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I am a Professional Massage Therapist with 5 years experience.

Combining techniques from Thai and Sports massage, warming coconut oil and tiger balm and the heated bamboo rods, this deep tissue massage will relax and warm your muscles from your head to your toes.


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Jayne Harris Kitchen

1 September 2019

A fabulous massage, Kannika has healing hands


Lindsey Holdsworth

18 June 2019

Wow!!!! Kannika was amazing. I had a mixture of Thai, deep tissue and hot bamboo massage and I have to say that I think it is one of, if not THE best massages that I have ever had. Certainly not for the faint-hearted as Kannika REALLY works deep into the muscles! But immediate relief from tension and a better range of movement after the first session. So good; I’ve signed up for 3 more and cannot wait for the next. Thank you again Kannika and see you soon. Highly recommend. More...


Sarah Mountcastle Obieshi

26 May 2019

What an amazing lady,fab massage every time.


Kate Smith

25 May 2019

Amazing! Really recommend Kannika! My range of movement has more than doubled


Kate Bradshaw

15 May 2019

I would definitely recommend going..
It helps me to relax and comes me moving..
I look forward to my hour message.. My time
Thank you


Damien Combo Brown New

26 March 2019

This treatment is very effective, been suffering for years with my upper back and this now working. The pain is not a joke but well worth it afterwards 10 out of 10


Han Sarah Smith

19 January 2019

I had my first ever sports massage a few days ago with Kannika and it has really helped me loosen up and feel more comfortable in my body. I have had such tight hips for as long as I can remember and they are the most relaxed they have ever been, I am also finding it easier to touch my toes and to do stretches and yoga poses that I've struggled with for years. Thanks so much Kannika! More...


Anne Wyatt

16 December 2018

A very effective and powerful sports massage which reduced my stiffness and increased my range of movement more than any other treatment I've had. Professional, understanding and totally focused throughout. I'd absolutely recommend Kannika. More...


Spangle McQueen

6 December 2018

Kannika is an amazing masseuse and a lovely person. I thoroughly recommend Mind & Sole.


Lee Jones

6 December 2018

I have had a massage with Kannika around every month for several years . I would recommend her to anyone. I feel she does a great job and has helped me with the loosening of very tight, sometimes painful muscles through heavy weight training and doing sports. The stretching also has helped with regards to better athleticism in my running , swimming and playing football . More...


Tamsin Ford

29 November 2018

Back & neck feeling really tight & out of sorts. Kannika did an amazing job & helped me feel loads better.


Mia Jervis

17 November 2018

Had my first massage with this lovely lady at Conrad Blandford hairdressing and it was amazing!sorted my back and shoulders out. I felt like a new woman afterwards! More...


Grace Barry

30 September 2018

Just had a 30 minute hot bamboo massage with Kannika for the Snowdrop charity day. It was lovely, and I am now feeling so incredibly relaxed, Im struggling to get myself home! Thank you Kannika, and the Snowdrop project sounds a very worthwhile charity. Hopefuly see you again! More...


Vanessa Darby

21 September 2018

Had my first massage from this lovely lady yesterday. It was amazing loved the hot bamboo. First time in months I haven’t had pain in my shoulders and lower back. Would definitely recommend. Thanks again xx More...


Sam Brookes

7 September 2018

My first experience today with Kannika, a mix of Thai, relaxation and bamboo massage. Really helped my shoulder and back pain, I’ll know how successful it’s been tomorrow! My only reason for not giving 5 stars is because the bamboo element didn’t work properly which was disappointing but Kannika adjusted the price to reflect this. Would definitely recommend and will be going again. More...


Stuart Bishop

12 August 2018

Awesome massage if a little different to what I’m used to it did a much better job healing my aches and pains and thought very highly of the masseuse.


Ingrid Kieran

27 July 2018

Best massage in a long time. I did not feel rushed in any way as she took so much time to tailor the massage to what I needed. Definitely recommend!


Pairin Allen

27 July 2018

I am suffering from sport injury for a long time and Kannika had give me sport massage (deep tissue) including Hot bamboo massage at the end to increased the recovery and I loved it so much as I was use to be in pain from my shoulder down to my hip but after just 1 session massage I can't believe how much I feel so much better . I really recommended hot bamboo massage as is feel so lovely after strong massage and give me relaxing feeling afterwards.
Highly recommended.
Pairin Allen


Gemma Kershaw

27 July 2018

Literally the best massage I have ever had. Since having my 2 boys and having to lift and carry them my back has constantly caused me problems. I woke up every morning with aches and pains, headaches etc. After my first visit I literally walked out of my appointment feeling amazing. I could circle my arms 360 degrees which I wasn’t able to do, my posture was 100% better and I felt amazing! I would 100 % recommend Kannika! She’s amazing! More...


