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One-to-one training really will get your puppy off to the right start. Each session offers a less distracting environment for you and your puppy, as it takes place in the comfort of your own home. My attention and focus is completely on you and your dogs needs and each package is personalised to achieving the result that you want. I will fully support your progress throughout the training stage, leaving you feeling confident in your puppies progress. 

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Milne and Mutt Dog Training Reviews


Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Christine Barnes
5 27/03/2019 Christine Barnes

Fantastic training for both Poppy, a Bedlington Terrier puppy, and myself, a first time dog owner. We have both learned so much from our 5 lessons.
Jemma’s calm, knowledgable, positive & fun approach was just what we needed.
I feel so much more confident now, inside & outside the home and especially when we are walking around the park.
Jemma was always keen to discuss any concerns and address them in the training which was always tailored to Poppy’s needs.
Jemma’s weekly reports are extremely helpful to refer back to.
I can most definitely recommend Jemma as a puppy/dog trainer.
Thank you Jemma.
Christine & Poppy.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Ellen
5 27/03/2019 Ellen

Jenna was fantastic with my pup Luna. I now have a calm and well behaved dog who adores Jemma. I would recommend her to anyone with a dog in Sidcup

Used this pro
Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Ruth Powell Evans
5 23/03/2019 Ruth Powell Evans

Having a new puppy reminded me of feeling at sea after a first baby and I knew I needed someone to take me and Lotta in hand.

Jemma was absolutely fabulous with both of us! Supremely professional and obviously very knowledgable and experienced.

She inspired confidence from the first phone call and that was cemented after the first session.

It was amazing to see Lotta respond to her so quickly and do what Jemma asked.

The lessons were fun as well as educational and I really looked forward to them.

It was obvious how much Jemma loved Lotta - and the feeling was mutual! It was lovely to see that Jemma was just as proud of Lotta’s progress as we were.

Jemma is the only person I could possibly have texted a photo of Lotta’s first outside poo, knowing that she would be pleased to receive it over her morning cuppa.

I’ll definitely be booking in for refreshers every few months.

Thank you Jemma - having a puppy was huge fun with your help.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Hannah
5 19/03/2019 Hannah

Jemma is a true gem and helped us hugely with our little cockalier puppy. We felt like Frank's behaviour improved hugely with Jemma's help and we really enjoyed every session with her.

We will definitely use Jemma on an on-going basis. Jemma helped us to teach Frank how to walk on the lead nicely, sit, stay, leave, paw, free, middle and lots more stuff too.

Had a genuine sense that Jemma wanted the best for Frank and us and that's why we'll continue to use her over all the other dog trainers out there!

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Nancy
5 19/03/2019 Nancy

Jemma has been a star. I had previously owned a dog and it hadn't exactly worked out for me so I knew I needed help the second time around. I was quite anxious when my new black lab puppy arrived.

Jemma is extremely patient and gentle in her approach and she was always available - I did find myself texting her for reassurance that I was doing the right thing and I always got a reply.

I would thoroughly recommend Jemma for anyone who owns a dog - it's hard work doing it on your own but Jemma made it all seem achievable!

I have really enjoyed my sessions with Jemma and watching Pablo learn new skills each time. Jemma works her magic and I have to keep it up with regular sessions at home.

I will definitely be booking some more sessions to stay on the right track.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Bernadette & Jimmy
5 16/03/2019 Bernadette & Jimmy

We have a cocker spaniel that we got as a puppy. As our cocker grew older we started DIY training however we found we were getting frustrated by the minimal progress we were making on our own.

We initially thought about attending group training sessions but none of them really fitted our schedule. So in the end we decided to engage with a trainer who could come to our home for one-on-one sessions and chose Jemma.

