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21 August 2019

My fiancé and I were kind of lost before meeting Michelle. Now we feel more than confident that we will have the wedding we want on our perfect budget, thanks to Michelle’s Event Planning. We are excited to continue working with her! More...



29 March 2019

We host a yearly Galla with a lot of local influential public figures. This year we decided to hire Michelle and couldn’t be happier. Her team was nothing less than spectacular. When problems arose not only did we not worry, Michelle’s team never let on there was an issue and took care of it quietly while we enjoyed the guests. I will never do another even without Michelle. Thank you Michelle’s Event Planning! More...


Samantha Walts

8 December 2018

Michelle did an excellent job planning my wedding. Having someonelse take care of the details took the pressure off of my wedding party and I. Her professionalism and organization eased mind. The photo booth was a blast!! We ended up with so many fun pictures to commemorate the event. More...


Ashley Plant

8 December 2018

I am so glad I went with Michelle for my wedding. She made it lesss stressful, and she even thought of things I wouldn’t even imagine. My venue was giving my a really hard time about something and she fought for me! Highly recommend! More...


Heather Ochs

20 October 2018

Michelle offers a great couples monthly date night subscription! It is so fun and interactive, my husband and I love it! We opted in for the weekly subscription which gets us other self care reminders/tips. If you are looking for something affordable to spice up your life, I highly recommend inquiring about #datesbymichelle. More...


Jackie Micale

5 October 2018

Absolutely the best service I received! Michelle was amazing, I would recommend her 10/10 times to friends and family! Thank you again Michelle ♥️


Maggie Diemand

22 September 2018

I highly recommend Michelle for any event you have. We used her services for our grand opening party and she took care of everything and made our vision come to life. Michelle is very punctual and creative. She will make any event you have very special. More...



18 August 2018

I used Michelle’s Event Planning for a super last minute bridal shower for my friends wedding and I cannot say enough good things about their service! Not only did they put together a party that looked like it took months to prepare for but it didn’t cost me fortune. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants an amazing party and need help! Can’t wait for my next event, definitely will use this service again! More...


Norm Frink

3 August 2018

Wonderful! I never though I could have an amazing birthday party for my daughter the way that MEP put it all together! Totally impressed!! Personable, Prompt and Professional! More...


Julie Davis

3 August 2018

Where do I begin?! I am getting married next month, and Michelle is a bridesmaid. When I had my bachelorette party Michelle went above and beyond planning my party. She had a scavenger hunt throughout sixflags, a photo booth with props in our hotel room, a mixed drink menu she created with wedding and bachelorette hashtags. (These are just a few of the many things she planned) The whole weekend was so thoughtful and creative! Not only did Michelle throw me the best party ever, she also made sure I was happy .100% reccomned this pretty lady with all your party neeeds. More...


Ashley Green

3 August 2018

I have been to multiple events that Michelle has coordinated. One of these was a Holiday party this past December (2017). It was amazing! She had set up each area beautifully and organized. She had a buffet area with multiple delicious appetizers each labeled and separated for dietary needs. She had a holiday favorite drink, homemade spiked hot chocolate. She made sure every one was accommodated by having gluten free foods, vegetarian.
Besides the amazing food she had areas set up for games and organized so that people had many options. She orchestrated 3 group games were fun and involved everyone.
1. The candy can suck-off, she had multiple flavors of candy canes and provided fun prizes to wine.
2. The saran wrap ball, she had so many gifts and ensured everyone got something. She must have spent hours setting up each layer with a prize and wrapping it multiple layers of saran wrap. This provided so much fun to do and watch others struggle.
3. The white elephant, She kept this organized and every one enjoyed trying to steal from each other.
Michelle is extremely bubbly and brilliant with her ideas. She wants to make everyone smile and enjoy their time. She is always coming up with new and innovative ways to create fun party atmospheres. She is a delight to be around and pulls people in and makes sure they have an unforgettable memorable time!
If you are looking for that Michelle is the perfect person to go to!!!!!!!


