interior Design!! I’ve recently opened my own business and I’m doing very well thus far!! That would not have been possible without the help and encouragement I received throughout my training at the school. The staff is hands-on and takes you step by step through the design process to ensure that upon completion you have obtained a solid foundation to the art of interior designing. I would recommend the school to anyone thinking that interior design is their passion! More...


Jackie Funkhouser

22 May 2018

This, by far, was one of the best decisions of my life. Judy and her staff of carefully chosen Instructors use their 30+ years of teaching Interior Design to guide each student into a path of great success in the industry. Upon graduation, and even prior to, I was ready to confidently move forward into the market to create cohesive and notable interiors. This accelerated program propelled me into my future far more quickly than any other option. Awesome! More...


Marlo HItt

22 February 2018

ModaScapes was hired by my realtor when selling my North Scottsdale home. They were amazing and went above and beyond. They were able to work with what I had to make the place look amazing. No upsell, but they were able to provide a list of design accessories I could purchase if I wanted to put the finishing touches in some places, which I appreciated. They were fun to work with, and not afraid to roll up their sleeves and move furniture/hang pictures, and most of all had great ideas! Will definitely turn to them for help in my new home to make it feel pulled together, luxurious, and inviting. Can't say enough good things! (house sold in 1 day, by the way!) More...


Richard Marquez

4 January 2018

I was looking for a quality interior design company to update my home and ModaScapes Interior Design and Adrienne came highly recommended. Adrienne and her assistant Shanti are extremely talented. They both came in and did a fabulous job! Adrienne designed and selected stone finishes for my floor-to-ceiling fireplace as well as picking out interior paint colors to cool my home in all of the main living areas and kitchen. They shopped for and chose tasteful greenery and decorative items and placed them exactly where they needed to go. They listened to what I like and what my style is and really took it to a whole new level. My kitchen, dining room, great room, foyer and office came out fantastic and I constantly receive compliments on the work ModaScapes completed. Adrienne was easy to communicate with both on email and text and was always available to answer my questions. I highly recommend ModaScapes for any of your interior decorating needs and will be referring them to people I know for years to come! More...


CertaPro Painters of Cave Creek, AZ

3 December 2017

Adrienne & Shanti were awesome! We could not believe the vision and creativity that they presented for remodeling our living space in our home. The results were spectacular. Everyone thinks that our accent wall is stone, but instead it is a fantastic wall covering that Adrienne found for us, that kept us within the budget. We could not be more pleased with our newly remodeled home, and would recommend ModaScapes Interior Design to everyone! More...


Toni Johnson

30 September 2017

Judy Thompson changed my life. She knows and shares so much about design, architecture, history, fabrication, colorization, space planning and everything you need to know about Interior Design. She is the best and I am so happy I graduated from AIID. It was the best experience of my life. More...


Karen Clothier

11 August 2017

Attending the American Institute of Interior Design in Fountain Hills, AZ was the absolute best decision I have ever made for myself. The instructors are amazing and teach you everything you need to know about design. They prepare you for whatever direction in interior design you choose to go. I loved every minute of it! More...


Jenifer Davis

8 June 2017

I had never even considered getting a designer when I was referred to Adrienne - and what a blessing she turned out to be. Her professionalism and her expertise were evident in everything she did - from helping me pick out colors for "Arizona" vs. what I had in California to exactly the right tile for the floors and the bathrooms. Her eye for detail was amazing. My husband and I were so thrilled with the results of all of her hard work. I would recommend Adrienne to anyone. Bravo! More...


Leticia P.

5 June 2017

Attending AIID was an incredible journey for me! Learning about Interior Design and obtaining a certification in 7 months was such a wonderful opportunity and I highly recommend AIID if you are interested in Interior Design.The school is beautiful, the curriculum is straight forward and up to date. The teachers are experienced, creative, helpful and care very much about your success, not only in this program, but in this field. The wealth of knowledge I have now will be continually useful in my new career. And the friends I have made there will be friends for life. Attending AIID allowed me to push myself creatively and illustrate my talents. I am forever grateful for the Thompson's and their dreams because without them, mine would have never come true. More...