Jemma started with the basics with indoor training. And over the weeks and months we progressed to outdoor training at our local park. Having Jemma help us meant we could focus on the issues we were facing/wanting to learn about in relation to our cocker. Where a technique did not work with our cocker, Jemma would suggest alternative methods. We progressed at a pace that we and our cocker were comfortable with. Also, through these sessions we learnt more about what motivates a dogs behaviour and why they do certain things or not which definitely helped in us not getting too frustrated.

Jemma is very flexible in the frequency of the training sessions. Initially we started off with weekly sessions so we could cover the basics quickly. Then as training moved on and with the puppy needing more time to master the new commands we moved to fortnightly and then every three weeks for a lesson.

We have learnt that training a dog is not trivial (our cocker is a typical cocker that is full of jumping beans) but persistence in putting effort to train our dog every day has started to pay off.

We would also add that we have put Jemma in the deep end a couple of times with teaching our 6 year old daughter with the parents absent from the session. This gave our daughter a big leap in confidence in handling of our cocker which we really appreciated.

We have no hesitation in recommending Jemma to other new dog owners or current dog owners who want more training for their not so young dogs.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by John T
5 04/03/2019 John T

We engaged Jemma to help us train our 4.5 month Border Terrier puppy. Our puppy loved working with Jemma and she got some very quick results, helping the dog master the basic commands.
The humans also found Jemma very personable, clear and reassuring! She has helped us to help our puppy in a kind and respectful way. A win win for all the mammals involved!

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Tom
5 03/03/2019 Tom

Jemma was such a huge help for us as new puppy owners. In a short space of time our puppy learnt a range of practical tricks, and just as importantly Jemma advised us on best practice and how to feel confident with our dog. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by David Hayes
5 27/02/2019 David Hayes

Jemma is a fantastic trainer who I would highly recommend. Jemma helped me and my dog Nala with her barking problem with an amazingly informative training session and gave us lots of great advice and training tips to carry on with.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Andrew & Melanie
5 20/02/2019 Andrew & Melanie

Jemma’s excellent knowledge, positive attitude & friendly, relaxed manner made the process of training our puppy fun. Frida (our puppy) absolutely adores Jemma and responded to her immediately, making remarkable progress in a relatively short period. However it’s the tools & techniques that Jemma left us, Frida’s humans, which will make the biggest difference long-term. It is this that I think is Jemma’s biggest differentiator: she really does tailor each session precisely to you and your dog, so every session starts with a discussion of the areas you feel need the most work (for us, mainly recall and lead walking) and then the rest of the session is tightly focused on providing you with the techniques you need. Jemma shows a lot of flexibility here - if your dog doesn’t respond well to a particular technique she will have another 5 waiting in the wings to try instead. So what you end up with is very much your own personal syllabus, which she writes-up in detail at the end of each session. We really can’t recommend her highly enough - am sure we’ll be calling on her services again in the years ahead!

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Family Ford
5 20/02/2019 Family Ford

Though my wife had the joy of a dog when she was younger, this was our children's and my first dog. I did a lot of research into puppy classes etc and what really put us on to Jemma was the personal aspect. You get one to one with Jemma and this means all of the time focused on your dog. That was a massive factor in our decision. Jemma is so attentive, down to earth and puts 100% into every lesson...of which go very fast as they are so enjoyable...and you feel you are getting loads done (as did Ziggy, who was very tired after each one). I would wholeheartedly recommend her.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Phoebe
5 17/02/2019 Phoebe

Jemma is an incredible trainer and we would highly recommend her to everyone! We had a few problems with our doggy, Forest, including impulse control and biting at her lead (to name a few) which had really affected our confidence. Jemma was so patient and understanding and taught us loads of techniques that now mean Forest is like a different dog, we are so proud of Forest's progress and how well behaved and happy she is - Jemma helped us so much we can not thank her or recommend her enough :)

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Stella Pullar-Strecker
5 14/02/2019 Stella Pullar-Strecker

Jemma is a lovely trainer who really understood our puppy’s needs. She equipped us with tools to establish good behavior habits thus Coco has shown vast improvement in just a few weeks. With the training that we were guided through, Coco is growing up to be a well-behaved and happy pup, who everyone loves to meet.

