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MindStrong's DNA of a CHAMPION program teaches clients to THINK & ACT like a champion! And it is CHAMPION created by me! I am a U. S. Martial Arts Hall of Famer, 2x World Champ, 5x U.S. Champ, UFC Vet, Pioneer of MMA, &published author Life Coach.



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I learn about their lifestyle, abilities, goals, motivations and potential negative influences. I then design a sensible, effective program that is tailored to fit each individual client's needs.

Honesty and a sworn personal commitment that forces you to blame no one but yourself, even if you aren't to blame.

I love the enthusiasm in students when they have their first moment when they begin to believe in themselves. And the only thing greater than that is when they develop to a confidence level where they can help the next person to learn to believe in themselves.

I am a minimalist dedicated to the character enhancing and life evolving efforts of the Martial Arts. The Martial Arts have and always will be my life so they are also my business. And since I love my job, I never have to work a day!

I am in the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame; 2x World Champion; 5x U.S. Champion; UFC Vet; Pioneer of MMA; Motivational Speaker; Published Author. I've been teaching the Martial Arts to women, men & children for over 20 years. I am 45 years old and I believe so deeply in the disciplines that I teach, that I look and perform like a 20 year old! This is because I STILL possess the discipline to remain loyal to that which I expect others to follow. I am the teacher who can do that which he teaches! I am also a retired BodyGuard with extended filed combat experience. I furthermore train and certify security & law enforcement in Defensive tactics & Lethal hand to hand.

Furthermore I never expect the same from any two or more students. I train everyone differently because everyone is different and so are their needs to progress.