Nicola Sykes

27 July 2018

Kannika must have some kind of magic hands!!I have visited her 3 times now and each time I have walked away feeling like a new woman!! Any aches or pains I have she manages to get straight to them and the next day they are gone!! We have recommended her to several of our friends and family and they are of the same opinion. More...


Leesa Wallace

27 July 2018

Thanks to Mind&Sole for relieving the sciatica which had been a gripping pain down my legs for some time . The techniques are very effective and the therapist is kind and puts you quickly at ease.
I would thoroughly recommend Kannika for sports massage, any recurring pain or simply for a relaxing treat.


Anna Wright

13 July 2018

Wonderful relaxing head massage, would definitely recommend to anyone with head, shoulder, neck pain.


Dan Tudhope

29 June 2018

Absolutely brilliant: really helped with a back issue and long term shoulder mobility, and noticed ease of movement instantly after the session!


Chris Taylor

20 June 2018

Excellent massage! Really good for post run and climbing.


Alison Pell

26 April 2018

Just had my first bamboo massage at hope it was absolutely amazing and well recommended will definitely have this done again thank very much.


Saman Mirzaie

7 April 2018

Best deep tissue massage I got so far! Thank you � I feel great !


Chloe Deakin

5 April 2018

Absolutely amazing! Miracle worker!! Could not recommend Kannika enough!! Feel like I’m walking on air. Thankyou x


Nina Lindley

11 March 2018

I have hot bamboo massage with Kannika, absolutely amazing. Very relaxing and feeling energy afterward. Highly recommended you will love it.


Laura GK

10 March 2018

Great thai massage from Kannika, I felt very flexible and relaxed afterwards :)


Lisa Wallace

21 December 2017

Thanks to Mind&Sole for relieving the sciatica which had been a gripping pain down my legs for some time . The techniques are very effective and the therapist is kind and puts you quickly at ease. I would thoroughly recommend Kannika for sports massage, any recurring pain or simply for a relaxing treat. More...


Diana Piestine

17 December 2017

I had very strong back pain! After 2 appointments I feel much better ! Highly recommended! She making miracles!!!


Monica Cartwright

18 November 2017

Magic hands and kind heart .I feel reinvigorated every time and keep going back !Thank you Kannica!!!


Gemma Kay Swindell

18 November 2017

Kannika is a lovely lady and extremely good. I have just received a deep massage from her and i can honestly say i feel so much better. Looking forward to my next one � thankyou kannika xxxxx More...


Andy Okwera

17 November 2017

Amazing massage! Like a sports massage with a oriental twist. Kannika is good at making sure she uses the amount of pressure you are happy with and the hot bamboo sticks are so good and make you feel relaxed and flexible after.


Kamol Meesri

16 November 2017

My mum has this Thai massage service from Kannika for quite a while now and always get the top service when she visit us. She very particular and patience with her technique which makes you feel very calm and relax. Definitely would recommend! �


Chris Turgoose

22 October 2017

Excellent. I really love Kannika's Thai massages I leave feeling so relaxed and much more mobile. Would recommend


Margaret Mckee

15 October 2017

After three visits my shoulder pain was cured. Many thanks Ta. Hope my knee is also successful.


Claire Taylor

22 September 2017

Had a hot bamboo massage with Kannika and it was amazing. She was able to instinctively target all the tights spots and work into them. Hot bamboo felt so good. I left feeling super relaxed. Would recommend! More...


Carmia Caroline Mu Djuissi

15 September 2017

I was super impressed with Kannika's skill, especially as I am also a practioner, this can make me ultra fussy, however I feel amazing. I will definitely use her services again. More...


Liz Von Graevenitz

13 September 2017

A really excellent Thai massage! Kannika took time to help with problem areas and release tensions immediately in some areas of my back. The hot bamboo massage was a real treat to add to the session. I will definitely book again! Thank you Kannika. More...


Amie Caldwell

11 August 2017

Love, love, LOVE!!! You will NEVER pay for another massage with anyone else once you've booked in with Kannika... she is phenomenal!!! You float out as she takes time to heal any ailments & soothe muscles you didn't realise were there & effecting you so badly!!! Thank you soooo much Kannika... your an absolute dream! x More...


Josh Wray

9 August 2017

Very helpful treatment from Kannika. The treatment managed to reduce my respiratory and sinus pains within my nose, chest and throat. Highly recommended for anyone with sinus issues! More...