Milne and Mutt Dog Training replied:
Thank you so much Stella????
Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Gabi N
5 13/02/2019 Gabi N

Jemma is great and has helped us tons to make sure we and our new puppy start on the right track with training. For us it has been extremely important and fun to build a a relationship with our puppy to communicate and bond right from the start.
I recommend Jemma as she is great with training and has tons of helpful tips on everything from food to toys and snacks that are good for your doggy. Jemma understands dogs and knows what to recommend in terms of training and progress during sessions.
As a result we have a lovely well behaved puppy that enjoys training as much as we do!

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Adam
5 09/02/2019 Adam

Jemma has helped us from the start with Nancy our cockapoo puppy — training us to train her, and it’s been brilliant. No matter how many books you read nothing beats having a very talented trainer show you how it’s done in your dogs own surroundings. Jemma’s follow up notes after each session are also invaluable for referring back to.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Sandy
5 02/02/2019 Sandy

My dog Luna (6 month Cavapoo) was a bit of a handful after being poorly as a baby.
Jemma arrived on the first session and immediately bonded with both Luna and I.
Her training methods are fun, firm, very professional and extremely effective.
On training days I would tell Luna Jemma’s coming and she would wait excitedly by the door...
Jemma has definitely given Luna and I the tools to work on maintaining Lunas obedience and socialising skills.
I would 100% recommend Jemma ..

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Julia
5 25/01/2019 Julia

my dog gained a lot from lessons with Jemma, and it also was great revelation for me to see how much can actually be done and how much material can be covered in one lesson.
We all had good time, and it the same time Ginny was progressing quickly. Also Jemma is unique in her after-lesson support - she writes extensive notes and step-by-step instructions which are easy to follow and which really help. Jemma is flexible and very inventive, so with her you and your dog would definitely achieve your goals. Definitely reccomend!

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Rachel Dirilen
5 07/01/2019 Rachel Dirilen

Blue and I adore Gemma.
She is amazing with interaction and training and just a lovely, kind and patient person.
Blue is amazing and I am planning on having more training in the future. I would highly recommend! 5*

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Julia
5 06/01/2019 Julia

Fantastic !! Jemma has been a huge help with Billy he is a different dog... we enjoyed all the training sessions with her. I recommend Gemma to anyone that needs help with their dog. She has truly changed our life for the better. Thanks again and good luck with the future.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Joe
5 02/01/2019 Joe

Absolutely top quality service and great value for money.

Freddie responded extremely well to Jemma’s training methods and really enjoyed our sessions. The impact of Jemma’s training was instant and Freddie was soon responding to the commands that we wanted her to. Jemma was also able to tailor the sessions to suit Freddie’s needs and abilities.

The methods that Jemma gives you are easy to work with and take forward, meaning you can continue training your dog long after the sessions are over.

Jemma was friendly, reliable and always brought treats/equipment required for the sessions.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Shannon & Sebastian
5 13/12/2018 Shannon & Sebastian

We could not have had a better dog trainer than Jemma. Oskar loved seeing her each week and she was extremely good with him and us. Importantly, Jemma was able to build up our skills to be able to continue on with training using the techniques we were taught. Jemma provided support outside of sessions by sending follow up emails reinforcing what we had learnt and providing helpful advice at such a critical stage of Oskar's development - for that we are very grateful! Thanks Jemma!!

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Jared
5 02/12/2018 Jared

Jemma has been great teaching us behavioural techniques, it’s great to have advice in dog training as it feels like a bit of a minefield sometimes. Jemma’s approach has been fun and most definitely positive and rewarding, would certainly recommend!

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Sarah and Ted
5 14/11/2018 Sarah and Ted

If it wasn't for Jemma I don't think I'd ever leave the house with my crazy springer spaniel! She has taught us both so much, always has helpful and practical suggestions, not sure how we will manage without her!

