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Robert T.

8 November 2017

I have been using Corrie for massages for about five years.  Very professional and knows how to treat my problems.  I am fairly athletic for an older man, and she has been excellent in handling my aging legs and back.


Jurij S.

10 January 2016

I visit Corrie for my liwer back pain. She did some amazing pain free  technic. My pain was gone. I did feel more range of motion. Absolutely unique hands and knowledge More...


Riley M.

17 February 2015

INSTANT RELIEF!!!!  I pinched a nerve in my neck which caused major pain down my arm.  I went to the dr and he gave me an anti inflammatory prescription steroid which did absolutely nothing.  Still in pain I figured id try a chiropractor which still didn't work. Then I was referred to Mindful Movement and Manual Therapy by a friend who raves about Corrie.  Since I was still in major pain I figured I'd give everything a try.  First I did what is called the MELT method which was like a self neck massage to help with pain relief.  I immediately had more movement in my neck with less pain. Next she started massaging my neck, back and shoulder, finding trigger points which also instantly relieved my pain.  She is amazing and really knows her stuff.  I wish I went straight to her instead of wasting money and time at the Dr and chiropractor. Thank you for all you have done Corrie! More...


Robin D.

4 February 2015

I have had  at least 15 massages by Corrie including a full Rolfing series. It seems like she can feel exactly what's going on under my skin and make necessary adjustments using manual therapy. Corrie truly stands out from other therapists and is an amazing partner in fixing all the little problems that have built up in my body over the last 45 years. Thanks Corrie! I highly recommend her ~ she is my health and wellness guru. More...


Shelly Mcmillin

13 October 2014

Corrie has the best touch!! Every time my body falls out of whack she is able to fix it and I leave feeling a million times better in every which way! Wish I lived closer!! I need her right now! More...


Janice Grosse

22 July 2014

Corrie helped me with neck problems after a car accident. She is professional and experienced. Brought relief and showed me several exercises to do on my own. Very helpful. She's also a fabulous spin instructor! Very motivating and inspirational in all she does. More...