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Mobius Home, Interior Decorating

Portland, Oregon, Multnomah

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Mobius Home, Interior Decorating

Portland, Oregon, Multnomah



The recycle symbol stands for “reduce, reuse, recycle” and is a möbius strip, which is a continuous closed loop. Möbius Home was founded based on this symbol and the three “Rs”. Closing the loop means we decorate without creating additional waste.


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14 September 2019

Lynn helped us set up our living room and our office. She listened to what our needs are and paid attention to our likes and dislikes. She gives us practical feedback, i.e. she was honest with us with what will work and what doesn't work. Most important, we love her taste! Our living room and our office are our favorite rooms now. More...

7 June 2017

I found Lynn / Mobius Home by searching for interior decorators and designers for help redoing my office. I wanted to update the standard 10' x 15' office to make it more modern and stylish, and improve some of the functionality / non verbal messaging to my clients. Lynn and her staff were easy to work with, followed up as the job progressed, and did good work. Lynn's strengths are an eye for good aesthetics and her knowledge of vendors who can get or make things for offices. I would happily hire Lynn again if I were doing another office design project More...

31 May 2017

Lynn helped us with a Kitchen/Great Room remodel and we are very happy with the service that Lynn provided and the results we got. She was thorough, timely, flexible, and knowledgible. The questionaire she asked us to fill out before we ever met in person helped lay the foundation for a productive first meeting. It was indicative of her interest in understanding the interests, goals and needs of the client. I wouldn't characterize our "ask" of her as an easy one, as our project involved some DIY and juggling a number of contractors doing a variety of upgrades that we proposed to manage. And my wife and I don't always agree or reach a conclusion readily. What we asked of Lynn was to help us with design (e.g. colors, materials, etc.) and put us in touch with quality folks that could provide the products (e.g. e.g counter tops) and services(e.g plumbing and painting). She did a wonderful job with the design and we were very happy with the services she put us in touch with. I would describe our meetings and work with Lynn as professional, comfortable. And we love the results. More...

20 August 2016

Somehow the design of my living space got so confused and weird that I needed to call in an expert. I'm a designer on a budget, so I felt the best thing for me was to get a professional opinion and some DIRECTION. Mobius Home was great and helped me untangle the confusion I had created in my space. I've since gotten rid of everything that wasn't working and, because I now have a name to my design style (I thought I loved mid-century modern but what do you know? I'm modern bohemian), I've slowly started re-designing my space using Lynn's direction. Everything looks amazing now. More...

27 July 2016

Lynn is a great designer. Really helpful and really good ideas about how to improve the look of your home. She listened to what we wanted and we got exactly what we asked for. Highly recommended!

22 December 2015

Lynn was an absolute pleasure to work!

I had a (very) vague idea of how I wanted the interior space to look, and Lynn somehow managed to come up with an entire plan that included the layout, color scheme, furniture options, and window coverings. My space was converted from a house to a home thanks to the wonderful work that Lynn acomplished. She was in constant contact; always smiling, friendly, and extremely helpful with all aspects of the project.

I have no doubt in my mind that there is absolutely no possible chance that I would have ever been able to come up with a design plan anywhere close to what Lynn was able to produce and in such a short period as well!

I highly recommend Lynn and Mobius Home to anyone that is looking for any sort of decorating/design services.

18 December 2015

We hired Lynn to design and oversee refurbishment of the waiting room and front office in our auto repair business. The space had been in service for over 20 years and was looking worn, the furnishings stained and threadbare. We appreciated that her communications with us about the project were regular and thorough; we were always in the loop on what was happening when, She took pains to see that the contractors completed the work to our satisfaction, and was able to arrange for the work to be done outside of business hours, minimizing disruption to our operations. Most importantly, she considered our tastes and values, selecting materials and furniture using recycled content and which were sustainably produced. We are proud to have a space which is attractive and soothing to both customers and staff. We recommend Mobius Home without hesitation! More...

5 December 2015

Lynn Feinstein of MOBIUS HOME, LLC did an excellent job, helping us redesign the layout of our living room and dining room--using what furniture and artwork we had. She has a strong design sense and a unique eye, turning our ho-hum layout into a more eye-catching, functional, inviting, and serene environment. Lynn was extremely professional and very efficient with her time--something we really appreciate, as this was the first time my husband and I have employed an interior designer to help us upgrade the interior look of our living space. We highly recommend MOBIUS HOME and would hesitate to use them again! More...

10 September 2015

I decided to work with Lynn from Mobius Home the summer of 2015 after looking around my home and feeling discontent with my surroundings. I found her website from a basic google search and sent her an email one evening. I really liked her website and web content and felt comfortable reaching out. I received a response the next day with an invitation to meet. I liked Lynn immediately. She is so kind, professional and truly wants to help her clients achieve the look and style they want in their home.