Ginger Lopez

22 May 2017

If you are creative, and love interior design, but don't want to spend years to land your dream job, you've found the right school! While going to school, I was already losing the need for trial and error design. You will amaze yourself with how quickly you can space plan, apply color theory, lighting...design everything top to bottom all while articulating your ideas with the correct terminology. I gained so much confidence all while having fun in a safe place to express myself. More...


Ginger L.

30 April 2017

AIID is a fun, face-paced school. You get to learn interior design hands-on with wonderful and articulate teachers. I'm taking the skills I gained to land my dream job, that I only waited 20 years to pursue:) Going to this school was the best decision I could have made for my future, and I bonded with a group of empowering people. I'm lucky to have this school in my home state! More...


Lynne Parr

17 March 2017

Hi! After 20 yrs in the USAF, I am pursuing a new career in Interior Design & AIID is the best decision/move I've ever made after my military career. A 6-month certification program with excellent, motivated, & highly experienced talented instructors & an outstanding director who can cultivate/motivate/inspire anyone who has an eye for design (Judy-"Go big or go home!") I've learned & been chanllenged so much in 2 months & time is flying by too fast. If you have an eye for design, even just a little bit, AIID is for you. I truly love this individual learning institution. More...


Leann Waisath

1 March 2017

My dream at a young age was to become an interior designer and to own a business with my sister! Who knew that after a 15-year detour into a product development and marketing career that my dream would become a reality, thanks in large part to my education at the American Institute of Interior Design (AIID). The targeted, hands-on, interior design focused curriculum provided the technicalities and confidence that I needed to pursue a career and to establish my own business. Starting my business weeks after graduating, I utilize the skills and knowledge that I gained during the 6-month program every day as a working designer. So much so that I can facilitate conversations and collaborate with workrooms, installers and tradesman that have been in their respective businesses for over 30 years and are surprised at my understanding of the business as a new designer. Post-graduation, the school is a continued ally by providing client referrals, resources and accessibility to the school and instructors. In addition, as a graduate of AIID there is an instant connection and network of colleagues throughout the design community because of the school as our mutual alma mater. I am forever grateful to Judy, the entire staff of instructors and AIID for igniting my passion and providing the comprehensive know-how that has supported me in making my dreams come true! More...


Charles Isaly

1 January 2017

We wanted out office to stand out from the moment guests visit so we hired ModaScapes to add that "pop". Adrienne and her team worked with us to give us exactly what we wanted and more. Adrienne's vision to see the outcome was spot on. She designed an awesome carpet scheme and added matching artwork. Every visitor who walks through our doors is blown away. ModaScapes Interior Design is our go-to interior design company. More...


Brenda P.

29 December 2016

Modascapes was fun to work with, they really listened to what we wanted, they were budget sensitive and they filled our home with color - exactly what we asked them to do!


Trinka Bliffen Henderson

21 June 2016

I loved this school! I learned so much from Judy and Dana. What a great experience!



16 February 2016

Working with Adrienne has been an incredible experience, and the rewards are seen through out my kitchen re-model. From the beginning, my kitchen presented a challenge, my trusted contractor wisely suggested the of hiring a designer, I am glad it was Adrienne. She was able to design a solution to each of the issues. Each solution is just beautiful, and could never be recognized as a challenge. The space in this small kitchen now displays itself as longer/ larger, and the colors all work together in harmony. What was once an eyesore, and an unworkable space (to say the least!) is now a beautiful, inviting room. It is often said the kitchen is the heart of the home..... that is now true of my kitchen. The use of a designer was essential to the success this project, I was stunned by the result! More...


