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Eileen Nixon

27 May 2016

excellent presentation at the ajax photography club. looking forward to your workshop in November.


Melony McBride

28 May 2015

Michael Willems, simply put, is as good as they come. I have been a student of, have worked with, and have become a great friend of Michael Willems over the years. He is a masterful and insightful teacher with a wealth of knowledge in his chosen field. It is apparent to me that photography and educating aren't merely just career choices for Michael, they are his life's passion. Michaels workshops are comprised of the perfect blend of theory and practical hands on training techniques, which makes participating in them, fun, educational and inspiring. He will have you up and shooting in no time! As for his photography skills, I simply refer to him as "The Master". It seems, there is no avenue of photography he hasn't mastered. Michaels working knowledge of Speedlights and Flash Photography, are second to none. Simply put, if you are looking to beef up your photography skills, or looking to hire a professional photographer, Michael has both the skills, and the personality to impress. More...


Mary-Ann Struijk - Deuning

28 May 2015

First Michael thought me all about flashes, then I bought his books. He became my direct colleague after he gave me a license (in 2013) to give his Michael Willems Signature Workshops in the Netherlands. They are fun to give and he's coaching me in advance of every workshop I give overhere.When he is the Netherlands I love hosting his Workshops, he is a great and passionate Mentor! More...



28 May 2015

If you're looking to get into photography and want to learn it the right way, please take note of Michaels teachings. I've taken a few courses and I cannot believe on how much they made me want to learn photography even more so. Not only is his attention to detail and techniques is outstanding, his personal approach to help guide you through the lessons is fantastic. Not once did I ever feel overcome by the amount of info as he was able to break things down nicely. Very approachable.I've also bought a few of his ebooks to help me remind me along my way, they are perfect to have on your phone/tablet. Whenever I'm at a shoot its a perfect way to pull up some info and techniques to help you along when needed. They also make for a great reading whenever you have a few mins to spare. Lots of great info and easy to read, everything is easy to find as well. Thanks Michael for everything More...


Olin Vanek

28 May 2015

excellent photographer, entrepreneur and artist.
if you ever have any questions about photography, ask Michael, or even better, buy one of his e-books.

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