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Freelance Graphic Designer, Website Developer & Project Manager. Not a big company but an individual delivering a personal & professional service.

Service Description:

Hello I am Mike. I am a freelance graphic designer with a diverse set of skills in print, website and user interface design.



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A great website is only great if you customers or users think it is great. So 'What makes a great website?' Is whatever your customers value most. I would say most users of a site expect a site to work well, so they can find easily the data/information they are seeking. The website should look good, so the customer feels reassured with the business they are dealing with. The website should give the appearance of a professional and genuine company. That's it... It's not rocket science but so many designers and developers fail to do the simple things right.

What do your customers care about? That is the first and most important initial question of any project.

Depends on if I working on print or web work. Either way it always starts with a pen and a sketchbook.

The information that they are available for me to ask questions and create a brief.

Making clients and most importantly my clients customers happy.

Because I am a real, fully qualified professional designer who cares about getting it right for the client and does not care about trying to show off and pretend I know everything (which know ones does and if they say otherwise they are liars).



Company Brochures Printed Marketing Literature Direct Mail Signage Stationery Annual Reports & Corporate Responsibility Reports Product Packaging Print Management & Pre-Press Artworking

Website Design Information Architecture & Wireframing (IA) Front-End Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery) Expression Engine (CMS) WordPress (Blog/CMS) Web Products & Applications Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Email Marketing Google Apps

Brand Creation & Development Corporate Identity & Logo Design Name Generation Illustration & Icon Design Photography & Art Direction Strapeline Copywriting