Lynn is a fantastic interior decorator. She created an amazing design lookbook for me and I was THRILLED with her ideas. She was able to take the styles, colors and ideas I've dreamed about and made them a reality. She used a lot of my own items and suggested a few purchases that were completely appropriate and not out of my budget. For example, I needed ceiling fans in the upstairs bedrooms and did not want to get something from a Big Box store; she was able to recommend some stylish and extremely functional fans-- I love them! What I really appreciate about Lynn's work process is that she was able to take my ideas to the next level-- including a gorgeous navy blue accent wall adjacent to a reclaimed wood wall in the master bedroom. I would have never even considered navy blue walls, but Lynn's design was so beautiful that I said, "Yes! Let's do this!" The master bedroom is now super sophisticated and sexy-- exactly what I wanted! She also helped me with the dining room, living room and kitchen too! Again, amazing designs, and I am so incredibly happy with what we created. I cannot say enough great things about Lynn, and I really hope you choose to work with her. She is the BEST!

8 December 2013

Möbius Home made my room cozy, stylish and elegant. The challenge: achieve both aesthetic and practical aims while maintaining good flow (feng shui). Not an easy task in an average-sized room intended for 2 different functions (office + bedroom). After assessing my situation, Lynn emerged with a plan that had some marvelous ideas I would have never thought of.

The sliding curtains separating the bedroom and office part of the room add a nice touch. The round shag rug that Lynn found at a steep discount online perfectly complements the color palette and feels wonderful to the feet. Lynn’s help saved me a tremendous amount of time and diverted me from the path of making costly and time-wasting mistakes (ex. painting the office part of the room orange, buying an open bookshelf that would clutter the room).

Lynn was also there to answer my questions as I went thru the process of materializing the plan and helping me choose the right materials. I highly recommend Möbius Home.

30 November 2013

Perfect for my budget and needs!! I had a color palette set and some great tips for my living room and overall flow of wall color throughout the house. I usually pick my own paint colors but Lynn's suggestions and recommendations were very helpful. More...

21 November 2013

We had a consultation with Lynn when we were moving offices. We were on a bit of a time crunch, and Lynn was able to accommodate to our timeline. Lynn listened to what we were looking for, and was able to present great ideas and options. We developed a 3-Phase plan for the office and Lynn helped to take these ideas from paper to reality. She helped with the planning, presenting, and shopping, and made an effort to follow-up. Lynn was personable, punctual, and creative. We are so glad that we went with Mobius for our design needs, and would recommend them to anyone who wants to work with a designer that is hard-working, has great ideas and detail oriented! THANK YOU, LYNN! More...

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For on-site services, we begin with a complimentary 30 min. phone consultation so we can learn about our client's interior decorating goals, and for them to get to know us. From there, we send a detailed questionnaire for our client's to fill out in advance of meeting for an on-site initial consultation, to do a walk through of the spaces needing updating. Once we've completed the walk through and discussed details, we will create an estimate with scope of work for our clients to review. Once this has been approved and a Standard Services agreement has been signed, we begin creating the decorating plans. Once we begin, we communicate weekly with updates and check-ins.

For virtual projects, the process is the same. The only difference is we do not make on-site visits. Otherwise we give the same attention to detail and are just as responsive to our clients.

We offer a variety of packages as well as custom plans depending on the size and scope of the project.

We are flexible in the styles we cater for. We enjoy the challenge of mixing diverse styles and even competing styles to create a balanced and harmonious space for our clients. Transitional, Eclectic, Midcentury Modern, Bohemian, Industrial, Shabby Chic, you name it, we enjoy curating the space for you.

We love three things in particular: 1) Meeting and getting to know our clients. 2) Designing curated rooms for our clients. 3) Sourcing new product that is sustainable and safe for the environment, or refinishing, reupholstering or repurposing their existing items.

With a background in fine art and product design, and a certification as a Master Recycler in Portland, Oregon, I launched Mobius Home to offer a home decorating service that focused on sustainable practices, such as curating a space with what you already have, updating items that might need a refresh, and making design accessible to all.

We guide you in creating a balanced, design savvy and beautiful interior space working with your own furniture and accessories. If you want to buy something new, we focus on sourcing safe and sustainably manufactured product, free of VOCs and other hazardous materials. Our interior decorating solutions are a great alternative to the inconvenience & expense of remodeling your space.

This includes:

Analyzing a room’s potential
Solving decorating challenges
Receiving design recommendations and decorating plans for each room
Simplifying Without Compromise



We offer DIY and Full Service options. We'll customize the design for your goals.

Want help deciding on how to make color flow through your spaces? Can't decide what colors to use or how to combine them? What materials work together? How to arrange your items in a harmonious way? We help you with all of this.

We design with an online platform for a simplified process and so we can design for anyone, anywhere. It allows us to communicate all in one place, view your designs, shop for your product, and give immediate feedback and responses.