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Martina Diez-Routh
5 10/11/2018 Martina Diez-Routh

Jemma was great and our puppy Ozzy loved her - she was his 'chicken lady'. The most important thing is that it allowed us to handle Ozzy with care and teach him lots of things, and be safe with our young kids jumping around him. I definitely recommend Jemma for training your dog. It is another dog now with these simple and effective lessons.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Dario & Hannah
5 01/11/2018 Dario & Hannah

Jemma was able to provide simple but effective training that catered to our puppy’s specific needs. We saw a lot of speedy progress and were particularly impressed by her fun and friendly approach. Our puppy has benefited hugely from Jemma’s work – we would highly recommend Milne and Mutt Dog Training to all dog owners!

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Kriss and jeremy
5 31/10/2018 Kriss and jeremy

Jemma opened our eyes to the dogs life and how they think and operate. Enjoyed every session I had with her a time that was both convenient for us. I could not have done it without jemma's intervention. I have so much more fun with my dog as I understand in more and have much more fun with him day today because of the training. He still a cheeky chocolate Labrador but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Harriett
5 31/10/2018 Harriett

Really simple accessible training tips and tricks and Ruby responded to them pretty much instantly! Loads of useful information and guidance and a really nice friendly approach. Thank you!

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Richard Hill
5 30/10/2018 Richard Hill

It was very good sessions Skye and I learned loads we are progressing nicely I would really recommend her to everyone enjoyed every session

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Jane Burton
5 28/10/2018 Jane Burton

Our crazy puppy was a real handful. Jemma taught us how to work with her on all the basic commands. Jessie really enjoyed the sessions (and cheese + chicken rewards for getting it right!)

It was as much about training me how to train Jessie as it was about the dog. Helpful follow up notes were also useful. I am now much more confident about the training steps needed to get Jessie on track. Thank you Jemma.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Elle Baldry
5 23/10/2018 Elle Baldry

Jemma was adored by my pup Luna and still is, and with good reason. The experience and patience Jemma has with dogs and their owners alike is just what you need! Whether a puppy or slightly older Jemma works with you to achieve your goal.

I was a very nervous owner at first but now after 5 sessions with Jemma, I am much more confident and get compliments on how well behaved my dog is.

We are going to have some more advanced sessions so Luna can continue to learn and be stimulated. Even once I had all my sessions Jemma was always a source of good advice and always genuinely interested about Luna and her progress.

If you are looking for an expert look no further than Milne and Mutt! 2 happy customers here

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Sarah
5 14/10/2018 Sarah

Really good training sessions and helpful follow-up notes. My pup’s training is progressing and I feel much more confident caring for my pup following my sessions with Jemma.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by June Robinson
5 08/09/2018 June Robinson

Highly enjoyable training sessions and fun for the dog too. We did quite a lot of work in the park and although not quite ready to let her off the lead yet, Jemma advised me well on this when the time comes. Really enjoyed our sessions together and would wholeheartedly recommend Jemma and would have no hesitation in calling upon her again. Thank you Jemma 😊👍🏻

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Emma Louise
5 24/08/2018 Emma Louise

Jemma was amazing with our puppy French Bulldog Esco. I learned so much from her and she really built my confidence to continue training Esco with the commands she has taught him and I. Jemma is not only an amazing teacher but she is also very knowledgeable, patient and understanding and will give advice on any matter regarding your dog's health and wellbeing. Esco is only 4 months old but he already understands an entire range of commands and is now well on the way to being potty trained thanks to Jemma's fantastic advice.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Tess Mader
5 15/08/2018 Tess Mader

Jemma was fabulous with our vizsla pup who at times was quite a handful! Jemma helped klaus to learn all his basic commands instantly and made our lives a lot easier! Sessions were fun and educational for us as first time puppy owners. Can’t thank Jemma enough to helping us through the puppy stage.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Lydia
5 04/08/2018 Lydia

