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My name is Michelle Stokes, I am a freelance portrait photographer in Easton, Pennsylvania, I take people photos that are nearby or is an hour or two me. I do family portraits, or before prom portraits or engagement portraits. I found my love for photography at the age of 15, ever since then, I did my best to accomplish to become a photographer.


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Jermaine Andrews Sr.

20 June 2019

Very dependable and knowledgeable never a dull moment


Kenya Hill

20 June 2019

Great atmosphere, very professional, and Tamika will minister to you for Free!!!!!!


Edith Harris

20 June 2019

Near by and on the way home, beautiful person inside doing good hair care treatment.


Elaine Rhoten

20 June 2019

She does great work, and will take good care of your hair.

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I always say you have to relax and be comfortable.

What I love most is meeting new personalities and connecting with people.

What inspired me, was just sitting around thinking about how much I want to enjoy my passion, so I decided to get up from focusing on other things that are not getting me anywhere. Being said I decided to try to do my own business with freelance photography.

I'm very open and relaxed, I tend to let my client be more open with their own photos, basically be yourself and be comfortable with yourself.


I charge $50 an hour