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"Our pledge is to make sure every client gets a truly personal experience, different from everyone else."
- James Tilley, Personal Trainer,
- CEO Optimal Performance

Unlike other trainers that sell “packages”, we know how individual you are.


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Kevin St Laurent

23 July 2018

I would like to tell anyone who will read this that to put it simply, THIS MAN KNOWS WHAT HES TALKING ABOUT AND KNOWS WHAT HES DOING! Talk about a workout!! Anybody can work in a gym and call themselves a "personal trainer" This guy is the REAL DEAL!!!!!! He also has the personality to go with the knowledge and experience. He is obviously extremely passionate and comfortable in what he does. On top of that, what means the most to me is that he knows enough on the topic of fitness and nutrition to be comfortable saying "I don't know" when it is something he's not sure about. He's not going to give you an answer that is made up because he feels that he is the trainer and has to know everything. Taking this guy on as a trainer will be an awesome choice. Thank you Stu. More...


David W. Little

23 July 2018

I met Stu when he was in Maine, great Guy. Very knowledgeable Personal Trainer, great at what he does, getting results for his clients.


Marybeth Noonan

23 July 2018

Thank you Mindbody Training for becoming the official trainer for Miss Maine! Stu deserves each of those 5 stars.


John Abizaid

23 July 2018

Exciting, explosive, effective! Mindy Body Personal Training by Stu is a tailored approach to fitness for YOU. He will work tirelessly to ensure that the time you spend in the gym is as productive as possible. The only question is, are you as committed as he is? More...


Jen Sinsabaugh

23 July 2018

Stuart really cares about what your goals are. He listened to me for a good hour describe past failures and the progress I had already made but wanted to build on. He made me realize that I was missing the importance of strength training and %body fat change rather than total body weight. I work as an outdoor professional and he's helping me get stronger so I can perform my jobs better. On top of all this he has started to help me correct my poor upper body posture through strengthening and lengthening weak back muscles. I feel so much better--I had no idea I had such a week upper back. The best part is Stuart took the time to understand and work to find a fee schedule that agreed with my situation. I never thought personal training could be so affordable. It's worth it because investing in my fitness motivates me to eat right and exercise everyday--not just the days we meet to train. I highly recommend it! More...


Mike Wade

16 December 2016

I had a recurring leg injury for a year as it was damaged during a long distance run, James helped me with his neuroskeletal therapy and alleviated the pain



19 May 2016

Because he change my body whit exclusive exercises designed for to have a functional body.



19 May 2016

I've been training with James for a long time and he continues to adapt my program to stretch my physical and mental ability and keep me in shape. My work can be pretty stationary and I've suffered from a lot of stiffness and aches and pains in the past - James is always understanding and supportive but pushes me to improve and strengthen my body to maximise my mobility and flexibility. You really get the sense he is equally invested in your well being and longevity. I happily recommend .... More...


Katherine W

19 May 2016

I have been training with James for several years and he never ceases to amaze me with the varied routines he puts together to get the most out of every part of my body, testing me to the limit on most occasions. His skills in the field of Neuro Skeletal patterns are always improving and I am constantly amazed when he can relieve a specific pain through the gentle manipulation or mere tapping on key points! The exercises he gave me to improve my shoulder mobility have really helped and I am very grateful for the time & care he takes with not only me but all the members in his group sessions, ensuring we always work safely and within the correct parameters of the exercise. I am definitely stronger, fitter and have a greater ranger of mobility as a result of training with him. More...


Mike W

19 May 2016

James used his Neuro Skeletal review to test my abilities and showed me the effects of my body taking a strain from being in the office 40 hours a week. He then showed me techniques to loosen up tight muscles that were becoming constraint and worked on my posture. My lower back pains have diminished and he even helped me with a hip injury from snowboarding! Highly recommend More...

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Mind-bodypt don't do traditional gym based training. NO TREADMILLS, CROSS TRAINERS, SPIN BIKES, FIXED RESISTANCE MACHINES that are proven to create Posture altering pain inducing muscle imbalances. Mind-bodypt use the only the leading Functional Strength & Conditioning techniques, required through a constant study & training with two of the world leaders in fitness, Applied Movement Neurology (AMN) & Functional Patterns.
By creating a truly unique training routine specifically designed for the client, Mind-bodypt will help you achieve your goals quickly.

Lot's of great sleep,
Good Healthy exercise, you don't need to beast yourself stupid all the time. Listen to your body, if it say's "I'm broken, can we do yoga" go do yoga. If it say's "yeah lets smash this" cool go do a big workout, just realise you don't always need to kill it.
Great healthy, organic when you can, food - Read the labels, avoid sugar as much as you can, make the best nutritional choices available to you at the time.
Drink lot's of clean water, at least a couple of liters a day (this doesn't mean coffee)
Relax as much as you can - Avoid stress as much as you can
Ground yourself daily - Take off your shoes and feel the ground beneath your feet, your body will thank you for it

Watching people achieve movements or lift weights they previously thought they could not due to pain and discomfort.
Watching people move out of pain and start to enjoy life is a huge buzz and the biggest thing i love with my job

Being able to be my own boss
Allowing me to be able to offer people a different outlook on exercise. To help people achieve far more than they would ever get using one dimensional traditional gym equipment.
Having my own studio allows me to enjoy watching people achieve AMAZING things using more functional based exercises with Kettlebells, TRX, Medicine balls and much more.
Also it allows me to offer people things that other wise would not be available in commercial gyms

Because we prove every day that training differently, NOT USING MACHINES, NOT JUST TRAINING IN A STRAIGHT LINE is what the human body is designed to do.
We have many clients that all say the way we train, the use of free flowing, multi directional, Multi task exercises have had an ENORMOUS effect on their bodies in a much quicker time than years of going to their local gym ever did.
If your looking to achieve great things, change your idea of what you thought you were capable of, REALLY ENJOY YOUR TRAINING then you NEED TO CALL Optimal Performance TODAY.


Optimal Performance provide clients with a fully holistic approach to training. Basing training on Structural Integration of the body (Posture). Optimal Performance will create strong stable functional mobile bodies capable of pain free & restriction free movement. Working with the bodies governing system (nervous system) Optimal Performance calibrate fully functional communication between the neural & physical to achieve amazing results.

Optimal Performance are certified functional Patterns Practitioners specializing in creating a strong mobile capable body. Optimal Performance believe posture is the beginning & end of all movement and thus should be the focus of training a strong healthy body. The use of traditional gym machines is proven to create Postural deficiencies which lead to pain & discomfort in movement and eventually even when still. Traditional weights training works the body in sections and that's not how it's designed to work. Optimal Performance only use Functional free weight training designed to strengthen and condition the system as one.

As Functional Patterns Practitioners, Optimal performance use the leading concepts in Functional Strength & Conditioning Training today. Functional Patterns are proven world leaders in Functional Core Conditioning.

Stick Mobility is leading the way in the world of Mobility & Flexibility training in the health & fitness industry today. As one of only seventeen Certified trainers in the UK Optimal Performance are uniquely positioned to help people take flexibility to another level.