Highly enjoyed training sessions, my beagle puppy responded extremely well and has learnt a lot. Sessions were fun for puppy. Within the fisrt session he learnt a lot and his behaviour has improved. Amazing service, definitely recommend Milne & mutts

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Bisi Alimi
5 19/07/2018 Bisi Alimi

Dear Jemma,
Anthony and I cant thank you enough for giving our two lovely pups; Coco and Oskar a great start in life. Thank you for the training and for the understanding but most importantly on behalf of Coco and Oskar, thank you for the chicken. We have really enjoyed working with you and we really cant thank you enough.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by TBM & OOO
5 13/07/2018 TBM & OOO

His Royal Spottiness approves (and improves). I would recommend Jemma to anyone. Our Dalmatian puppy is “breed typical” aka headstrong with a tendency to stubbornness and very cute. The latter leads to some undesirable behaviour being left uncorrected (hands up me), but Jemma’s methods work really well. Her training notes are invaluable and her insight into behaviours and appropriate ways to deal with the these are really useful. Nothing but kindness, but firm when required. A canine Mary Poppins.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Luke Godber
5 25/06/2018 Luke Godber

Jemma has been absolutely amazing - we started training my border terrier puppy at 10 weeks old and he has responded brilliantly to each session.

Not only does Jemma undertake the training process, she teaches the owner how to train using positive dog training - as I'm a first-time dog owner this has been so valuable to me. In addition to the training, Jemma sends an email summarising everything covered and the techniques which is great for practising in the park after the sessions.

Everything about the service is absolutely excellent - from the first phone call to the final session. I felt it was a sound investment for the future of my puppy. I would highly recommend anyone using Jemma to train their dog.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by COS P
5 19/06/2018 COS P

I can’t thank Jemma enough for her incredible work and support with my 4 year old Jug Rolo. From the get go I was filled with confidence and reassurance in obedience training and understanding ways to improve reduction in attention barking. She’s worked wonders with a Rolo and is so patient with him and informative with myself also.

Working wonders I feel so safe and comfortable letting Rolo off the lead in open areas as Jemma worked hard with Rolo and has taught me how to improve Rolo’s recall ensuring his attention was caught by myself rather than a dog running by!

I would highly recommend Jemma - she’s not only a dog trainer but a dog lover.

Thank you!

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Hasz and David
5 09/06/2018 Hasz and David

Jemma's reliable, informative and was hugely helpful training Arthur (our cavapoo pup) and us. We'd absolutely recommend her.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Naoya
5 08/06/2018 Naoya

I and my wife storongry recommend Jemma. We have a 3 month old puppy Ginger, she very likes play and learn with Jemma.
Jemma is very careful and kind and also she has a lot of skills of training.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by zoe
5 27/04/2018 zoe

Gemma is excellent. Calm, informative and great with all aspects of puppy training. Monty, my whippet puppy, took to her right away and he and I have learnt so much. Most importantly for me she has given me the confidence to continue to train Monty and give him the correct boundaries for a happy life.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Alex
5 12/04/2018 Alex

I have a one year old standard poodle called Rufus and Jemma spent three sessions helping me improve his recall. The improvement in him in this short time has been remarkable and I am delighted by his progress. I also feel I have got a really good foundation for further development. Jemma’s teaching is very clear and practical and is followed up by detailed notes after each session. I can recommend her without hesitation.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Jerrie Sharp
5 11/04/2018 Jerrie Sharp

We chose M&M training because she was highly rated, Jemma is lovely and calm and booker (our 6month old German shep) loved her right away.
He has learned how to sit,stay, emergency stop, recall, to sit between our legs, not jump up not go out the front door as well as a bunch of fun stuff.
I think her positive reinforcement techniques are perfect for larger dogs and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Natalie and Sam
5 06/04/2018 Natalie and Sam

