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I specialize in long-term fitness goals through safe training practices. Most of my clients have been with me for 5-7 years achieving and surpassing their original goals.

Improper training techniques can lead to developed injuries which will reverse your progress for 3-12 weeks depending on the injury.


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Jessica W.

22 February 2018

Mike is a great fitness motivator, but equally important is his commitment to figuring out a program that best suits your body, fitness level, and most importantly, accommodates any pain or injury you may be experiencing. I've always had what I thought was a good workout program between the cardio, yoga and pilates I have always done, but my normal way of doing things with my body went out the window after a fairly minor knee injury that took a long time to completely heal, and battles with ongoing major sciatic pain. I had to rethink how to work out with proper alignment in ways that would allow me to keep up on my fitness goals, but also allow my body to heal properly. Even when I'm not working with him, I hear Mike's voice in my head about proper alignment and body mechanics. All my self-practices have changed for the better since training with mike. More...


Charles B.

11 January 2018

When I first started seeing Mike I was a total lard-a**. As you can tell from my spots, I like to eat! Now after just 6 months I've lost 20 pounds and my body feels great. I have bad fallen arches and he really helped me with my balance. Can't recommend enough, and I look forward to my next session with him! More...


Benjamin V.

11 January 2018

I can't say enough about Mike, the guy is just a giant ball of positive energy with arms and legs. Which is what I love about him. No matter how lousy I feel or how much I don't wanna train that day after being around Mike for 5 minutes mood has done a 180.  5 stars for sure highly recommend him More...


J. C.

11 January 2018

Mike has the kind of infectious energy and enthusiasm that really drives you to fulfill your workout goals. He keeps you on task and motivated while making the process fun and enjoyable overall.I've only just recently been working out with Mike, but I've already discovered a renewed vigor for maintaining my physical health I'm looking forward to continuing on this prosperous path with him. More...


Andrew H.

22 December 2014

Mike is excellent.  I have worked with several trainers over the past ten years and Mike far surpasses the numerous others.  He is extremely knowledgeable, comes prepared and has a superb disposition.  He knows how to push and get the most out of every session and his follow-up is superb.  You won't be disappointed and I highly recommend him!(Note that this is my first Yelp review and I am thrilled to post this) More...


First, correcting any improper movement patterns or muscle imbalances. Then, creating a safe training program that achieves the client's goals while promoting long term health and fitness.

Consistency. Whatever type of training you prefer, consistency is the one key difference between those who achieve their fitness goals, and those who do not.

Getting to know my clients and seeing the transformations they can achieve.

Fitness is my life. I can't see myself doing anything else.

Mike was certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine back in 2007. In 2015 he advanced that certification to a Corrective Exercise Specialist.

He began as a trainer for a boot camp back in 2007. After 2 years of being a lead trainer at the boot camp, he decided he wanted to expand his knowledge of health & fitness beyond that of his certifications.

That's when he began working at Back 2 Health Physical Therapy. After 8 years of growing his knowledge there, and working for many incredible Doctors of Physical Therapy, he now dedicates all of his time and experience to his personal clients.