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Hi I'm Maria Duckhouse,

I help small business owners, coaches, consultants, and online female entrepreneurs predictably grow their client base so they can grow their business consistently.

Working on mindset but also strategy to overcome what’s stopping them from achieving their goals (resistance to take action, stress, feeling overwhelmed or else)


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7 November 2018

The biggest breakthrough I got from working with Maria Duckhouse was being able to empower myself.

What I liked the most about working with maria is that she is straightforward, very confident and knowledgeable.

I would tell someone thinking about working with her to go for it!

The 3 words I would use to describe working with her are:  Knowledgeable, confident and patient.

Maria helped me to reach my fullest potential.
I wasn't aware of my own intellectual competencies because I wasn't challenged enough. 

28 September 2018

"Maria is fantastic at helping you hone your truth, seeing why you are doing or did what you did.

She helped me take ownership of my present & past decisions without judgment,
then helped me remove the guilt I felt about some of them. It was amazing!
I can't thank her enough...

My confidence is at the highest it's ever been so high... and I know it's thanks to her.

I now know where I'm going now and I know I'll achieve my goals with her help.
She keeps me centered, focused and positive. This somehow helps me achieve more.
I noticed how incredible a truly positive outlook can be... I never understood that before.
Just thought it was a bit of a fad in the self-development world (sorry)

But since we started working together,
I have achieved more goals than I did in the last 5 years,
I have been promoted and opportunities just seem to find my way"

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I love that I get to witness the amazing transformation that occurs through our work.
I love communicating and sharing and this is intimate and safe yet the results are priceless.

I went from being regularly depressed to getting my priorities right
when my soul-sucking career started to impede on my new motherhood.
Not only was it depressing me, but it was unnecessarily stripping the tinniest joy I had in my life.

I had to make a choice, so I did. Oh... It wasn't easy and I shed an awful lot of tears.
"After all, although depressing, this job is secure, paid me well for what I'm doing and doesn't require much effort
as I am overqualified, way over... which is part of the problem" I thought.
I was scared but I had to go for it. I tried going with the flow for 4 years and it got me nowhere.
So you can imagine... I blew my comfort zone right out.

Despite many knock backs trial and errors, I held on and it was worth it
Of course or I wouldn't be here, to tell the story.

Because I'll be as committed as they are to their success. And that is a promise.
I won't just hold space for them, during our session, I will partner with them to ensure they have the support, but also the challenge they need to reach their original goals unless they were formally modified. I keep them accountable and on track, with firm yet gentle reminder of where they are heading and the desires they seek as a result of our work together. and of course, I will share my insight so they can also benefit from my own and my mentors' experiences if they need a little it of inspiration.