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We work creatively with clients on residential, public realm and social infrastructure projects. We focus on strategy, feasibility, design concept, consultation, planning permission, developed design and detailing for construction.

Our aim is to design the most liveable, buildable and inspiring spaces possible within the client’s budget and programme.


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Helen Mitchell

20 December 2018

Mark transformed the back of our Norwich Terrace House making the whole of the back of the house into a fluid, light and elegant space that has real wow factor. People are always blown away by it - tardis is the word they use most. The large rooflights are also most often commented on. They bring daylight to a large area making the space a delight to use.

One of the things we liked about Mark when we were researching architects was his use of wood. He has designed several bespoke features that we absolutely love - in addition to the rooflights, the large sliding glass doors onto the garden, the full height glass doorway to the front of the house and the beautifully designed cupboards, shelves and kitchen units. Mark really responded to our personalities and interests, building in little features such as a floor-level window through from the landing, much loved by small children and cats, and lighting and glass shelves for the drinks cabinet.

We loved the process of working with Mark and liked the way he would bring ideas quickly to life with sketches in his little note book. Mark is great to have on your side. He really helped us realise our dreams - helping us take them further than we might have thought possible and leaving us with a house that we love living in and that brings daily pleasure.

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I love the creativity, you're talking to a client about their project one minute, designing solutions that work on a number of levels, from light to function and materials, then the next you're on site working with a builder to solve a problem. The best thing is when the client moves in and begins to live and work in the new space and realises they really enjoy being there and can do so much more than before.

I wanted to carry on designing. I like the directness of running a small business, there's no one between me and my client.

We're really approachable, we listen and we're pragmatic as well as being good designers and problem solvers.



Our track record of winning planning permissions includes challenging sites, Metropolitan Open Land, Green Belt, Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings. Our experience is that wide consultation and information sharing supports the application process. We have a breadth of consultation experience with statutory organisations and community and stakeholder groups.

Working with the client we identify and analyse the statutory, technical and design challenges faced in realising your requirements within the context. We do the right amount of work to enable clients to make an informed development or investment decision.

Our design approach gives us the insight to develop a strong concept for each project. The design is developed spatially and technically with effective details to produce a full buildable description, coordinating the technical expertise and input of our construction profession partners.