Jemma has been a huge help with our puppy Cockapoo, Winnie. She has really helped us as complete dog novices. Winnie has learnt so much in the five sessions we've had, as have we, and we couldn't have managed without her tips and guidance. Her way of working has been very professional, the notes emailed after each session have been really useful, as there is often alot to remember. And each lesson has been great fun. Thanks Jemma, and I'm sure we'll be in touch with more questions as Winnie gets older.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Hannah Garrido
5 24/03/2018 Hannah Garrido

Really pleased with the training and support recieve day from Gemma, my puppy has benefited hugely from this training and would highly recommend Milne and Mutt to anyone who is thinking of getting a puppy.
Flexible session times have been great especially with kids.
Brilliant service we are very happy customers!

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Kerem
5 20/03/2018 Kerem

Jemma was patient, thorough and fun to work with. She quickly identified important areas for us to focus on with Molly, our new puppy, and we saw real progress as the weeks went by in Molly's behaviour, temperament and skills. We were very pleased with her friendly approach and professionalism and would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Jemma!

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Zoe Tansey
5 19/03/2018 Zoe Tansey

My husband and I couldn't recommend Jemma enough. We were having behavioural problems with our two miniature labradoodles that we got from the same litter. We decided the pups had to be separated for a few months. Jemma helped us train the dogs separately and successfully bring them back together. Jemma left us with all the tools and knowledge to continue with our dog training.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Laurence Upton
5 06/03/2018 Laurence Upton

Jemma was perfect for our lively working cocker spaniel flashman. She explained and instilled training methods which yielded (with practice) superb results. No more accidents on the sofa - from the dog at least ! Thanks Jemma

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Su
5 03/03/2018 Su

I couldn’t recommend Gemma more for trading our 2.5 month old minipoodle Alfie. Gemma is a very caring and considerate trainer: she sees what’s needed in the puppy, but also willing to listen to what the owner has to say on their specific concerns. We have had 5 invaluable lessons at home and in the park, when Gemma has always been punctual and focused on the teaching plan. Both the puppy and us felt much more confident and happier after the sessions. Bravo Gemma!!!

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Lorraine
5 11/02/2018 Lorraine

Having just welcomed a Young rescue Lurcher Emma as a new addition to my existing whippet Nelson , I contacted Jemma for some one to one sessions. Emma had no training and could'nt walk on a lead. Jemma recognised immediately the potential in Emma to be trained and we started immediately with simple commands. Jemma clearly has a great aptitude with dogs and within an hour Emma was responding to positive training and enjoying it. We worked on my priorities, lead walking and recall. Emma has come on leaps and bounds and Jemma equipped me with all the training advice to continue everything we practiced. Emma is now going off lead and her recall is great, Jemma gave me the confidence to use the tricks to capture Emma's attention to make her want to come to me . I would recommend Jemma, she gave me all the tools to turn a rescue into an obedient and happy dog who comes when called! Thoroughly worthwhile and very likeable and friendly to work with 👍

Milne and Mutt Dog Training replied:
Thank you Lorraine. I am so pleased to hear that Emma is continuing to settle into her new home. Great that she is also doing so well with recall and everything else that we practised.
Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by S. Beck
5 09/02/2018 S. Beck

Jemma has great enthusiasm for her work & our Cavapoo Teddy loved her visits. He responded very well to everything Jemma was teaching him which is making life so much easier & a lot of fun.
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jemma to other people & would call on her expertise at any time for advice.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Emma Fiszman
5 06/02/2018 Emma Fiszman

Having worked with Jemma to train our 12 week old Cockapoo I highly recommend her. After just a few sessions with Jemma, our puppy can follow all the most important commands. Jemma has also offered invaluable advice on potty training and how best to have my two young children interact with our dog so that they help reinforce what she is learning. Working with Jemma has certainly eased the stress of having a new puppy so that we can focus on enjoying her.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by RW Fitness
5 03/02/2018 RW Fitness

I can’t actually put into words what a difference Jemma has made to our lives! We have learnt so much about our goldendoodle Stanley. Jemma taught us how to teach Stanley all the crucial things that a puppy should know to lead a happy and safe life in London.

