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Michelle Mazur Yoga Therapy

Inceville, California


Michelle Mazur Yoga Therapy

Inceville, California


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Goddess Adorned

27 May 2016

Michelle is amazing! Her genuine spirit and breadth of knowledge is hard to come by! Her knowledge of yoga philosophy is aspiring and she teaches it in a way that makes it accessible to everyone. You will learn how to become a better you in Michelle 's training! I'm 1 week in and in love. I known I'm going to learn a lot from Michelle and walk away fully confident in pursuing my yoga therapy career. Her knowledge of Ayurveda is a huge plus and I'm going to be able to leave this training with immense amount of information. I can't recommend this woman enough!!!!! More...


Liz Pole M

24 January 2016

Michelle's training is truly top of the line. I am eternally grateful for the wonderful training she provided to me. She is a master of her craft, and I highly recommend her training.


Genevieve S.

19 August 2013

Michelle's teacher training exceeded any and all expectations I had going into it. In actuality, I went in not knowing exactly what to expect; I'd never done a teacher training before and on Michelle's site it explained that there was an emphasis on yoga therapy, a specialization with which I was not too familiar.The training is unlike what I presume most teacher trainings are like. It was extremely comprehensive, going so far beyond what a regular vinyasa flow course would be and we really dug deeper into our own psyches, learning about ourselves as we learned about the philosophy, history, and culture that comes with yoga practice. Michelle's teaching included quite a bit of Ayurveda, which was wonderful to learn about. Her guest speakers and case studies where she showed how to individualize a therapeutic yoga practice were also extremely informative and helpful.As great as it was to learn about the poses and the correct way to perform them, my experience the past seven weeks went beyond my yoga studies, beyond even the search in and of myself--I also had the amazing opportunity to meet and spend time with a group of people that was truly one of a kind in the open and caring atmosphere that Michelle fostered. I've been asked what my favorite part of the training was and, hands-down, it was the people--especially working with Michelle. I've never been part of a group that was so respectful, like-minded, and genuinely good hearted in my life. We were ages that spanned over 40 years and from backgrounds that spanned the globe. But somehow for 6 hours a day, three days a week, for seven weeks, we were at home with one another.My classmates, Michelle, and her helpers became my stand-in family at a time when I really needed support. I highly recommend this training to everyone who is able to take it!! More...


Nita B.

3 January 2013

Michelle is a lovely teacher with a huge heart. I recommend her to anyone with ailments that need care. I just completed my 200 hour from Michelle and Im very proud to have done it with her. Her Yurt is unlike anything I have ever practiced in before and the community that comes there are all like minded interesting and kind people. A must go if you have injuries or illness, she is a natural healer. More...


Archana D.

22 September 2012

I have just completed Michelle's teacher training course and concur with the wonderful reviews she has already received. Michelle is an amazing teacher; I particularly appreciated the emphasis on yoga therapy, ayurveda and yoga philosophy, all of which added depth and appreciation to the learning of all the yoga poses (asanas), the bread and butter of any standard yoga teacher training. As a life coach, who took this course to help my individual clients improve their lives with yoga therapy and Ayurvedic principles, I am so pleased to be able to offer these jewels of wisdom and time-withstanding practice as part of any transformation path. "As you think so you become" More...


Ana Z.

19 September 2012

I just completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Michelle, and I couldn't be happier.  She is kind, knowledgeable and caring.  The group also happened to be awesome, so that just made my experience so much better.  Michelle has introduced me to so many new authors and philosophies, I have a lifetime of learning to do!  Even if you do not want to teach, this training will be useful to your yoga practice. More...


Denise K.

11 September 2012

Currently I am taking Michelle Mazur's Yoga Therapy Teacher Training and it is exactly what I was looking for.  It's a brilliant combination or not only the physical practice, but also the philosophy and true essence of yoga.  I have been in the fitness and wellness industry for over 30 years, always seeking information to add to my practice in treating my clients and students.  It is a very rare situation to find such a well designed program, like Michelle's, covering the history, evolution, and transformation of yoga to what yoga therapy is today.  There are plenty of trendy workshops to take out there, but a trend that changes our industry to better it and keep it moving forward, doesn't come that often.  That is what yoga therapy is, and Michelle is the one to take the course from.      In Michelle's beautiful yurt, her caring nature, sense of humor,  and ability to appreciate each student is gracious, and fun to be a part of.  While Michelle has been building us together as a family over these weeks, it has been a safe, happy, and nurturing place to learn. Nothing is worth doing unless it is done right, and I'm confident now that I'm on the right path, in yoga, with Michelle.  This isn't just about the asanas, it's the deeper meaning of the practice, application of treatment, assessment, and creating movement patterns for private students.  As a person who has worked exclusively with privates for the last 17 years, this has given me another layer of treatment for my practice.  This experience has also inspired me to think about creating my own class to teach in a group setting again.  Thank you Michelle!Denise Kosec More...


Elizabeth P.

7 August 2012

Michelle's yoga teacher training is spectacular.  I've learned more in one weekend with her than I learned in an entire teacher training I did with a yoga studio in the past.  I have studied movement the majority of my life and am a sponge for information, and Michelle just keeps dishing it out to me.  Also, I have been a yoga teacher for the past 2 years and am not bored for a second.  Michelle's style is very patient and thorough and we are getting into things on a very deep and intricate level.  There is no ego involved and I am excited every day that I get to work with Michelle at the yurt.  I am 100% ecstatic to be a part of her program and am so happy to be a part of it.  She is inspiring and encouraging and I plan on sending my yoga students to her.  I can't say enough great things!!!  If you are debating about who to go to for yoga teacher training, go to Michelle.  If you are a teacher who knows how to teach a rockin' fun class and wants to incorporate some yoga therapy, go to Michelle.  If you don't know anything about yoga and want to learn something new, go to Michelle.  Namaste! More...


Yvette P.

17 April 2012

I met Michelle over 2 years ago.  I was referred to her by my Yoga instructor at the time who recognized that my husband and I had "special needs".  I was hyper mobil, and  fit but not healthy. My husband had 2 bad knees, tight hips and kyphosis ( round back) of the spine.  From our very first session we knew that we had found one of the most unique yoga instructors.  Michelle's hand on, individualized approach was life changing for both my husband and I.  Michelle's teaching and guidance is adapted to suit the needs of the individual.  Michelle taught us how "to sit" how "to be present" and the relationship between our breath and the movement of our spine. We both have drastically changed physical bodies than we did from when we began our practice with Michelle.  When I met Michelle i battled with digestive and health issues. Michelle introduced me to Ayurvedic Principles which is the practice of using food to heal your body and is a sister principal to Yoga.   Through our practice with Michelle and following the Ayurvedic food principles, my husband and I have completely transpired our health and bodies.  I was so inspired by Michelle and her Yoga practice that  I made the decision to become a Yoga Instructor and completed my 200 hour teacher certification through Michelle.  While I do not plan on becoming an instructor the immersion into the world of Yoga has made my home practice  a way of life and gave me the knowledge and skill set to assist my husband through his knee replacement physical therapy.  I practice with Michelle each week and still feel it is the best 2 hours of my week. I highly recommend Michelle as a Yoga Teacher and as a "Yoga Teacher" if you are interested in obtaining your Yoga Teacher Certification. More...