Gary Hart

16 December 2015

Adrienne and her team at ModaScapes was hired to plan and design our new corporate headquarters. As a technology company, we had a long list of "must have" item items and features. I am very pleased to report that our expectations were exceeded by ModaScapes.

ModaScapes designed our office as a home away from home seeing as how we spend more time at our office. From the work space to the kitchen and more, the attention to detail was spot on.

I would highly encourage anyone who is looking to start new construction or perhaps simply want to remodel one or more spaces to contact Adrienne and her ModaScapes team.



14 December 2015

Adrienne did a phenomenal job with the design for our CrossFit gym. I am not visual whatsoever. I just know how I want it to feel when people walk in. All I had to do was communicate the feeling I wanted people to have to Adrienne and she was able to tanslate that into a design that made that happened. Simple things made a huge difference. I was extremely impressed with her creativity with the design and with staying within our budget. Thank you Adrienne and ModaScapes! More...


Susan 123

2 December 2015

I was going in circles trying to meet with builders and designers to make the most of the kitchen space I had. My good friend recommended Adrienne and

Shanti. As soon as we met them my husband and I loved their ideas and personalities . They listened to our thoughts and found a way to coordinate what we each said. Adrienne coordinated the whole project for us since we were living in Miami. I walked into our new kitchen family room (like a tv show) and was blown away by the new look. The kitchen looks so much larger and the use of space is creative . Adrienne and her team did a fantastic job of staying in the budget even though things came up. They are tenacious about getting the project perfect. I would recommend them to anyone. They are also a pleasure to work with.



1 July 2015

Adrienne Hart was recommended by a friend when I asked if she knew of a designer who was great with color and could help me "refresh" my house. I was able to get an appointment within a few weeks. Adrienne brought her assistant, Shanti with her to our first and subsequent appointments. At our first appointment we found the perfect colors to paint my house and talked about the other projects and my budget. I had several ideas of what I wanted but didn't know how to put them together. I knew I wanted a lighter wall color but didn't know the shade; I needed carpeting to compliment and I wanted texture, but not squares, dots, lines etc. I knew I wanted window treatment but had no idea the type of fabric, etc. I also needed some furniture. Adrienne immediately understood my taste. She worked with what I had and added to it. At each installation she or Shanti was there to make sure the installation was completed correctly. Adrienne put together a soft rich pallet. They were both very attentive and respected my budget. I have already referred Adrienne to several friends who have hired her, I think that is the biggest thanks and compliment anyone could give! More...



12 December 2014

I absolutely love the paint colors Adrienne chose. The choice is so overwhelming and she made it quite easy! We have a second residence .that we are currently working on and I couldn't be more pleased with the project. I can't wait for the next step! A huge thank you, Adrienne!!! More...


Charlene Kingston

4 December 2014

It has been my pleasure to work with Adrienne Hart on several projects throughout 2014. Adrienne is a force of nature. She's a talented designer, but she's much more. She listens to the problem and creates a vision for the solution. She's collaborative and willing to find an alternative path to the solution. She executes everything with excellence--everything is done with attention to detail. She's got a great sense of humor. And if Adrienne tells you she will do something, you can count on it! More...


Kendallwood Design, Inc.

3 December 2014

ModaScapes Interior Design has provided Designer services to our company for over 10 years now.
Adrienne is at her best when creating "The Look" to fit your personal life style. The ability to fit your budget, and value engineer (procure furnishings at a good cost) is what every customer is always looking for. Adrienne brings her experiance and upmost professionalism to every job no matter the size.
Being a general contractor, I would not think twice about getting ModaScapes involved with any or all of my projects when ever possible! Someone you can count on in every aspect of the job.
Dale Kendall
KDI construction



3 December 2014

Adrienne is an absolutely pleasure to work with. After purchasing a well maintained, but dated home, we worked with Adrienne to do a whole home makeover. From our first meeting, we jelled perfectly with Adrienne, and she's made it a dream to work with. Her passion to detail, and laser focus on what is important is refreshing. She is not only able to quickly understand what we need, but take that and quickly turn those needs into amazing designs. I have been blown away by her designs, and absolutely recommend her to anyone. More...


