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MMQ Piano Studio

London, London

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
MMQ Piano Studio logo

MMQ Piano Studio

London, London

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


MMQ Piano Studio is a dynamic piano studio expanding in NW London. We have been teaching piano for more than 15 years, 6 of those years in the London NW area.

The main purpose of MMQ Piano Studio is to create a community of piano lovers, for students, parents and teachers, while delivering a high quality, holistic approach to piano learning.


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Alexandre Huou

26 February 2018

I have been playing piano with Marta for just over two years, and I am still as enthusiastic at the perspective of our lessons as the first day I joined in ! Both her commitment and knowledge are bewildering, and so is her teaching approach towards both adults and children.

To make sure of the recognition of the student's work, she has installed a system of group lessons and concerts. It is mainly during the group lesson that we students can fully appreciate her commitment, by creating new educative games every month, to make sure we will never get bored or tired of piano. Marta's system of concerts can fully show the student's hard work to their relatives, through a major piano recital.

Finally, I know I will always be able to remember my achievements with her, thanks to the DVD's containing our work that she offers to us at the end of every year.


Shilpa Mistry

15 February 2018

Marta has been teaching piano to both of my daughters for the last 6 years. They really enjoy playing the piano, as Marta is very enthusiastic and expresses her love for the piano through her various teaching methods. She teaches the girls in a fun, unique manner, with lots of games and activities, so they hardly see playing the piano as a chore! They always make an effort for the several concerts Marta hosts throughout the year. Marta doesn’t just ask the girls to play a piece, she always digs a little deeper, and helps the girls get a real feel for the music, and we can see the difference when they play. I can see a real improvement, and I would recommend Marta for anyone wanting to learn the piano, for any age, and any level. More...


Andrew Jack

13 February 2018

Marta has been teaching me for just under a year now and I feel that I have come very far in a short space of time. As an adult who had never played any instrument before, I felt nervous about beginning but Marta is capable of using a variety of techniques which have helped me to advance very quickly.

Her wealth of knowledge and experience is one of the many reasons that she is an incredible teacher. She puts a lot of effort into planning lessons and truly cares about each of her students. I stay with Marta because of the commitment she has towards my progression. She is passionate about the growth of all of her students and often organises concerts for all of her students to perform. She also arranges adult meet-ups which is fantastic because it's given me the opportunity to meet others who are taking up piano as a beginner or refresher.

I enjoy learning with Marta as she teaches both theory and practice and is clearly very passionate about piano. As she is friendly and patient I am comfortable learning from her and I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn to play piano. She has an excellent approach to teaching and makes my lessons unique to my own style by sifting through pieces that she thinks that I would like to play based on my personality - and she is always right, I love the pieces she picks out for me!


Daniel Singer

11 February 2018

I have been wanting to enter the world of music for many years but for variety of reasons, I have been postponing it. That’s why I was careful in choosing who the person leading me into it will be. I like the way Marta talks about music, one can easily see that she has a deep and special relationship to it. This is something that gets transferred to me as a student and makes the piano lessons a time which is spent in an enjoyable and satisfactory way. Marta has a sensitive and individualized approach, and one can feel that helping you to discover and enjoy music and to develop your own relationship with it ,is her priority. More...


Bhavna Jesani

11 February 2018

Marta has been teaching my daughter for five years (since she was year 4). Marta shows complete passion and professionalism in her teaching. My daughter is quite shy by nature and Marta has helped my daughter come out if her shell. Marta also engaged the parents by holding regular concerts where the parents get a chance to see their child perform in front of an audience. I would recommend Marta to everyone! More...

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Our main goal at MMQ Piano Studio is to create a community of piano lovers, for students, parents and teachers, while delivering a high quality, holistic approach to piano learning.
Students have the opportunity to make friends through group lessons, workshops, concerts and other activities designed to socialize while making music. Adult Students have a place for them to feel at home, where, apart from their (most frequently) individual lessons, they can meet regularly in meet ups, adult concerts, outside activities and masterclasses.
Parents have all the help required to be 100% involved in their kids journey if they wish. We offer as well an environment where parents can be in touch, chat and meet other families in the same situation.
Teachers have the chance to work in a team with like minded people, so we can all learn from each other and feel the School as a common project were everyone can offer their input, with a common goal: giving high quality piano education and continue learning and expanding their teaching knowledge.
A place to be curious and grow as teachers.

Through our experience teaching piano in London, we found out that there is a lack of community around it, and that is why we are opening the school. We mean to create a place where people, as well kids as adults, can come and share their learning experiences and learn from each other, not only a place where they come, take lessons and go home. We do that through things like shared lessons, monthly group lessons, concerts, etc.

Because we believe in the power of community
Because our teaching approach is innovative
Because we create life long music lovers
Because all our teachers are employees
Because we give you options to make the most of your budget
Because you pay the same amount every month


Kiddykeys for children 3-4 years old accompanied by an adult. This weekly 45 minute lesson gives each child and their adult partner the opportunity to sing, move, and learn beginner music concepts together in a caring and educational learning environment. Keyboard games for 4-5 years old kids who are ready to take a more direct instruction on the piano without the presence of the parent. The singing, movement and musical concept games and activities learnt in Kiddykeys, are still present in this program but the approach towards piano playing is much more significant now.

This program is designed for beginners kids with up to two/three years of experience. It will set a solid foundation for whatever path the student wants to take later be it grade exams, a more recreational route, composition and improvisation etc. To do that, we have based our Kids curriculum in the Piano Safari method and Gordons' Music Learning Theory.

Whether they like pop music, classical, or have been trying to learn piano on their own, all teens love to make friends through music and having the opportunity to make music together. At this stage the social part of music is very important and so we have tailored a program to fit all of their needs without forgetting all the important basics that will make of them well rounded musicians. Teens will learn how to read music, follow chords charts, music theory, improvise and arrange their favourite music, or compose their own all of it in an applied and fun way.

Whether you are a complete beginner, a returned player or a more proficient pianist, we will adapt the lessons to your needs, allowing you to choose the focus that suits you best. Lessons will be tailored in a way that will grow your confidence and all-round enjoyment of music, as well as developing your skills on the piano.

Examinations can be an extremely motivating and positive experience for students when used in the correct way. We are firm believers, though, that exams shouldn’t be the goal of learning music, but just another way to asses the level. Because of that, we do not ‘fast track’ a pupil through exams by compromising on the development of secure musical foundations. We don’t limit our teaching approach to the requirements of an exam syllabus as we believe that this can be to the detriment of the development of a wide range of skills which include playing by ear, improvisation, composition etc. This program requires a high level of commitment through regular practice as well as a strong parental involvement.

For those who have reached an advanced level (grade 7 / 8, with or withouth exams), this program focus specially in broadening your repertoire, developing an effortless technique and reinforcing your musical understanding so you can take your playing to the next level. For those wishing to get a certification, we will prepare you for all the elements in the Diploma exam (DipABRSM, ATCL) such as appropriate repertoire, presentation skills and program notes (ATCL), viva voice and quick study (DipABRSM). Our highly qualified teachers have achieved a high level of proficiency, they are great performers themselves and will take you through this exciting journey with a strong level of professionalism and competence, exactly what is needed at such a demanding level.