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Michael Rafelson Photography+Video is a Content Producer of Photography+Video for Social Campaigns, Branding, + Digital Experiences.
Today's language is visual and visual storytelling is the main form of communication. We only get a few seconds to convey the story;


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Megawatt - Persuasive Communications

5 July 2019

Michael brings a unique blend of talents to all projects.
A sensitive skilled photographer, storyteller, editor, composer and musician that will capture the essence and exceed your expectations.


Richard Wolfe

3 July 2019

Michael has that rare ability of finding the elusive quality in one’s personality and capturing it through the lens of his camera.


Susan McIntee

3 July 2019

Always a pleasure to work with Michael. What an incredible talent!



3 July 2019

Michael is the consummate pro. He’s traditional in his views but progressive in his approach. In a world of iPhone selfies Mikie elevates, brining an artist’s unique eye to every photograph he takes.



3 July 2019

Michael is an outstanding photographer who has always provided excellent quality, speedy and friendly service at an excellent price. We would never have any question about recommending Michael! More...

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Carefully looking at what is in front of you. Being open to a new approach for each assignment. Formal composition, and always keeping in mind what the story is that needs to be conveyed. I basically go into a zone. And always. Light.

1. What is your goal/outcome that you want to achieve?
2. Who is the audience?
3. What is the budget?
4. What style?

Meeting a variety of people and shooting a wide assortment of subject matter.

The desire to become a true professional, craftsman, and artist. AND A LOT OF FAITH!

Basically because of my eye; the way I look at things, the experience that I have, and the passion and curiosity that I continue to have for new ideas.

Always taking a professional approach.


Video+Professional photography: Portraits, Fashion, Industrial, Theatre, Food, Products, Landscape. Love the variety of challenges.