Karen Cole Designs

2 December 2014

I've known Adrienne Hart of ModaScapes Interior Design for many years through the professional organization of the International Furnishings and Design Association. Her design work is award winning and creative with an eye for unique touches and applications. I have also worked directly with Adrienne in planning and executing a major charity event, the 2014 IFDA Take a Seat. She undertook full responsibility for making this event a success locally as well as co-chaired the national steering committee. And it was a great success due to her organization, leadership, and creative thinking. I can highly recommend Adrienne Hart and ModaScapes for interior design projects. More...



29 December 2013

We have just finished a kitchen remodel, with Adrienne Hart as designer and manager, and I couldn't be happier. She took the ideas that I had, put them all together, tweaked some things, and we love the end result. Since this is not our main residence, she suggested that we have her supervise the work , which we did. Because we had talked about all the elements before the work started, she knew what I wanted and could make decisions on my behalf. She is fun to work with, creative, manages time well and works well with her contractors. If you need help, you would be well served by hiring Adrienne. More...


William Lane

22 October 2013

Working with Adrienne and ModaScapes Interior Design was very rewarding for myself and my company. They took the time to be sure that my concerns of being both functional and having the right executive look were met. Very professional company to work with! More...



21 October 2013

Where do I begin. Adrienne Hart is one of the most talented designers I have ever worked with. She is professional, yet makes everything fun and enjoyable with her wit and humor. She respects and adheres to budgets and shows products that are within budget guidelines. True champion for the client.

She has an amazing way of getting a sense of style, likes and dislikes in a very short period of time. I was totally dreading a day of decision making and being overwhelmed. It was nothing of the sort...the day was productive, fun and so satisfying. She took us around to great shops and places and we were done within 4 hours. Loved our choices and once we returned home to try out our samples--it confirmed how talented Adrienne is!



11 October 2013

ModaScapes completed a paint color consultation for us when we moved into our home. The previous colors were totally not our style. I was overwhelmed with family responsibilities and the move and wanted someone to just tell me what would look good. She did just that! We went through the house together and she offered suggestions for each space. She also questioned us about colors we liked or wanted to stay away from and even allowed our kids to give input about their favorite colors for their rooms. After our meeting, she provided me with a detailed list of the colors she had chosen, including suggestions for different finishes of paint. My painter tried to steer me away from a couple of the colors she had chosen, but I held firm. In the end we are so happy with the colors. And our painter was too! He admitted afterwards how surprised he was and how great the colors looked in each room. The colors chosen fit our style perfectly and have really brightened up our home. Our kids love the colors chosen for their rooms. I highly suggest having Adrienne choose your paint colors! I will just say too that she sees the colors and the color families in a way that the average person cannot. She has a real vision for what will look good. More...


Lorri Daniels Howland

23 August 2013

Impressive content and delivery -- very comprehensive!



25 January 2013

Modascapes Interior Design provided me with design services for my salon. Adrienne Hart is a phenomenal listener and really produced a beautiful space and was such a joy to work with.



18 January 2013

Unique and creative ideas stream forth when working with ModaScapes designer, Adrienne.
She has the ability to incorporate existing decore as well as starting with a blank canvas to make any space come alive.



14 January 2013

Adrienne Hart of ModaScapes worked with my husband and me to redesign and redecorate parts of our 20 year old house. We have modern, eclectic taste and we wanted to have as environmentally green house as possible. Ms. Hart did a good job of listening to us and providing ideas, selecting fabrics, and furniture. She also designed changes for remodeling our master bath and kitchen/ family room and supervised the remodeling since we were out of town for much of the actual work. She is honest and hard working. More...



14 January 2013

I started with, " I don't know what to do with this room, but it needs to be comfortable and beautiful". Mission accomplished! Adrienne is easy to work with and very talented. More...


