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jamil blackmon

25 May 2019

Amtrak. Place, good location, with a friendly staff and owner.


Lil’ Psycho Bunny

6 May 2019

Mia's had an opening immediately the same day after Harlem Doggie Day Spa on 147th street baited me over the phone by telling me the groom begins at $75. When I brought my teacup poodle there, the groomer said $125 for a lamb cut, which made me furious because I called and made an appointment and informed the receptionist I want a lamb cut. The receptionist made no mention of different pricing for lamb cut, only that pricing varies by state of pet fur and size and temperament of dog, and the groomer kept saying idiotic sayings like you wont know the price until you get here and I assess the animal, like WTF dude, at least give customers a range to the most it could he so someone like me doesnt show up with less than what they wanted to charge so I wasted time and money in a cab uptown and was turned away. Only good thing was they refunded my $20 deposit and I jus so happened to be there when the groomer was tossing out wee wee pads, so yay for me...When I called Mia, who is only 2 blocks away on 145th street , they said come now and told me the lamb cut is only 75$! The establishment is way more advanced, efficient and friendlier, not sterile and bland and empty, like at Harlem Doggie daycare, Mia's even has 2 tubs you can wash your own animal in, and a small area to shop for items. The prices are also publicly made, unlike Harlem doggie daycare, who hides their prices until you get there , where they shock you with an inflated price, BTW, my puppy's lamb cut was BOMB! I'M ALWAYS COMING BACK! More...


Tawanna Luckett

28 March 2019

Very friendly staff and clean space. my dog and I loved it


Randi Mallery

28 March 2019

Did a FANTASTIC job with my 12 pound bichon/poodle, Lucy. They were relatively timely and i was able to schedule an appointment the very next day. Very friendly, never caged my dog. Prices were reasonable. Will definitely be returning! More...


Terrence Hoffman

26 February 2019

Great customer service, it's always clean and they respect your wishes. I have a Cane Corso and he isnt the friendliest dog, so I've requested that they show me how things work, but I'll proceed without assistance. That was 2 years ago. I continue to come here even after moving to westchester. The only amenity it lacks is parking! Hence the 4 stars rather than 5 More...


Bill Rutledge

27 January 2019

Great to have in neighborhood for dogs of all sizes.


Alex del rosario

27 January 2019

My dog destroyed their leash and they were very professional about it. Sorry once again. Love this place!!! Will be back soon.


Caroline Carr

29 October 2018

Great experience! I’ve passed Mia’s Bathhouse several times while walking my dog in the evenings so decided to give it a try. Deidre was extremely helpful in demonstrating how to use the equipment, she’s obviously a true animal lover. The staff is friendly and prices are reasonable. More...


D. Gray

12 May 2018

While visiting my daughter in New York i needed a place to take the dog for a bath. Called Mia's and they were very happy to to accommodate our late arrival. The owner was very professional and explain how to use the machines etc If you live in NY I highly recommend Mia's for self service pet cleaning. They also provide the service as well. More...


K Lee

9 April 2018

Friendly staff, it was my first time going to a self service pet bath and the were very patient with me.


andy sono

5 February 2018

This places is super cheap, but the reason because I recommended is for self wahs, you come with your dog and you washed is cost 1 dollar for min , they have everything the brush, the shampoo, blow dry and more.


Jeffrey Kahn

23 January 2018

Solid prices, very professional and kind staff. They were thoughtful with my dog-aggressive dog and kept the shop clear and safe for her and others. Thorough cleaning and fur removal on the bath special. Would highly recommend this groomer and will be returning! More...


Alex Escalona

17 September 2017

Amazing service! So clean and fully stocked with everything you need to get your puppy clean, fresh and fabulous! Also love the ladies that work here. They were so amazingly friendly from start to finish. Will be coming back! More...


Bryan Hill

26 August 2017

Love this spot. Nice friendly staff which my pup loves which keeps us coming back on a regular basis


Shavenus Thompson

28 May 2017

Great experience with these ladies they always treat my 3 yorkie dog with respect ..... they are extremely clean ..... very warming to the guest and they care for your pets as if it was their own. couldn't ask for a better place. I would highly recommend this place for all types of service it's very affordable and you will be glad you went More...


Sean Baldwin

11 April 2017

The most welcoming staff who love our dog! Kind, helpful people and a fantastic place to bring our 95lb Airedale Terrier for a do-it-yourself (or sometimes have them do it) cleaning! He was even dog of the month once, which is a great idea! More...


Paola Roblesgil Renovales

14 January 2017

Excellent! Very practical to wash your dog and the ladies who work there are great. Highly recommended.


Humberto Garcia

29 September 2016



Yvette T

24 September 2016

Any dog owner understands the headache that comes with bath day; wet dog hair everywhere, towels drenched from your wet pooch, and let's not forget the after-bath clean up. When Mia's Bathhouse moved to the neighborhood we were thrilled. Finally, a place to wash our boy at a very reasonable cost. What used to take us two hours to do with our 100 lb. lab is now a 30 minute visit to Mia's. WE LOVE THIS PLACE! The boutique is clean, the staff is super friendly, the self-serve machines are life savers, and our dog loves it here. More...

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