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Jennifer Cullen Hollinger

Francisco is fantastic! Our puppy is doing great and learnt so much, so quickly!


Kristina Zimmerman

FIVE STAR: Watching Stephanie and Francisco train a pup is amazing! They can up your dogs game like you've never seen before! ✨🏆✨


Pat Harold Wade

Very nice people and they are up to date with modern dog training. You won't find a better trainer.


Lorna Reyes

Francisco and Stephanie are so passionate in training dogs...You will see it when you meet them. Your dogs will be in excellent care!!!


Kathy Ortega

Amazing! Professional! This Intermediate training has been exactly what our newly adopted dog needed....the progress has been life changing for Silas....I cannot thank Francisco enough for what he is accomplishing! Five Stars for sure! More...


Courtney Krebs

My 9 month old gsd Holston was an absolute handful and I knew I had to do something. Holston did the 2 week board and train and he came back so disciplined and he had learned so much. I could never thank Francisco and his wife enough for all of their support! More...


James Hilton

My German Shepherd Faith is a totally different dog now after 6 lessons, I would highly recommend Fernando to anyone looking for a trainer.


Katy Gouge

They provided great training for my puppy! Would highly recommend for dogs of any age!


Tina Johnson Henson

Abby spent two weeks with Stephanie and Francisco and we couldn't be happier! She was pulling on her leash so bad it was hard to walk and hike with her. After two weeks, she no longer is pulling! I would highly recommend their services! More...


Jennifer Williams

Alta Willow was a sweet but very stubborn German Shepherd. After spending 2 weeks with Stephanie and Francisco, she came back a new dog! She is more attentive, listens to me, instead of just hearing me, and isn't aggressive with my little dog like she used to be. They have a passion for dogs and are always there to answer any questions. Highly recommend for any training needs! More...


Javier Cordero

Francisco and Stephanie have the highest quality training of dogs in the area. Their services are professional, precise and affordable. Their ability to enhance and upgrade the skills of any dog is fascinating. I fully recommend that each family that is seeking healthier and happier dogs to invest with Minaya K9 Academy for the fullest experience!!!! Thank you Francisco and Steph, you are blessing many homes, and we are blessed too! More...


Nicole Totis Turner

We are so happy with the progress we have seen in our dog after using Minaya. Francisco is an excellent trainer and his responsiveness and availability for all questions or concerns is amazing. I highly recommend this service for anyone with a dog! More...


Angie Allison

Thanks to Francisco's keen insight, knowledge, and understanding of dog psychology we have been able to prevent dog fights in our home. We are so pleased that we have not had to rehome any of them. We have 5 large dog's. The newest addition and my GSD were having violent fights that even lead to an ER visit when my Son tried to break up a fight. Thanks to Minaya K9 Academy we have developed a training and management plan to prevent current fights and keep the peace long term. So far it is working! Words can not express our gratitude! Thank you Francisco! We definitely give Minaya K9 Academy 5 Stars!! More...


Tom Tracie Evans

My husband and I sent our standard poodle puppy to their 2-week Board and Train program. Francisco and Stephanie came highly recommended and they did not disappoint! They answered all of our questions throughout the program and we were able to visit our puppy often. Francisco and Stephanie are friendly, professional, and courteous. We are very happy with the progress our puppy has made! Not only do they train your dog, but then they train you how to train your dog, which is still on going! More...


Colt Truman

We spent a fair amount of time, seven months to be exact looking for the right breeder and SGD. Having never acquired a pet without seeing it in person before we were a little nervous about the whole ordeal in the beginning. Stephanie was a pleasure to talk with and willing to answer all of our questions. We decided to proceed forward with getting not one but two beautiful, well mannered girls from them. These two girls have been with us for almost two weeks now and have adjusted well. They have great drive when it is time to play or learn and have the off switch that everyone wants when they are in the house. To top it off the basic training, and house manners that they had already learned made them that much better. Looking back over our experience with Minaya German Shepherds I would most defiantly do it again. More...


Adonja K Brown

From the first phone call, Francisco was friendly, professional, and courteous. A free consult was provided to assess my puppy's potential and drive for learning. Each part of the training process was explained along with the rationale. My puppy, Sadie, is always excited to see Francisco and eagerly works with him. I too have learned how to motivate Sadie for more effective training. Not only was training held in Sadie's comfortable environment, but Sadie and I were checked in throughout the week for any issues or needs either of us had. Before I chose Minaya K9 training, I researched other training sites and found Minaya K9 the most affordable. Also, Francisco wanted the ideal training environment for Sadie to learn. Throughout the 8 weeks of training Sadie and I were shown consideration, experience, and a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend Minaya K9 training if you are dedicated to having an obedient life long friend in your new puppy. More...


Tyler Ringley

Fransisco was extremely friendly and thorough from the first time I contacted him. My dog, Sam, was so stubborn and strong-willed. He pulled so bad that I couldn't walk him down my street and he barked at everything that moved. Throughout Sam's time at Minaya K9 Academy, Fransisco was always giving me updates on his progress even sending me videos of him working with Sam. Fransisco is very good about working with your schedule so you can visit your pet during the week and he will work with you as well! I could tell a HUGE difference starting the first week. I just got Sam back home and I feel like I have a new dog! He doesn't pull at all and his barking problem has went away as well! Fransisco even contacted me today to ask how he has done so far. I have already decided if I get another dog, I will be sending him to Fransisco and Stephanie as well. They are great!! More...


Osmin Reyes

I highly recommend Minaya's K9 Academy for all your training needs. Francisco and Stephanie are devoted trainers and they understand the importance of a well behaved dog. They won't only give you directions on how to be the most effective leader to your dog, but also provide support and encouragement along the way. Your dog will be such a joy to your family because the Minaya's will give you a solid ground for training and obedience. Having a dog is a true commitment and Francisco & Stephanie understand what it takes to make your dog a happy and healthy member of your family. Working with you have been a great experience, thank you guys for being so knowledgeable, caring, and effective. I recommend them to anyone!!!! More...


Raina Blackson

Amazing people that done an outstanding job with my German Shepherd puppy. They maintain great contact with you throughout the training by answering any questions you have and sending you videos and pictures. Very reasonable pricing, better than anywhere else. I would highly recommend them to anyone. More...


Judy Kreger

I rescued a Chihuahua from the Washington Co Animal Shelter. She is 5 years old, had never been socialized and was only used for breeding. She came to me 4 months ago and was suffering from fear aggression. She was so traumatized, it took 3 days for her to come out of her crate. I worked on gaining her trust and getting her spayed. I could not walk her nor get her anywhere near people and was almost to the point of returning her to the shelter. But instead I took her to Francisco and Stephanie at Minaya K9 Academy for a basic 2 weeks training. After talking to them, their plan was to work on socialization and I could not have been happier than when they sent me a video of her sitting and letting children pet her! I was in tears. They kept me updated on her progress, thru text and videos. Because of the love of animals, their patience and dedication to what they do, my Lady has progressed beyond my wildest dreams and is becoming the wonderful companion I knew she could be. We still have lots of work, but with Francisco and Stephanie's help and guidance, I know she will keep growing into the dog she can be. I highly recommend Minaya K9 to anyone and I know whatever the situation with your dog, they can definitely fix it I was afraid my Lady was so bad they would give up on her, but they did not and I'm so thankful for that. I plan on further training sessions at my home with Francisco and Stephanie and hopefully, they will bring the kids cause I know Lady misses them all. Much love and so thankful for them both. More...

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