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We are a business to business service provider, concentrating on data related services.

If your business can benefit from getting in touch with newly formed limited companies in your area, we can provide you with automated data lists on the day following the company being registered at Companies House.


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Sam Hollingshead

We have worked with Mobunti for several years on many projects of varying sizes. They always deliver, often going above and beyond to make sure projects are completed on time and to a very high standard.


We are techies. If its data, if its technical, if its "interesting", we love it.

Wanting to have control over my own destiny. 25 years later, surviving the recession and still being here as a tech company, I'm happy

We have morals. If we don't think we can help, we'll tell you. We don't rip anyone off. We don't do an hours work and charge for 2. If we feel you've already been ripped off, we'll also tell you. If we see that your current system is breaking the rules (or the law), we'll tell you. For example, we had a client who had a previous developer who gave not a jot of consideration for PCIDSS compliance and wanted to make the customers website accept credit card details live on their site. Thankfully that developer left before the site went live so we could stop the customer getting into what would have been very hot water. Another customer whose developer left their entire website open to attack with Cross Site Scripting and Database Injection holes...and we could show that whilst we are by no means a security company, that we could quite easily gain access to their list of users or "take control" of a user account when a user logged in.