Jessica Dixon

3 August 2018

My husband and I went to a Christmas party last year that Michelle planned and we had a great time! We are definitely looking forward to the next one. Everything was well planned and organized. There was plenty of food and snacks for everyone to enjoy and a delicious homemade hot chocolate. For those who needed places to stay, accommodations were made ahead of time. In addition there were some great games that she had planned for everyone. I know me personally I did not know many people there, but the games were a nice ice breaker. Each couple brought a gift for a Yankee swap which I have never heard of myself but thought it was a great idea. There was also an ugly sweater contest which we all voted on and the winner was announced later in the evening. In addition there was a candy cane licking contest. Each game had prizes so you definitely had to bring your A-game! All in all the games planned for that evening were hilarious but great at getting everyone involved. I would highly recommend Michelle if you need a future event planned! More...


Ashleigh Hadsell

28 July 2018

The services I received we're above and beyond my expectations. Any question was answered and every concern was eased! My mind was at ease with her, I never had to question if things were going to be done the way I had wished! Things ended up being more amazing than I had even pictured! Thank you a million times for helping with my big day!! More...



30 June 2018

I know from many first hand experiences that Michelle knows what she is doing all around when it comes to planning and the execution of such. For instance, she planned my wife's bachelorette party. From what I observed from pictures and what I was told she came up with some of the most unique and original ideas I, and others have ever seen! Between the music, the gags, the laughs, and the entertainment through and through she really delivered! I would certainly not make the mistake of looking past Michelle when it comes to your special event because I know she will not look past anything when it comes to you! Contact her right now and plan your event with her today! More...



19 May 2018

Michelle's event planning made our special day one of a kind! Michelle was there to walk us through every step. From the flower arrangements to the catering. I would not have changed one thing! I'd consider getting married a thousand times over as long as MEP is planning Michelle has really created something wonderful! This is what she was born to do! More...



3 March 2018

Absolutely loved working with Michelle for our wedding! She made the whole wedding planning process so much easier. Everything about our wedding was perfect to the T and most importantly, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Highly recommend!!!



13 January 2018

Michelle did a phenomenal job planning my close friend's bachelorette party. It was a Hawaiian/ tropical theme. The decorations, table settings, food set up and games were fantastic, on point and overall such fun!



21 October 2017

I can’t say enough good things about Michelle! She’s so focused and creative! She thought of everything. I couldn’t have had fun without knowing she’d have everything taken care of. I highly recommend her for your wedding! More...



28 August 2015

Last year I was the Matron of Honor in a dear friends’ wedding and Michelle was a bridesmaids. I cannot thank Michelle enough for the contributions she made along the way from the bridal shower, to the bachelorette party and the weekend of the wedding. This was my first time being in a wedding that was not my own so needless to say I was a little overwhelmed. There were plenty of things that I didn’t even think of that Michelle brought to my attention. The day of the bridal shower Michelle was right there helping with whatever needed to be done from start to finish (setting up decorations, tables, food, games and picking up when things were done). Even on the day of the bachelorette party Michelle was right there to help out with planning games and activities for the evening to follow. The weekend of the wedding when my attention was turned elsewhere Michelle stepped right up and kept things rolling to ensure everything would get done properly and on time. I can safely say from personal experience that Michelle is a respectful, talented and driven individual that would be a great asset to anyone’s wedding. More...



6 June 2015

Whether planning an intimate party, huge grand opening, or exquisite wedding, Michelle will do everything to make your vision come true. She is extremely detail oriented, planning every single thing perfectly from event execution to decor. I have used her services for party hosting and her photo booth, and all my guests couldn't stop commenting about all the wonderful touches of the event. Michelle is such a joy to work with, and I'd highly recommend her! More...


Ashley Bailey

5 July 2014

Michelle is an incredible event planner! She has planned two different events for my family and I and each one was amazing! She made sure everything ran smoothly on our wedding day and the flowers were perfect, just what we wanted! She definitely exceeded my expectations. More...

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