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Mino Architect’s are based in London / Essex and are currently working on a wide range of projects from bespoke residential, commercial, retail, boutiques hotels, and religious centres.

We believe in the importance of understanding client’s needs, diagnosing problems, and together developing briefs comprehensively through all RIBA work stages, specialising in design conception to delivery.


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7 December 2018

Daniel was amazingly patient and gave all his time to getting to exactly what I wanted from my project. Extremely professional. I would recommend him.



28 September 2018

"Super architect service that really talks to you on a personal level."



14 June 2018

Daniel Pugh from Mino Architects did an excellent job of preparing plans for my outbuilding at very short notice, completing. Planning Application forms , submitting same and liaising with Local Authority as my agent on my behalf - and I am happy to say with a positive outcome. Lorraine Johnson. More...


Grace Gamarra

2 June 2018

I would strongly rate mino architects to anyone that needs sound advice and good design.

We achieved all and more than our expectations!

Thank you Grace it was great working with you!

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The most important aspect is the area of the garage that you wish to make
habitable. The conversion will require you to insulate the walls, roofs and floors so starting
with adequate space is vital; in most cases this is possible, and there are always solutions.

Firstly you need some accurate drawings to work from and this usually means a survey undertaken.
Then its a case of space planning, taking into consideration of additional insulation build ups.

You will need statutory approvals in place before works starts on site.
We will take care of all of that for you.

The most important aspect is head height, as you will need to strengthen the ceiling joists.
In some cases we have change the roof and added dormers - it depends on the scope of work
you want to undertake.

Lofts need to be insulated too, so you need enough head height to start with.

You will also need to consider the access, how you are going to be able to elevate up the new
loft space, so it will be important to make sure you are able to fit the staircase.

You will need building control approval and planning approval - again we will take care of
submitting any applications you will require.

Access - how will you access the loft - where will the staircase go?
Have you enough head height once all of the strengthening work has been carried
out and insulation has been added to the rafters.
You will also need to make sure that the design takes into account fire regulations.

From a survey and a feasibility studying this can be quickly work up and designed.

Interior design is very personal, and we work with our Clients so they are
able to create the best environment possible, as we understand its their home and they
have to feel comfortable.

We create a blank canvas to work from with clean lines and maximise as much light as possible.
Its easy to create colour change by using art work and lighting for changing moods.

We like to create flexible environments that are adaptable, and can change seamlessly with your mood
to accommodate exciting spaces.

We tend to work with our Clients and love to go on a journey with them it's the most
exciting part of being a designer being able to dreams and make them real.

We love working with environments and people. If we did not have people then there
would be no reason architecture or space.

There is nothing more exciting then to see a Client visualise their dream and be a part of
that. Its truly magical.

Being a perfectionist and wanting to be able work hard for myself
and benefit from the rewards that your own company brings.

A Client should choose the right architect for them, one that listens and understands
their requirements, most importantly their budget.

One that has their best interests in place and that is qualified to undertake the work.

We have always set out to provide the best service possible with affordable reasonable fees.


FEASIBILITY – We can develop a brief with you which takes into consideration the site, daylight, sustainability, budget, and statutory consents as well as your design intentions for the project. We’ll explore various design options in sketch form (using models, drawn sketches, 3D visualisations), allowing you to move forward confidently with working options and ideas. PLANNING – When a scheme has been developed, we can progress the design into a more detailed set of drawings suitable to submit to the local planning authority to apply for planning permission. We will compile the necessary drawings, documents and forms, submit them to the relevant authority and monitor the application. TENDER – Once planning permission is granted, we can develop a detailed design package to be issued to builders for pricing. We will liaise with other relevant consultants to ensure you have all the necessary information. CONSTRUCTION – After a contractor has been chosen, we can issue full construction documents and act as contract administrator for the duration of the build. This involves regular site inspections to verify the works, as well as valuing the financial value of the works as they progress.