Dan Bohlman

17 December 2012

ADRIENNE is an excellent designer to work with, I have done a few projects with her in the past few years, she has great ideas and fun to work with, is very organized and professional with her work and that makes things easy for everyone.



3 December 2012

Adrienne at ModaScapes has worked on a number of projects for my home: flooring, tiling, bathroom renovations, window treatments. I like her business approach, she is thorough and efficient. Adrienne goes the extra mile to ensure all work is done to completion and 100% high quality. She is able to handle all of the coordination when there is a large project that has many moving parts such as materials, vendors, and labor. I have seen her work in other homes too. You know Adrienne is a great designer when her work reflects each client's specific taste. She has truly made my life easier, and my home more beautiful too. More...



27 November 2012

Working with Adrienne Hart ModaScapes is so easy.
We have been working together for 7 years (2005-2012).
We started with painting the whole house which she was instrumental on paint choices.
We gutted the master bathroom and she over saw the whole project from start to finish.
We added a 2000 square foot addition and worked on everything from flooring to furniture. Again with her overseeing the project from start to finish.
We have redecorated several rooms where Adrienne has designed the furniture.
Adrienne works well with both myself and my husband.
We will not do anything in our home without her consultation.
Adrienne prices fairly and we never feel like we are being gauged.
I would Highly recommend Modascapes.


Tim Jasinski

26 November 2012

Modascapes is the best! Adrienne has always been able to transform our design dreams into reality. She has done everything from room make overs to remodels for us and everything has turned out even better than expected. I would highly recommend her and have already done so with several friends who have also had wonderful design results! More...



18 November 2012

My husband and I hired Adrienne to design and implement a whole house remodel. We found her very easy to work with. She listened to our ideas, wants and needs and created a design that suited us perfectly. The project was completed within budget and the scheduled time. She had a great working relationship with all the subcontractors on our job who not only did great work, but were more than willing to please her and go the extra mile when a surprise or two popped up. Through her collaboration with a local artist she created kitchen and family room tiles and a few pieces of furniture that are unique to our house alone. I would highly recommend Adrienne and would definitely hire her again. More...


We believe design starts not with the eyes, but with the ears. We start first by listening to understand who you are and what inspires you. We want to know your story. We want to know that your favorite color is violet, that you live and breathe for your six beloved grand-kids and that your most treasured memories are of your treks across the Alps.

As far as the order of events go, even though each project is unique, it usually goes like this:
Initial Consultation
Scope and Proposal
Measuring, Photographing, establishing style and budget
Design Plan
Ordering and Procurement
Install and Reveal

Our clients are individuals first with aesthetics and tastes that vary on every spectrum and who are dynamic and ever evolving. We don't put you in any style box. We paint your box with the story of who you are. Homes weave the story of personal style with family values, with treasured memories, with delightful touches and inviting furnishings.

We believe that everyone deserves to connect with their environment in meaningful ways and when they do- lives improve. Being inspired by your surroundings is important. Beauty in whatever form that is to you should be tucked and etched into every cranny of your living spaces. And when you can infuse hidden gems of stress-relieving functionality in the process—now that's rewarding! That's what inspires us to do what we do.

I owned two businesses before I went to design school, so it was pretty much a forgone conclusion that I would own my own firm. I like to be able to set the standards and choose who I surround myself with to support them. I constantly strive to have all of my employees' and vendors' values align with my own, which are compassion, collaboration and creativity.

It’s all about relationships…I love to collaborate with my clients and trades-people to come up with the perfect mix of function and beauty! Then together we infuse strategy on the best way to spend the budget to exceed expectations, there’s nothing more satisfying! My philosophy is that there are no problems, only design opportunities! I love what I do and can't wait to see what each day brings me and how I can effect people's lives in a positive way. My purpose on this planet is to leave everything better than the way I found it- it is my driving force.