Amini Sa-idi

5 August 2017

I'm Thai and I'd say this is one of the best traditional Thai massages I've ever had. The therapist is skilled and friendly. My shoulders were in pain and she could hit all the right spots. I was left feeling unwind and refreshed! More...


Hannah Obee

25 July 2017

Excellent treatment by Kannika, improving mobility in my lower back and tension in my shoulder. She even managed to improve my sinuses when I mentioned them in passing!! Hot bamboo also recommended superior to hot stone massage More...


Beverley Davies

29 June 2017

Absolutely amazing. I have so much more flexibility. I can run further and faster without the old aches and pains. Strongly recommend Kanika .


Dave Lee

22 January 2017

Had sports massages at various venues, but Kannika's therapy is on a different level. I went in there with a pain in my shoulder. I left feeling like I'd been touched by a female Jesus. Highly recommend the bamboo or sports massage. More...


Julie Bamford

22 January 2017

Absolutely amazing, just about sums it up!! Kannika is extremely experienced in what she does & managed to make me feel like me again! After having several physio & chiropractic sessions over the years, Kannika managed to understand exactly what was going on & treat it accordingly....unlike many others! Thank you so much x :) More...


Sarah Foxwell

8 January 2017

Had an amazing bamboo massage today and feel totally rejuvenated! Kannika was able to work on places that needed a little extra work as well as relaxing me from head to toe. I'm pretty sure I floated out of there afterwards! It can be totally personalised to your needs so I would recommend it to anyone. More...


Lisa Grayson

24 November 2016

Mind&soul kannika is amazing I would recommend hot bamboo massage fantastic I feel amazing thank you kannika will be having another 1 xxxxxxx


Imaan Mua

22 April 2016

I think her massage technique is absolutely amazing... It helps immensely... Thanks so much for your amazing service as usual.


Amie Sarah Rowland

19 April 2016

One of the best massages I have had. Perfect pressure and absolutely loved the hot bamboo. You just have to book a massage with Kannika!


Jackie Wheeler

1 December 2015

I have had my first massage with Kannika and my shoulders feel much less tense. My next appointment is in a couple of weeks.


Lee Jones

5 October 2015

I run, play football and strength train and have a regular massage here , I always find it helps with muscle soreness, tightness and improves my overall athletic ability


Safina Rashid

16 July 2015

Omg this is the best place I've ever experienced. Suffering with chronic muscle pain for the last 10years I've been to many therapists all over the country and had all the different types of massages in the book which have all been short term fixes and the pain is back again. After discovering Kanika ive had a few sessions with her and already by far I've experienced a huge difference. I can now swim, play many sports, carry on with my fitness regime which held me back due to my pain. I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone that is suffering with pain or wanting to just relieve tensions from their daily lifestyles. Kanika your my saviour, thank you so much for giving me hope to live again More...


Julie Dysart

10 July 2015

I've had a few massages with Kannika and the chronic pain in my shoulders is now gone. Best massages I have ever had and being a spa enthusiast that says a lot! She has the magic touch and is very professional and friendly. Highly recommend her unique and effective mix of techniques and I will definitely book in again. More...


Sally Gregory

7 March 2015

Just enjoyed a variety of massages, feeling relaxed. Thank you


Dave Philips

14 July 2014

Booked in for an extended massage. Technique was great and very relaxing. The mix between swedish, sports and Thai is good. Very polite and very courteous which is great. More...


Debbie Debz

7 May 2014

Wow!!! Really recommend kannika's hot bamboo/sports massage , was agony in some parts and heaven with the heat from bamboo, will definitely be back �� Thanks Kannika Hutchinson

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I loved my job the fact that I can see the client walk out of the treatment room with the smile in they face as they free from pain and feeling refreshed & relaxed. That why I loved my job that I can improve they quality of life .

I grow up in thai village that we always give ease other massages when you got pain or tried to help feeling better. So for me is was the thing that am always good as and loved doing to family and friends. So now fully qualify in England is make me feel like I can make a difference to help .

I am always enjoyed seeing client get the best service as much as they can to suit they need so i then ensure I am doing my best to make sure the customer get the best value for they money.


For sports injuries, long term or short term pain relief. using pressure points and deep massage techniques to help ease muscle tension.

this an ancient healing system combining deep tissue ,thai,sport, together With my technique to help to suit individual client.

Hot bamboo massages can help sports injuries, long term or short term pain relief by using pressure points and deep massage techniques to help ease muscle tension is also help relieve pain as the end of the session to help aid recover faster.

Coconut oil and a special blend of aromatherapy oils are specifically tailored to your needs. My technique of deep tissue massage or gentle (as you require) will help release tension and leave you relaxed and refreshed.