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Hypnosis can be used for a variety of challenges for all ages. Some common problems may include weight loss, smoking cessation, depression and anxiety, low confidence, pain management and sports performance.

I offer therapy for adults in hypnosis and NLP coaching.


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Gemma Mounter

16 July 2019

I recently went to Priti for a dog phobia which I had been struggling with ever since I can remember and I am now 20 years old. I must admit I was a little sceptical about the whole process of hypnotherapy because of all of the parodies and entertainment shows which are in the media these days, but all it took was one session with Priti and I realised how wrong I had been.I had a totally of 4 sessions and I can honestly say my life has been changed, for the better in so many says. Priti helped me overcome my fear of dogs in a way which did not make me feel embarrassed or ridiculed. She helped me to see where my phobia had come from due to the way in which my brain had processed experiences and turned my thinking around dogs into something purely positive.Not only did Priti free me from my phobia but she also gave me so much more freedom and confidence to take into my life on a daily basis. Before I was restricted more than I had realised, even getting on the bus was becoming a fear as I had seen dogs on there several times, and yet a few days after my final session I sat a few seats down from 2 dogs and felt nothing but positive towards them.I highly recommend Priti to anyone with a phobia or behaviour which is out of their control and altering their life to any degree, be it small or large. She will change you life believe me. More...


Shelby Calcott

30 June 2019

Priti is a lovely, professional lady. Had a lovely voice, perfect for helping me to relax. Understanding lady, listens and helps solve most problems that life throw at you. Really helped me with my anxiety and depression. Helped me see the positive side of things. Would highly recommended More...



10 September 2018

I was not a believer in hypnotherapy, however time had come to stop smoking. Afterall i had been smoking for 25 years and thoroughly enjoyed the bad habit but when the is right people like Priti will facilitate to make this happen.3 sessions in .... not touched a cigarette and i am not fighting myself to not have one.Brilliant help, took me through the sessions absolutely professionally and it was a joy.Priti took time to understand my needs and worked on those areas.I would recomend this excellent service to all the smokers who need some help.5 star without a doubt.Thankyou YP More...


Making adults and children live a far more happier life.

I have four children and four grandchildren who I have always been there for, to help them on the road of life, and I felt that now I could help others in the same way.

I have helped many people in all walks of life, lead a far better quality of life! All this without costing their life savings. My consultations start from just £30.00 so why not give me a call.