We now feel safe and confident with Stanley in all the parks and on the streets and have full confidence in his abilities! She also helped us teach him how to do some adorable tricks which are always fun!

Jemma is so patient and easy to learn from, as it can all be a bit daunting at first. You can tell she has a genuine love for animals and wants only the best for you and your pooch.

We couldn’t recommend her more!

Thank you Jemma.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Katy Fox
5 07/01/2018 Katy Fox

Pup and I highly recommend Jemma! She has a great approach to training that makes it engaging for both dog and owner. Jemma demonstrates everything very clearly and guides you through things step by step. As a first time dog owner she has been a huge help at settling my puppy into a routine and reassuring any concerns I've had. It's also a huge advantage that she can do sessions at home so my easily distracted puppy is focused in a familiar environment. Everyone comments on how well mannered and obedient my puppy is even after just three sessions! Definitely recommend making the time for it.

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Nikki
5 28/12/2017 Nikki

So far Jemma has been amazing. I’m a nervous first time pet owner.
I asked Jemma to come and check out my house and she helped us decide which area to place Myla (when she arrives). What to buy and how to bring her home. We know what to do now once she arrives too and what to expect on our first night.
Jemma is going to come on day one as soon as we bring Myla home.
I’m really looking forward to working with Jemma. She is warm and friendly.
We got a leaflet and handouts from her too.
Thanks Jemma.

Used this pro
Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Lucy Happe
5 24/11/2017 Lucy Happe

Jemma is absolutely everything that you could ask for when choosing a puppy or dog trainer. Jemma provided lots of invaluable advice within our first few weeks of collecting our puppy, Louis. As novice pet owners, we had (and still do have!) countless questions and Jemma goes above and beyond to help us find our way. Louis had reliably mastered basic commands such as sit, down and recall within our first session & we were also armed with a wealth of tips/tricks to keep us going until our next! Jemma's method is simple, positive and fun & Louis and I couldn't recommend Jemma highly enough. Thank you Milne and Mutt!

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Marie-Cecile Blackwood
5 15/11/2017 Marie-Cecile Blackwood

Jemma is amazing and helped train our Maltese puppy perfectly.
She explains and demonstrates everything very clearly and always follows up with a written email. There is a summary of the training session and instructions for continuing training. Our puppy loves her too and is always super happy to see her ❤️

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Ryan Kaufman
5 20/10/2017 Ryan Kaufman

Jemma is amazing to work with. She's patient, clear and FUN and our pup loves it. She takes the time to get the personality quirks of both Dog and Human and adapts her style appropriately. I really appreciate that she helps us prioritise training for potential bigger dog issues and keeps us on track in simple ways. Strongly recommend Jemma!

Review of Milne and Mutt Dog Training by Hannah Gibbs
5 20/10/2017 Hannah Gibbs

Jemma has worked wonders with Rodney's puppy training; he is transforming into a super pup in such a short amount of time. Jemma's approach to training is simple, laid back and fun. Rodney and I always look forward to our sessions and the support Jemma gives in between is such a great help. I couldn't recommend Jemma highly enough!

Milne and Mutt Dog Training

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I love working with owners and their dogs, seeing hard work turn in to great results is the most rewarding.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I grew up with dogs in the family and even as a child I was the one who took the time to teach our dog tricks. I then got my own dog as an adult and I became obsessed with working out what motivated them and what we could teach them. I wanted to make this my career to I then began to study dog behaviour with the world famous Sarah Whitehead and I was hand selected to become one of her Clever Dog Method License holders.

Why should our clients choose you?

I offer fun, effective and positive one-to-one sessions. My whole focus is on you and your dog and we can tailor each session around what you want.

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